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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2012 Other
2012-12-17 DW: Slovenia - Back to reality, forth to austerity
2012-11-30 IMF: Bulgaria: 2012 Article IV Consultation—Staff Report; Public Information; and Statement by the Executive Director for Bulgaria
2012-11-28 Hungary: Memorandum of Understanding concluded with the World Bank
2012-11-26 ECB Opinion on amendments to the Law on the financial transaction tax [Hungary]
2012-11-19 Letter of Hungarian Minister György Matolcsy to Mr Olli Rehn
2012-11-14 Germany and Poland: Close cooperation on a basis of trust
2012-11-09 Hungarian Minister of State Cséfalvay: Arguments are just presented in this phase of IMF-EU credit negotiations
2012-11-01 Hungary: IMF-EU agreement no panacea on its own
2012-10-13 IMF: Romania - Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation and Sixth Review under the Stand-By Arrangement
2012-10-02 Slovenia 2012 Article IV consultation—concluding statement of the IMF mission
2012-09-25 Joint Statement of the Ministers of Finance of Germany, the Netherlands and Finland
2012-09-03 WSJ: Slovenia focused on ending credit crunch
2012-08-14 Statement by the IMF, EC and WB on the Review of Romania’s economic programme
2012-07-26 Mission to Hungary starts the negotiations on financial assistance
2012-07-24 ECB opinion on the financial transaction tax for the Hungarian authorities
2012-07-19 Commission closes infringement procedure on the independence of the Hungarian central bank
2012-07-16 FT: Dutch and German borrowing costs down
2012-07-12 Remarks following the meeting of European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, with Prime Minister of Romania, Victor Ponta
2012-06-22 IMF completes fifth under stand-by arrangement for Romania
2012-05-30 Commission recommends abrogation of EDP for Bulgaria and Germany, lifting of Cohesion Fund suspension for Hungary
2012-05-29 IMF: Slovak Republic—Concluding statement for the 2012 consultation mission
2012-05-25 Speech by European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, at the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
2012-05-17 IPE: Austrian parliament finally approves reform of second-pillar pension system
2012-05-16 IMF: Concluding statement of the 2012 Article IV mission to the Republic of Poland
2012-05-16 IMF: Statement at the conclusion of the first post-programme monitoring mission to Latvia
2012-05-10 IMF: Statement at the conclusion of a staff visit to Bulgaria
2012-05-09 Statement by the WB, the EC and the IMF on the Review of Romania’s Economic Programme
2012-04-25 Commission decides to enter into negotiations on precautionary financial assistance with Hungary
2012-03-13 Hungary: €495.2 million in cohesion fund commitments suspended
2012-03-13 OECD says Hungary must stabilise its economy for a durable recovery
2012-03-07 Reuters: EU seen posing fresh questions for Hungary
2012-02-27 IMF: Czech Republic - 2012 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement
2012-02-06 Statement by the WB, EC and IMF on the Review of Romania's Economic Programme
2012-01-26 IMF Hungary Staff Report for the 2011 Article IV Consultation and Second Post-Programme Monitoring Discussions
2012-01-25 IMF: Hungary struggles as growth slows, investors retreat
2012-01-20 IMF Executive Board completes review of Poland's qualification for the Flexible Credit Line Arrangement
2012-01-12 IMF Statement on Hungary

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