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What is Capital Market Union?: You heard it from Graham Bishop first - 3 July '14; Now he explains it

Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April

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Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers'

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Graham Bishop @GrahamBishopcom
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What is Capital Market Union? Everyone asks - Graham Bishop explains

1:34 PM Sep 15

An interesting article on Scotland & EU from Paul Goldshmidt on my site

9:49 AM Sep 15

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Graham writes articles throughout the year. Sometimes these are commissioned for a publication, but often they arise from his personal involvement in thought-leadership discussions where it seems useful to set down the key elements of the argument - and then give a personal view, based on his independent analysis of the factors that will eventually enhance a genuinely single market in financial services in the EU. Generally, these are available to corporate clients only

N.B. Since 2010, Graham has written about 20 articles that include specific policy ideas, and these are often the trigger for getting detailed reactions from policy-makers. These articles can be found here.

Pre-2006 articles, papers, book contributions and speeches (if published) are available publicly.

Graham is a frequent speaker at a wide range of types of events. The full listing of his speeches is available here (see also links to videos of selected, major thought-pieces below the speeches).

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Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches - 20043 articles out of 3.
20 Sep 2004 The Lamfalussy Process: The Institutional Challenge facing the European Parliament

09 Aug 2004 Committee Structures of the European Union

23 Jun 2004 Report on Commission Conference 'European Financial Integration: Progress and Prospects'

Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches - 20033 articles out of 3.
30 Oct 2003 Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Financial Services Action Plan

10 Jul 2003 The Future of the Stability and Growth Pact

24 Apr 2003 ISD Workshop: Debate on Internalisation – final report

Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches - 20022 articles out of 2.
30 Aug 2002 The Convention on the Future of Europe

29 Jan 2002 European Pensions Analysis

Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches - 20011 articles out of 1.
26 Apr 2001 Financial Market Stability:

Graham's Articles, Comments & Speeches - 20001 articles out of 1.
24 Oct 2000 Exchanging European Equities