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Since May 2010, the euro area Member States and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been providing financial support to Greece in the context of a sharp deterioration in its financing conditions. The aim is to support the Greek government's efforts to restore fiscal sustainability and to implement structural reforms in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, thereby laying the foundations for sustainable economic growth. More

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Greece on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Greece and Cyprus. 

Task Force for Greece: supporting vital reforms for economic recovery and job creation

Greece: Policy Recommendations Provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2009 

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Greece - 20156 articles out of 6.

Greece - 201436 articles out of 36.

Greece - 2013107 articles out of 107.

Greece - 2012190 articles out of 190.

2011 Greece
2011-12-16 IMF: Greece needs deeper reforms to overcome crisis
2011-12-07 Bloomberg: Papademos gets Parliament's approval for budget, winning austerity mandate
2011-11-30 Portes et al: Greece - the way forward
2011-11-30 Bloomberg: Juncker says Greece's sixth aid disbursement will be made by mid-December
2011-11-25 FT: Banks criticised for treatment of Greek bonds
2011-11-21 Remarks by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, after the meeting with Greek Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos
2011-11-21 FT: Deal over Greek bonds to set template
2011-11-16 WSJ: Greek government wins a confidence vote
2011-11-15 FN: BlackRock calls for 80 per cent Greek haircut
2011-11-15 Bloomberg: Papademos says that Greece keeping euro is only choice
2011-11-14 Gideon Rachman: Look behind you, Lucas and Mario
2011-11-11 Reuters: Greeks welcome news on PM, await crisis cabinet
2011-11-10 Commission forecast for Greece
2011-11-09 FT: Deal on new Greek PM falls through
2011-11-03 FT: Greek PM scraps referendum plan
2011-11-03 WSJ: Europe's Greece ultimatum
2011-11-02 President Barroso appeals for national and political unity in Greece
2011-11-02 Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece
2011-10-31 FN: Regulators review sovereign risk pricing following Greek deal
2011-10-31 FT: Greece calls referendum on EU bailout
2011-10-27 Bloomberg: Papandreou says Greece will nationalise some Greek bank shares
2011-10-25 FT: Hard line adopted on Greek debt loss
2011-10-20 FT: Troika warns time running out for Greece
2011-10-20 Reuters: Greece adopts austerity bill amid protests
2011-10-20 Reuters: Eurozone rescue plans shrouded in doubt
2011-10-19 Bloomberg: Papandreou presses austerity amid strikes
2011-10-17 FT: Bondholders warn on Greek deal
2011-10-14 FT: Policymakers say Greek deal must avoid default
2011-10-14 BoE Jenkins: Why Greece must default within the eurozone
2011-10-12 Reuters: Europe eyes bigger Greek losses for banks
2011-10-11 Statement by the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF on the fifth review mission to Greece
2011-10-06 Kathimerini: Nightmare scenario of a return to the drachma
2011-10-05 WSJ: Europe considers wider Greek write-down
2011-10-04 FT: Eurozone ministers reset Greece's goals
2011-10-03 FT: Greek cabinet approves budget cuts
2011-10-03 FT: Greece unveils draft budget for 2012
2011-09-11 Statement by Commissioner Rehn on Greece
2011-07-21 Statement by the heads of state or government of the euro area and EU institutions
2011-07-15 The Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece - Fourth Review
2011-07-12 Council decision addressed to Greece with a view to reinforcing and deepening fiscal surveillance
2011-05-13 Commission forecast for Greece
2011-02-24 The Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece - Third Review

Prior Years Reports

Greece - 20104 articles out of 4.