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What is Capital Market Union?: You heard it from Graham Bishop first - 3 July '14; Now he explains it - in 130 words

Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April

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Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers'

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Graham Bishop @GrahamBishopcom
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103rd #Bforbreakfast: #CommissionerHill; #AQR; #stresstest; bond settlement to 2 days and much more

4:27 PM Oct 16

#EBA consults on simple, standard and transparent #securitisations and their potential #regulatory recognition

9:38 PM Oct 14

RT @FedTrust: Event 16 Oct: "Reflating the Eurozone: The Case for #Eurobonds": Stuart Holland, @GrahamBishopcom, Dr Michael Lloyd,

3:28 PM Oct 14

RT @BXL4Breakfast: Tomorrow #BXL4Breakfast on #EPhearings2014, #stresstests

7:26 AM Oct 14

#EBA releases work plans for 2015

6:41 AM Oct 14

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Education and Learning Services on EU Financial Services Regulation

We offer two products to assist professionals who need to be brought - and kept - up to date with the fast-moving developments in EU regulation of financial services.

  • The Foundation Course - a series of 4 on-line lectures. Attending the complete course gives 6 hours of CPD. These Lectures may form part of the 'Gap Fill' requirement for RDR.

Glimpses of a Lecture  (video)      The Foundation Course  (text) 


  • Our famous 'Five-Minute-Read' .....

The Weekly 'Lite' E-mail -  is designed for the expert scanning the flow of news for a heads-up on any relevant items. We offer this as an annual subscription for four hours “unstructured/non-verifiable” CPD.  

About the 'Lite' Email         


The Foundation Course can, if required, be viewed by clients in our presenting package designed for Continuous Professional Development purposes. Our standard CPD version contains a 5-question assessment and the opportunity to print off a certificate of attendance/attainment for 1.5 hours of structured CPD. The level of attainment can be tailored to meet the specific needs of professional bodies or corporations.

To find out more about CPD services email office or call +44 1424 777123


If you have subscribed to a Lecture and have logged in with your code, follow the link below to attend:

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