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"A single banking system is the mirror image of a single money. As the vast majority of money is bank deposits, money can only be truly single if confidence in the safety of bank deposits is the same irrespective of the Member State in which a bank operates. This requires single bank supervision, single bank resolution and single deposit insurance."

Source: Five Presidents' Report "Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union", 22 June 2015

Commission explanation of the need for banking union, and its structure here

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2019 Banking Union
2019-12-31 EURACTIV: Germany’s incoming ECB board member opposes pumping cash into green assets
2019-12-30 Financial Times: European banks issue record €100bn of ‘bail-in’ debt in 2019
2019-12-27 IMF: Working paper: Post-crisis changes in global bank business models: A new taxonomy
2019-12-20 Bank of England: Andrew Bailey announced as new Governor of the Bank of England
2019-12-19 Bank of England consults on its proposals for stress testing the financial stability implications of climate change
2019-12-19 European Commission: Financial services – improving resilience against cyberattacks (new rules)
2019-12-19 The EBA calls on banks to consider long-term horizons in their strategies and business activities
2019-12-19 EBA updates list of CET1 instruments
2019-12-18 ISDA launches consultation on fallbacks for Euro LIBOR and EURIBOR
2019-12-18 Bruegel: Impediments to resolvability of banks
2019-12-18 So you think the banking crisis is over? Sorry to spoil your Christmas!
2019-12-17 ECB publishes revised supervisory fee framework
2019-12-16 BIS: Launch of the consolidated Basel framework
2019-12-16 Bank of England: Stress testing the UK banking system: 2019 results
2019-12-16 EBA publishes 2020 EU-wide stress test templates after testing them with banks
2019-12-13 EBA consults to amend standards on benchmarking of internal models
2019-12-13 ECB's De Guindos: Financial innovation for inclusive growth: a European approach
2019-12-11 City AM: Moody’s downgrades outlook for European banks amid slowdown
2019-12-11 ESMA issues briefing on benchmark recognition
2019-12-11 ECB adopts opinion on appointment of new Executive Board member
2019-12-10 European Parliament: The main factors for the subdued profitability of significant banks in the Banking Union
2019-12-10 Bruegel: Non-performing loans’ legacy versus secondary markets
2019-12-09 EBA updates its guidelines for the reporting of funding plans
2019-12-09 Financial Times: Worrying signs that a great global deregulation has begun
2019-12-05 Financial Times: Eurozone ministers divided over banking union negotiations
2019-12-05 EBA updates the estimates of the impact of the implementation of Basel III and provides an assessment of its effect on the EU economy
2019-12-04 ECB will directly supervise 117 banks in 2020
2019-12-03 European Commission study: Analysis of the individual and collective loan enforcement laws in the EU Member States
2019-12-03 EBA raises awareness on key steps consumers should consider when choosing online or mobile banking services
2019-12-02 European Parliament: Impediments to resolvability of banks
2019-11-29 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area – April to September 2019
2019-11-29 EBA confirms progress in banks’ balance-sheet repair but points to a bleak outlook for their profitability
2019-11-28 EBA publishes guidelines on ICT and security risk management
2019-11-28 Basel Committee publishes consultation paper on revisions to the credit valuation adjustment risk framework
2019-11-28 European Commission: Study on the differences between bank insolvency laws and on their potential harmonisation
2019-11-27 European Council: Non-performing loans: Council adopts position on a new mechanism for out-of-court enforcement
2019-11-27 Basel Committee issues guiding principles for the operationalisation of a sectoral countercyclical capital buffer
2019-11-27 ECA: EU’s potential liability in winding up failing banks assessed as “remote”
2019-11-26 BIS: Joint BCBS-BCG statement on proportionality
2019-11-25 ECB's Mersch: From Basel III to European banking regulation
2019-11-25 European Parliament: Which supervisory or regulatory treatment of banks’ exposures to sovereign risks?
2019-11-22 IMF: Breaking the bank? A probabilistic assessment of euro area bank profitability
2019-11-22 BIS: Unintended side effects: stress tests, entrepreneurship, and innovation
2019-11-22 BIS: Basel Committee publishes more details on global systemically important banks
2019-11-22 EBF: Copenhagen Economics presents its impact analysis of proposed Basel III finalisation in EU
2019-11-22 EBA launches consultation on disclosure and reporting of MREL and TLAC
2019-11-21 EBA publishes its roadmap on the risk reduction measures package
2019-11-21 EBF: EU agenda holds opportunity of leveraging banking for global competitiveness and sustainable finance
2019-11-21 Bruegel: Bank regulation in the European Union neighbourhood: limits of the ‘Brussels effect’
2019-11-21 The Economist: What next for Europe’s banking union?
2019-11-21 ECB's Mersch: Future-proofing the European banking market – removing the obstacles to exit
2019-11-21 ECB: Occasional paper: The ECB after the crisis: existing synergies among monetary policy, macroprudential policies and banking supervision
2019-11-20 Joachim Wuermeling: Welcome speech - Deutsche Bundesbank reception on the occasion of Euro Finance Week
2019-11-20 Christian Ossig named Chair of EBF Executive Committee
2019-11-20 ECB: Working paper: Interconnected banks and systemically important exposures
2019-11-19 Financial Times: How a pan-EU insolvency regime could advance banking union
2019-11-19 Bruegel: Crisis management for euro-area banks in central Europe
2019-11-18 ECB's De Guindos: Opportunities and challenges for the euro area financial sector
2019-11-15 Margarita Delgado: The management of non-financial risk
2019-11-15 BIS: Ignazio Visco: The Economic and Monetary Union - time to break the deadlock
2019-11-15 European Commission: The sovereign-bank nexus in the euro area: financial and real channels
2019-11-14 Accountancy Europe: An overview of KAMs in the European banking sector
2019-11-14 FSB report highlights need to address remaining resolution gaps
2019-11-14 François Villeroy de Galhau: The future of the European Economic and Monetary Union
2019-11-14 LSE: Post-crisis banking in the euro area and Greece: How can a pan-European banking sector be created?
2019-11-14 BIS: Basel Committee consults on Pillar 3 disclosure templates related to banks' market risk and sovereign exposures
2019-11-13 BIS: New BIS Innovation Hub Centre in Singapore
2019-11-13 EBA launches consultation on draft amended technical standards on passport notification
2019-11-12 Ed Sibley: Retail banking - delivering for consumers?
2019-11-12 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates recommends fallback arrangements for users of €STR
2019-11-12 European Commission: Keynote speech of Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis on challenges and impacts of implementing Basel III
2019-11-11 BIS: Appointments made to lead BIS central bank groups
2019-11-11 EBA announces timing for publication of 2019 EU-wide transparency exercise and risk assessment report
2019-11-08 EBA shows that efforts to improve EU banks’ asset quality have proven successful but pockets of risks remain
2019-11-08 EurActiv: German plan brings ‘new impetus’ to banking union, Eurogroup says
2019-11-07 EBA publishes 2020 EU-wide stress test methodology and draft templates
2019-11-07 European Council: ECB executive board: Eurogroup gives support to Isabel Schnabel's candidacy
2019-11-07 Financial Times: Italy warns against German banking union plans
2019-11-06 ECB's De Guindos: Welcome remarks
2019-11-06 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates issues high level recommendations for fallback provisions in contracts referencing EURIBOR
2019-11-05 Financial Times: Germany’s Scholz gives ground on eurozone banking union plan
2019-11-05 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates issues recommendations to address accounting impact of euro risk-free rates transition
2019-11-04 ECB: Working paper: The impact of central bank liquidity support on banks’ balance sheets
2019-11-01 New President of the European Central Bank
2019-10-29 ECB: The disciplining effect of supervisory scrutiny on banks’ risk-taking: evidence from the EU‑wide stress test
2019-10-29 ECB: On the interaction between different bank liquidity requirements
2019-10-29 The EBA calls on the European Commission to take action to facilitate the scaling up of cross-border activity
2019-10-26 ECB: Working Paper: Fixed rate versus adjustable rate mortgages: evidence from euro area banks
2019-10-24 New Europe: Germany nominates Isabel Schnabel to the ECB executive board
2019-10-24 BIS international banking statistics at end-June 2019
2019-10-24 BIS' Hernández de Cos: Post-Basel III: time for evaluation
2019-10-24 Margarita Delgado: The Banking Union - a key building block of the EU project
2019-10-24 Bank of England: Sam Woods: Credit union meets robot
2019-10-24 EBA publishes opinion on disclosure to consumers buying financial services through digital channels
2019-10-21 ISDA: Global Interest Rate Derivatives Markets: Insights into the 2019 BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey
2019-10-19 Financial Times: German banks supervisor warns of new cycle of deregulation
2019-10-17 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates issues recommendations to address impact of euro risk-free rates transition on risk management
2019-10-16 EBA launches consultation on guidelines on the application of the structural FX provision
2019-10-11 Alignment of EU rules on capital requirements to international standards (prudential requirements and market discipline)
2019-10-10 Financial Times: Fed finalises rules easing regulations for banks
2019-10-10 EBA publishes work programme for 2020
2019-10-09 ECB executive board: Eurogroup gives support to Fabio Panetta's candidacy
2019-10-07 EBF president Mustier addresses European Banking Summit
2019-10-07 ECB Banking Supervision: SSM Supervisory Priorities 2020
2019-10-07 Euro area banks have overall comfortable liquidity positions, but some vulnerabilities require further attention, ECB finds
2019-10-06 Financial Times: France’s SocGen chief rejects call for ECB to buy bank bonds
2019-10-04 European Parliament: Towards a fundamental re-design of banks’ Stress Tests in the EU?
2019-10-04 EBA: Low profits and high costs remain a key challenge for the EU banking sector
2019-10-03 Financial Times: How to solve a problem like European banking
2019-10-02 Financial Times: ECB launches new lending benchmark based on overnight deals
2019-10-02 ECB guide to internal models
2019-10-01 BIS: Where next for the Basel Committee?
2019-10-01 The new BIS strategy - bringing the Americas and Basel closer together
2019-09-30 Bank of England: How prepared are markets for the end of Libor?
2019-09-30 EBF: Benchmarks regulation: Statement of the European Credit Sector Associations
2019-09-27 ECB publishes the Euro money market study 2018
2019-09-26 IASB amends IFRS Standards in response to the IBOR reform
2019-09-25 Bruegel: Challenges ahead for the European Central Bank: Navigating in the dark?
2019-09-24 ECB: The taxonomy of ECB instruments available for banking supervision
2019-09-24 ECB: Luis de Guindos: Measures to support monetary policy transmission through banks
2019-09-23 EBA launches its 2019 EU-wide transparency exercise
2019-09-22 EBF hails UN signing of Principles for Responsible Banking
2019-09-22 Financial Times: Europe’s private banks hit by worst year since crisis
2019-09-19 ECA publishes Opinion on the proposed financial regulation of the Single Resolution Board
2019-09-19 Financial Times: Eurozone banks need to be part of the solution
2019-09-18 BIS' Villeroy de Galhau: The role of banking in a sustainable global economy
2019-09-18 Financial Times: European banks fear no escape from negative rates
2019-09-17 European Parliament gives green light to Christine Lagarde
2019-09-16 EU financial regulators highlight risks of a no-deal Brexit and search for yield
2019-09-12 VoxEU: Replacing LIBOR
2019-09-12 ECB announces changes to new targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO III)
2019-09-11 Banking in Europe: EBF publishes 2019 Facts & Figures
2019-09-09 SUERF: Controlling CBDC through tiered remuneration
2019-09-06 Bank of England: Supervisory governance, capture and non-performing loans
2019-08-28 ECB and ECA agree Memorandum of Understanding
2019-08-28 EBA: EU banks' funding plans indicate increased appetite for market-based funding in the coming years
2019-08-22 ECB revises supervisory expectations for prudential provisioning for new non-performing loans to account for new EU regulation
2019-08-19 ECB: Private sector working group issues recommendations on the transition from EONIA to €STR for cash and derivatives products
2019-08-05 EBA advises the European Commission on the implementation of the final Basel III framework
2019-07-31 IOSCO issues Statement on Benchmarks Transition
2019-07-29 ECB publishes legal acts relating to targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTROs)
2019-07-25 ECB adopts opinion on appointment of its future President
2019-07-23 BCBS and IOSCO agree to 1-year extension of the final implementation phase of the margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives
2019-07-23 EBA publishes its roadmap on IFRS 9 deliverables and launches IFRS 9 benchmarking exercise
2019-07-16 EBA publishes updated ITS package for 2020 benchmarking exercise
2019-07-16 ECB: Private sector working group recommends legal action plan for transition from EONIA to €STR
2019-07-15 BIS: How to improve crisis management in the banking union: a European FDIC?
2019-07-12 EBA reports on the monitoring of the LCR implementation in the EU
2019-07-11 ECB announces publication time for euro short-term rate (€STR)
2019-07-10 EBA welcomes publication by the European Court of Auditors of a special report on the EU-wide stress test
2019-07-09 EBA publishes report on progress made on its roadmap to repair IRB models
2019-07-09 ESAs publish recommendations on the supervision of retail financial services provided across borders
2019-07-09 FCA publishes Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19
2019-07-08 ECB finalises guide to harmonise rules on banks’ internal models
2019-07-05 EBA publishes report on implementation of its Guidelines on Product Oversight and Governance (POG) arrangements
2019-07-04 EBA: Profitability challenges the sector, asset quality still improving but requires constant monitoring
2019-07-02 EBA Basel assessment sees impact driven by large banks
2019-07-02 ECB: Occasional paper: Macroprudential stress test of the euro area banking system
2019-06-30 Financial Times: Banks need to get ahead of climate change, or else
2019-06-28 ECB: Working paper: Impact of higher capital buffers on banks’ lending and risk-taking: evidence from the euro area experiments
2019-06-27 ECB publishes Consolidated Banking Data for end-December 2018
2019-06-26 Bank of England's Saporta: Bank regulation: on the benefits of flexibility
2019-06-25 ECB's De Guindos: Euro area banks: the profitability challenge
2019-06-25 EBA issues 2020 EU-wide stress test methodology for discussion
2019-06-20 EBA consults on draft Guidelines on loan origination and monitoring
2019-06-17 BIS: Sabine Mauderer: Scaling up green finance - the role of central banks
2019-06-13 ECB: Common minimum standards for data revisions as agreed between the ECB, EIOPA, National Central Banks and National Competent Authorities
2019-06-12 European Commission: Fourth progress report on the reduction of non-performing loans (NPLs) and further risk reduction in the Banking Union
2019-06-07 ECB: Working paper: The procyclicality of banking: evidence from the euro area
2019-06-06 ECB announces details of new targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO III)
2019-06-06 Prudential Regulation Authority Annual Report 2019
2019-06-04 FSB publicly consults on resolution-related disclosures and on the operationalisation of bank recovery and resolution
2019-05-31 ECB provides a one-off spread between €STR and EONIA
2019-05-31 Bank of England: Regulatory effects on short-term interest rates
2019-05-29 ECB: Challenges to financial stability increase amid downside risks to the economic outlook
2019-05-29 ECB: Report on the results of the Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area – October 2018 to March 2019
2019-05-29 EBA publishes its 2018 Annual Report
2019-05-28 EBA publishes amended technical standards on supervisory and resolution reporting for EU institutions and the corresponding DPM and XBRL tax
2019-05-28 BIS: The use of big data analytics and artificial intelligence in central banking
2019-05-24 FCA confirms extension of the temporary permission regime deadline
2019-05-23 FSB launches evaluation of too-big-to-fail reforms and invites feedback from stakeholders
2019-05-22 FCA: Statement on the launch of the finalised CTI templates
2019-05-19 European Parliament: Banking resolution challenges ahead in the Banking Union
2019-05-16 ISDA publishes two consultations on benchmark fallbacks
2019-05-16 EBF recommendations for the 2019-2024 legislative policy cycle and beyond
2019-05-16 EBA updates on its work in response to the Commission's call for advice on Basel III implementation
2019-05-16 Investment & Pensions Europe: Analysis: Experts warn of bank stress test impact on covered bonds
2019-05-16 Investment & Pensions Europe: Five banks hit with €1bn in fines after ‘banana split’ FX cartel uncovered
2019-05-15 BIS: How does the interaction of macroprudential and monetary policies affect cross-border bank lending?
2019-05-15 ECB: Working group on euro risk-free rates seeks feedback on EONIA to €STR legal action plan
2019-05-14 Financial Times: Regulators cut banks some slack on Libor shift
2019-05-14 European Council: Banking Union: Council adopts measures to reduce risk in the banking system
2019-05-13 Better Finance: Bail-in of retail investors and depositors should be measure of last resort
2019-05-10 EBF: Jean Pierre Mustier elected as next EBF President
2019-05-10 EBF: Banks call for improving Europe’s global economic competitiveness in upcoming EU policy cycle
2019-05-10 Bloomberg: Banks waking up to Fintech threat throw billions into digital
2019-05-08 EBF: Credit spread risk in the banking book: EBF position
2019-05-08 Bank of England's Ramsden: Resilience and innovation in post-trade
2019-05-08 Bank of England: Resilience and innovation in post-trade
2019-05-07 Basel Committee reports on Basel III implementation progress
2019-05-03 ECB: Monetary policy, credit institutions and the bank lending channel in the euro area
2019-05-03 Financial Times: Accounting body proposes relief on Libor transition
2019-05-02 EBA launches consultation on technical standards on the standardised approach for counterparty credit risk
2019-05-01 FCA begins review of financial advice market
2019-05-01 ECB's De Guindos: Challenges for bank profitability
2019-04-30 ECB sets supervisory fees at €576 million for 2019
2019-04-30 European Commission: Report on the application and review of the bank recovery and resolution directive and the single resolution mechanism
2019-04-30 POLITICO: European banks still needs 'safe asset,' Commission says
2019-04-30 POLITICO: Benchmarks law needs no 'fundamental' rewrite, EU official says
2019-04-30 EBA sees significant improvement in the work of supervisory colleges in 2018 but efforts are still needed
2019-04-26 UK Finance: Open banking innovation
2019-04-24 EBA publishes Opinion on the nature of passport notifications for agents and distributors of e-money
2019-04-24 Bank of England: Evaluation of the Bank of England's approach to concurrent stress testing
2019-04-23 Investment & Pensions Europe: Climate risk: Central banks call for action on disclosure, taxonomies
2019-04-17 FCA sets out its priorities for 2019/20
2019-04-17 EBA closes investigation into possible breach of Union law by the Danish and Estonian supervisory authorities
2019-04-16 Parliament approves rules to reduce risks to EU banks and protect taxpayers
2019-04-15 BIS' Restoy: Market integration: the role of regulation
2019-04-15 BIS: Market integration: the role of regulation
2019-04-12 ECB: The benefits and costs of adjusting bank capitalisation: evidence from euro area countries
2019-04-11 ECB launches public consultation on amendments to the supervisory fees framework
2019-04-11 ECB publishes supervisory banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2018
2019-04-11 EBA updates list of diversified indices
2019-04-09 European Council: Council adopts reform of capital requirements for banks' non-performing loans
2019-04-09 BCBS: Consolidated Basel framework
2019-04-09 BCBS: Standardised approach – implementing the mapping process
2019-04-09 ECB nominates Yves Mersch as Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board
2019-04-09 ECB: Results of the April 2019 euro area bank lending survey
2019-04-08 ECB Banking Supervision publishes results of 2018 SREP
2019-04-08 New Europe: France pushes for consolidation of European banking sector
2019-04-08 Bank of England: Supervising international banks: Revision of the branch return
2019-04-08 Oliver Wyman: Tackling market fragmentation in global banking
2019-04-02 IOSCO report on behavioural insights seeks to enhance retail investor protection
2019-04-01 ECB: Annual Report 2018
2019-03-29 Nicolas Véron: Taking stock of the Single Resolution Board
2019-03-29 Updated EBA Risk Dashboard confirms continued improvements in EU banks asset quality but also low profitability levels
2019-03-28 LSE: Why non-performing loans are still putting the European Banking Union at risk
2019-03-27 European Council: Non-performing loans: Council adopts position on secondary markets for bad loans
2019-03-27 ECA examines EU oversight of state aid to banks
2019-03-27 EBF: Banks support fight against financial fraud & crime
2019-03-25 Basel Committee publishes follow-up reports on Basel III implementation assessments
2019-03-25 IMF working paper: Costs of sovereign defaults: restructuring strategies, bank distress and the capital inflow-credit channel
2019-03-22 European Council: European Central Bank: appointment of Philip R. Lane to the executive board
2019-03-22 FCA to introduce UK Benchmarks Register
2019-03-21 EBA updates methodological guidance on risk indicators and analysis tools
2019-03-20 PRA and FCA agree Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EBA
2019-03-20 Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee
2019-03-20 EBA publishes updated impact of the final Basel III reforms on EU banks capital and updates on the compliance with liquidity measures in EU
2019-03-19 EBA updates list of Other Systemically Important Institutions (O-SIIs)
2019-03-19 BIS: Proportionality in bank regulation and supervision - a survey on current practices
2019-03-18 Financial Times: France tells banks to set aside more capital
2019-03-15 EBA launches call for papers for its 2019 Policy Research Workshop
2019-03-14 EBA notes good progress in convergence of supervisory practices across the EU
2019-03-14 Bloomberg: Dimon says European banks need cross-border mergers to compete
2019-03-14 BIS: Survey on the interaction of regulatory instruments: results and analysis
2019-03-14 Working group on € risk-free rates recommends transition path from EONIA to €STR and €STR-based forward-looking term structure methodology
2019-03-14 ECB announces start date for euro short-term rate (€STR)
2019-03-13 Bank of England: Pillar 2 capital: Updates to the framework
2019-03-13 BCBS: Statement on crypto-assets
2019-03-12 ECB changes the acronym for its euro short-term rate
2019-03-12 ECB's Lautenschläger: The evolution of banking regulation
2019-03-11 The EBA observes a slight increase of high earners in EU banks for 2017
2019-03-07 FCA reveals findings from first cryptoassets consumer research
2019-03-06 Financial Times: German bank merger would erode bail-in rules
2019-03-06 EBA publishes final Guidelines on the estimation of LGD under an economic downturn
2019-03-06 ECB adopts opinion on appointment of new Executive Board member
2019-03-05 ECB and Bank of England activate currency swap arrangement for possible provision of euro to UK banks
2019-03-05 CEPS: Price rules in consumer credit: should the EU act?
2019-03-05 EBA launches consultation to update Guidelines on harmonised definitions and templates for funding plans of credit institutions
2019-03-04 VoxEU: Trade and innovation: The Schumpeterian role of banks
2019-03-04 Changes to the Board of the Financial Conduct Authority announced
2019-02-26 AFME welcomes extension of Benchmarks Regulation transition to 2021
2019-02-25 Usability of the taxonomy: EBF responds to European Commission’s Technical Expert Group consultation
2019-02-25 EBA consults on Guidelines on credit risk mitigation for institutions applying the IRB approach with own estimates of LGD
2019-02-25 EBA publishes revised guidelines on outsourcing arrangements
2019-02-25 ECB sanctions Sberbank Europe AG for breaching large exposure limits in 2015
2019-02-22 EBA publishes Handbook on valuation for purposes of resolution
2019-02-20 EBA publishes Consumer Trends Report for 2018-19
2019-02-15 European Council: Banking Union: EU ambassadors endorse full package of risk reduction measures
2019-02-14 Bloomberg: The two Finns fighting to replace Mario Draghi
2019-02-14 European Parliament: EU cross-border payments outside Eurozone: MEPs scrap excessive fees
2019-02-13 ECB publishes consolidated banking data for end-September 2018
2019-02-13 ECB: Risks to banks – from inside and out
2019-02-11 ECB executive board: Eurogroup gives support to Philip Lane's candidacy
2019-02-08 Bloomberg: ECB's empty chair embarrassment leaves Draghi in pre-Brexit bind
2019-02-06 ECB Banking Supervision conducts sensitivity analysis of liquidity risk as its 2019 stress test
2019-02-05 BIS: An examination of initial experience with the global systemically important bank framework
2019-02-04 BIS: Jens Weidmann: The future of the European monetary union
2019-02-01 ECB 2018 stress test analysis shows improved capital basis of significant euro area banks
2019-02-01 ECB working paper: Markets, banks, and shadow banks
2019-02-01 ECB occasional paper: Availability of high-quality liquid assets and monetary policy operations: an analysis for the euro area
2019-01-31 ECB working paper: A dynamic model of bank behaviour under multiple regulatory constraints
2019-01-31 ECB: Results of the December 2018 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC derivatives markets
2019-01-31 New Europe: Eight banks formed European government bonds cartel EU watchdog finds
2019-01-31 EBF: Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance – EBR response
2019-01-30 Financial Times: Europe should be wary of the lure of bigger banks
2019-01-30 Statement by the Eurogroup President on the nominations for the post of ECB executive board member
2019-01-30 ECB working paper: Some borrowers are more equal than others: bank funding shocks and credit reallocation
2019-01-30 ECB to launch a survey of market participants’ expectations in 2019
2019-01-29 ECB: Quantitative easing did not increase inequality in the euro area
2019-01-28 ECB working paper: When losses turn into loans: the cost of undercapitalized banks
2019-01-28 FCA: LIBOR transition and contractual fallbacks
2019-01-25 ECB publishes supervisory banking statistics for the third quarter of 2018
2019-01-22 ECB: Results of the January 2019 euro area bank lending survey
2019-01-21 ECB: Private sector working group publishes “Guiding principles for fallback provisions in new contracts for euro-denominated cash products”
2019-01-19 Bloomberg: Draghi running out of time to sort ECB top jobs as Brexit looms
2019-01-17 EBA publishes final guidance regarding the exposures to be associated with high risk
2019-01-17 BIS: Basel Committee completes review of Principles for sound liquidity risk management and supervision
2019-01-16 ECB: CoMap: mapping contagion in the euro area banking sector
2019-01-15 ECB: Debate about the Annual Report
2019-01-14 ECA: ECB must allow full scrutiny of banking supervision
2019-01-14 BIS: Governors and Heads of Supervision endorse finalised market risk capital framework and Basel Committee work programme
2019-01-14 Financial Times: Banks brace for next wave of digital shake-up
2019-01-14 European Commission: Evaluation of the consumer credit directive
2019-01-11 Financial Times: Challenger banks complain about barriers to growth
2019-01-11 ECB publishes first statistics on secured euro money market
2019-01-10 EBA publishes report on cost and performance of structured deposits
2019-01-10 EBA releases its annual assessment of the consistency of internal model outcomes
2019-01-09 ECB publishes consolidated Guide to assessments of licence applications
2019-01-09 EBA reports on crypto-assets
2019-01-08 BIS paper: Proceeding with caution – a survey on central bank digital currency
2019-01-08 Updated EBA Risk Dashboard shows EU banks have further improved their resilience but profitability remains weak
2019-01-06 Financial Times: Eurozone is learning to deal with failed banks, regulator says
2019-01-05 Bloomberg: ECB's Angeloni sees possible rise in banking contagion risks
2019-01-02 ECB appoints temporary administrators for Banca Carige
2019-01-01 Financial Times: Challenging times lie ahead for the eurozone

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