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Since May 2010, the euro area Member States and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been providing financial support to Greece in the context of a sharp deterioration in its financing conditions. The aim is to support the Greek government's efforts to restore fiscal sustainability and to implement structural reforms in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, thereby laying the foundations for sustainable economic growth. More

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Greece on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Greece and Cyprus. 

Task Force for Greece: supporting vital reforms for economic recovery and job creation

Greece: Policy Recommendations Provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2009 

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Greece - 20156 articles out of 6.

Greece - 201436 articles out of 36.

2013 Greece
2013-12-30 DW: Greek prime minister says 'no more financial aid needed after bailout'
2013-12-14 Kathimerini: Samaras aims for decision on debt relief in April
2013-12-08 Kathimerini: No troika deal in December as Greece falls behind with bailout pledges
2013-12-02 Kathimerini: Barnier calls on Greeks to continue their streamlining efforts; Troika visit postponed
2013-11-28 Commissioner Barnier: The Greek EU Presidency - An opportunity for Greece and for Europe
2013-11-27 OECD: Greece - Structural reforms under way but more progress needed in boosting market dynamism
2013-11-24 Light at the end of the tunnel for Greece?
2013-11-20 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF 
on the review mission to Greece
2013-11-13 BoG/Provopoulos: Where is the Greek economy heading?
2013-11-11 ECB/Mersch: 'Greece today stands at a crossroads'
2013-11-10 Greek government survives no-confidence vote
2013-11-05 WSJ: Greek officials, budget inspectors discuss aid conditions
2013-11-05 NewEurope: Podimata urges Troika, Greece to come together
2013-11-05 Greece: Autumn 2013 economic forecast - Economic recovery in sight
2013-10-24 Kathimerini: Greece can choose its government, but not its economic policy
2013-10-23 Kathimerini: Rehn says no decision on Greek debt relief until summer
2013-10-22 Fifth Activity Report of the Task Force for Greece: Supporting vital reforms
2013-10-19 Kathimerini: No bailout if more austerity measures are demanded, says Stournaras
2013-10-15 Kathimerini: Samaras pleads for solidarity in Brussels but third programme looms for Greece
2013-10-09 WSJ: IMF sees Greece missing 2014 bailout budget target
2013-10-07 WSJ: Greek draft budget sees primary surplus, return to growth
2013-10-02 Kathimerini: Troika leaves Greece list of six orders
2013-10-01 Kathimerini: Troika and Greek government postpone decisions
2013-09-26 Reuters: Greece does not need third bailout, seeks debt 'reprofiling' - deputy PM
2013-09-23 Kathimerini: Troika sceptical about Greece's primary surplus
2013-09-17 Kathimerini: In Brussels, Samaras says no austerity to cover fiscal gap
2013-09-17 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with Greek Prime Minister Samaras
2013-09-11 WSJ: Greece may need two more aid packages, says ECB's Coene
2013-09-11 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Debt haircut for Greece does not solve problems
2013-09-07 NY Times: Greek Prime Minister says positive economic data points to austerity easing
2013-09-02 SZ: Schäuble admits Greece will need at least €4 billion in extra funds in 2014
2013-08-28 FT: Eurozone eyes holding company to manage Greek €20 billion real estate sell-off
2013-08-24 Kathimerini: Greece hopes to convince troika to delay decision on new cuts for 2015-16
2013-08-24 Asmussen interview on Greece: "A primary balance by the end of the year as the programme foresees is in reach"
2013-08-20 BBC: Greece will need new bailout - Schäuble
2013-07-31 EFSF disburses €2.5 billion to Greece
2013-07-29 DG ECFIN report: The Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece – Third Review July 2013
2013-07-29 IMF completes fourth review under Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Greece, approves €1.72 billion disbursement
2013-07-25 Commission approves prolongation of Greek bank guarantee and bond loan schemes
2013-07-25 Reuters: Greece clears last hurdle to unlock EU-IMF bailout funds
2013-07-24 Statement by Eurogroup president Dijsselbloem on Greece
2013-07-23 Kathimerini: July tranche for Greece postponed until next week
2013-07-18 BFM: Germany and Greece sign agreement to set up Greek development fund
2013-07-18 FT: Greece agrees deal to reform civil service
2013-07-15 Kathimerini: Tsipras hails historic moment as he is elected leader of unified SYRIZA
2013-07-09 Kathimerini: Greek government submits multi-bill needed to secure next bailout tranche
2013-07-08 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF on the review mission to Greece
2013-07-08 FT: Greece secures €4.8 billion bailout tranche
2013-07-07 Reuters: EU's Rehn says close to deal on Greek aid
2013-07-03 Reuters: Greece says to miss public sector reform target
2013-07-02 Reuters: Greece has three days to deliver or face consequences
2013-07-02 More reforms needed in Greece - German press roundup
2013-06-27 FT: Greece faces collapse of second key privatisation
2013-06-25 EFSF disburses €3.3 billion to Greece
2013-06-25 Kathimerini: Greek PM tells cabinet to focus on reforms, unity
2013-06-24 FT: Greek PM Samaras reshuffles cabinet in bid to avert snap election
2013-06-22 Reuters: Greek PM - Political crisis, privatisation gap won't derail bailout
2013-06-21 Bloomberg: Euro area, IMF say Greek funding assured
2013-06-21 FT: Greek markets rattled by political disarray
2013-06-20 FT: IMF to suspend aid payments to Greece unless bailout hole plugged
2013-06-12 Bloomberg: Greece first developed market cut to emerging at MSCI
2013-06-10 IMF: Greece - Ex Post Evaluation of Exceptional Access under the 2010 Stand-By Arrangement
2013-06-07 WSJ: Rehn hits back at IMF over Greece
2013-06-06 BusinessLine: European Union disagrees with IMF report on Greece bailout
2013-06-05 IMF Executive Board reviews Greece misreporting, remedial steps
2013-06-04 Commissioner Šemeta calls for strengthening tools for decision-making that can support recovery in Greece
2013-05-31 IMF completes third review under Extended Fund Facility Arrangement for Greece, concludes 2013 Article IV consultation
2013-05-31 EFSF transfers €7.2 billion to Greece for recapitalisation of the banking sector
2013-05-31 Speech by the Eurogroup President at Eliamep in Greece
2013-05-30 Kathimerini: Stournaras - Greece to need no extension to its programme
2013-05-29 Bank of Greece: Report on Monetary Policy 2012-2013
2013-05-23 Kathimerini: Irish model inspires Samaras as Stournaras eyes primary surplus, more debt relief
2013-05-23 Bank of Greece/Provopoulos: The Greek economy and banking system – Recent developments and the way forward
2013-05-23 Reuters: EU may give Greece more time to meet fiscal targets
2013-05-17 EFSF disburses €4.2 billion to Greece
2013-05-16 DG ECFIN report: The Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece – Second Review May 2013
2013-05-14 Fitch upgrades Greece to 'B-', outlook stable
2013-05-03 Greece – 2013 Article IV consultation concluding statement of the IMF mission
2013-04-30 ESMA Opinion on the emergency measure by the Greek HCMC under the Short Selling Regulation
2013-04-29 Task Force for Greece: Fourth Quarterly Report - Support for growth and jobs in Greece
2013-04-28 Kathimerini: Greek Parliament passes multi-bill needed for further bailout loans
2013-04-23 WSJ: Greece takes over lender; rival bank finds deal
2013-04-15 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF on the conclusion of the review mission to Greece
2013-04-01 Reuters: Greece to extend bank recapitalisation deadline - central bank chief
2013-03-26 Kathimerini: Piraeus Bank completes acquisition of Cypriot bank units in Greece for €524 million
2013-03-14 FT: Greece and lenders fall out over firings
2013-03-14 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF on Greece
2013-03-04 Kathimerini: Greek spending cuts to add up to nearly €40 billion in 2009-14
2013-03-02 Reuters: Greece faces bailout review, plays down public sector job losses
2013-02-25 Bank of Greece/Provopoulos: Overview of recent developments in the Greek economy
2013-02-23 Greece - Bid to attract undeclared cash abroad
2013-02-22 Commission Winter Forecast 2013 - Greece
2013-02-19 Bloomberg: Hollande urges French investment in Greece while in Athens
2013-02-14 Kathimerini: Rehn tries to douse Greek hopes of programme change due to fiscal multipliers
2013-02-08 Kathimerini: Greece sees lower budget deficit in 2013, fiscal gap in 2016
2013-02-07 Bloomberg: Stournaras says Greek recovery may begin by end-2013
2013-02-03 FT: Greek banks lobby to ease bailout terms
2013-01-31 Kathimerini: Bank recap requires extra time
2013-01-29 BBC: Greek finance minister eyes 2014 recovery for economy
2013-01-22 State aid: Commission approves prolongation of Greek guarantee and bond loan schemes for credit institutions
2013-01-21 Greece's new loan payout cleared by euro area signals optimism
2013-01-21 Eurogroup approves release of further €9.2 billion in bailout funding for Greece
2013-01-17 Reuters: Greece not out of woods, must stick to reforms
2013-01-16 IMF completes first and second reviews under EFF arrangement for Greece and approves €3.24 billion disbursement
2013-01-15 Kathimerini: Stournaras eyes another haircut
2013-01-14 EUobserver: Schäuble - Greece has no alternative to austerity
2013-01-09 DW: Samaras optimistic about Greek progress

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