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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Italy on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Italy and Cyprus. 

This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Italy on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Italy and Cyprus. 

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Italy - 201413 articles out of 13.

2013 Italy
2013-12-23 Reuters: Italy PM Letta pledges reform pact in January
2013-12-08 Wolfgang Münchau: A perilous time to switch Italy's voting system
2013-12-06 IMF: Italy - Detailed assessment of observance of Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
2013-12-04 Remarks by President Van Rompuy after his meeting with Italian PM Letta
2013-12-03 Fitch Outlook: Italy bank bad debt may peak, but recovery slow
2013-12-02 Reuters: Letta prepares to tackle Italy's voting law stalemate
2013-11-27 State aid: Commission authorises restructuring aid for Italian bank Banca MPS
2013-11-27 Reuters: Uncertain phase opens for Italy after Berlusconi expelled
2013-11-24 Simon Nixon: Is Italy facing the stability of the graveyard?
2013-11-20 Reuters: Relief for Italy's Letta as minister survives no-confidence vote
2013-11-20 Results of the 31st Franco-Italian Summit on European issues
2013-11-18 FT: Italy's leader warns Germany of rise of anti-European sentiment
2013-11-11 Reuters: Italian bank Monte Paschi submits restructuring plan to EU
2013-11-05 Italy: Autumn 2013 economic forecast - From recession to mild, export-led recovery
2013-11-04 Saccomanni defends Italy's banking system; urges caution with excessive reliance on resolution and bail-in
2013-10-31 Guardian: EU must unite against sceptics and populists, says Italian PM
2013-10-31 Italian politics - "Bickering and back-stabbing"
2013-10-25 ECB/Asmussen: Eurozone's fate is in Italy's hands
2013-10-20 Wolfgang Münchau: Italy misses the chance to reform
2013-10-15 Reuters: Italy presents 2014 budget with tax, spending cuts
2013-10-15 NYT: Italian Prime Minister calls populism a threat to stability in Europe
2013-10-09 Reuters: Italy cabinet approves emergency decree to trim 2013 deficit
2013-10-06 Wolfgang Münchau: Italy's chance to realign – or mess things up further
2013-10-03 Enrico Letta: Europe's responsible solidarity
2013-10-02 BBC: Italy crisis - PM Letta wins vote after Berlusconi U-turn
2013-09-29 WSJ: Italian premier pursues last-ditch rescue of government
2013-09-27 IMF: Italy's financial system stabilised, still vulnerable
2013-09-25 Bloomberg: Italy's Letta says markets underestimate risk of UK leaving EU
2013-09-24 Reuters: New Italian targets show lack of progress since Berlusconi's fall
2013-09-17 Speech by VP Rehn at the Italian Parliament
2013-09-16 Reuters: New poll could curb Berlusconi's temptation to sink government
2013-09-09 Italian PM Letta: Sketching the contours of the new world economy
2013-08-29 IPE: Italy exempts pension funds from FTT
2013-08-22 FT: Italy's coalition hit by internal rifts
2013-07-17 British PM and Prime Minister Letta press conference
2013-07-16 Reuters: Italian PM warns of 'huge risk' that Britain leaves EU
2013-07-10 Bank of Italy/Visco: Overview of Italy's economy and banking system
2013-07-09 Reuters: S&P cuts Italy rating, leaves outlook negative
2013-07-04 IMF: 2013 Article IV consultation with Italy
2013-06-26 FT: Italy faces restructured derivatives hit
2013-06-25 Italy heading for EU rescue 'within six months' as crisis deepens
2013-06-20 FN: Italians to delay derivatives FTT
2013-06-20 European Declaration by Enrico Letta
2013-06-16 WSJ: Italy tries to revive economy
2013-06-15 President Barroso's speaking points at press conference with Italian Prime Minister Letta
2013-05-31 Bank of Italy/Visco: Overview of economic and financial developments in Italy
2013-05-17 WSJ: Italy takes first steps in reviving economy
2013-05-15 Italian economy contracted in first quarter, extending recession
2013-05-05 Wolfgang Münchau: Italy's change from austerity is all talk
2013-05-02 President Barroso: Political stability is back in Italy
2013-05-02 Statements by Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso following their meetings with Italian PM Letta
2013-05-02 OECD: Economic Survey of Italy - New government must build on recent reforms
2013-05-01 European Voice: EU needs Letta to keep Italy on the right path
2013-04-29 EUobserver: Italy forms coalition government amid economic tension
2013-04-29 Telegraph: Italy's Enrico Letta vows to reverse austerity
2013-04-28 Wolfgang Münchau: Enrico Letta needs to push banking union
2013-04-23 FT: Napolitano eyes Amato as Italy's unity PM
2013-04-22 FT: Italy’s president warns of 'fatal deadlock'
2013-04-21 FT: Business warns about Italian impasse
2013-04-18 FT: Italy's centre-left splinters in presidential vote
2013-04-10 Bloomberg: Italy sells bonds with debt level approaching post-war record
2013-04-10 Macro-economic Imbalance Procedure in-depth review for Italy
2013-04-10 Italy: 2013 Economy and Finance Document
2013-04-09 Commission Vice President Rehn on Italy: scope for paying trade debts
2013-04-06 Reuters: Italy to pay €40 billion of state debt to companies
2013-04-02 FT: Italy's president seeks to break impasse
2013-03-29 France 24: Italy holds new talks to break political dreadlock
2013-03-26 Statement at the end of the IMF Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP) mission to Italy
2013-03-18 FT: Brussels green light for Italy debt sale
2013-03-10 Wolfgang Münchau: Italy must seek generational change
2013-03-09 Reuters: Italian politicians squabble over impact of rating cut
2013-03-08 Fitch downgrades Italy to 'BBB+'; outlook negative
2013-03-07 Bloomberg: Draghi confronts Italy impact as ECB seen holding rates
2013-03-06 WSJ: Italy's Bersani set on forming government
2013-03-04 Reuters: EU needs "who lost Italy" debate on austerity
2013-03-01 Bloomberg: Italy's stalemate jeopardises resolution of crisis
2013-03-01 Carlo Bastasin: Italy's post-election chaos isn't what you think
2013-02-27 WSJ: Italian bonds get cautious welcome
2013-02-27 FT: Grillo kills move to break Italy deadlock
2013-02-26 Reuters: German Economy Minister says no alternative to Italy reforms
2013-02-26 FT: Italy braced for political deadlock
2013-02-26 FT: Italy's stunned centre-left reaches out
2013-02-26 FT: Fears ECB bond scheme has its weakness
2013-02-22 Commission Winter Forecast 2013 - Italy
2013-02-21 Reuters: Leftist may hold key to stable rule in Italy
2013-02-19 Bloomberg: Monti fights for relevance as Italy voters eye entertainers
2013-02-14 Bank of Italy/Visco: Effective reforms needed for balanced and rapid growth of the Italian economy
2013-02-11 Bloomberg: Eurosceptic Grillo pushes for Italy debt renegotiation in vote
2013-02-05 Reuters: IMF says Bank of Italy was vigilant on Monte Paschi
2013-01-31 Reuters: Draghi's new powers under Monte Paschi spotlight
2013-01-31 FT: Political gloom surrounds Italy election
2013-01-29 FT: Minister defends Italy bank supervision
2013-01-26 Reuters: Monti needs to go beyond Davos crowd to conquer Italy
2013-01-25 IMF: Assessing the macro-economic impact of structural reforms - The case of Italy
2013-01-24 FT: Italian PM under fire over bank crisis
2013-01-24 Reuters: Investors grow cagey as Italy election nears
2013-01-23 Mario Monti: Leading against the odds
2013-01-21 Mario Monti: Italy has led reform in Europe as well as at home
2013-01-17 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Italians need more than the old politics
2013-01-13 FT: Italy's Democrats extend olive branch to Monti

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