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15 December 2016

Brexit 'Weekly'

Brexit, financial services, House of Lords, Article 50, The City, Switzerland, Ireland, equivalence, Capital Markets Union, BRRD, APP, PSPP, ECB and more.

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  Articles from 08 December 2016 - 15 December 2016

House of Lords: Transitional period for financial services vital following Brexit
The EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee published a report highlighting the importance of agreeing a transitional period for financial services, so that a 'cliff edge' is avoided.  View Article
House of Lords: Brexit requires compromise between sovereignty and liberalising trade, report says
The EU Internal Market and External Affairs Sub-Committees published a report on frameworks for UK-EU trade after Brexit.   View Article
House of Lords: Brexit: acquired rights report published
The Justice Sub-Committee's report stated that the debate over the protection of the so-called "acquired rights" is misleading because, if the UK wants to preserve certain EU rights on withdrawal, it will have to ensure they are safeguarded in the withdrawal agreement.  View Article
EP Economic Governance Support Unit: Brexit: the United-Kingdom and EU financial services
This briefing describes the prominent role of the UK in the single market for financial services, and highlights which activities rely today on passporting for their daily business with the other 27 Member States.  View Article
Bloomberg: EU calls for Brexit talks ‘swiftly’ after Article 50, draft says
The European Union will set out for the first time on Dec. 15 how it will conduct its Brexit negotiations with the UK as preparations intensify before Prime Minister Theresa May officially fires the starting gun.  View Article
European Parliament: Grave consequences if Parliament is all but excluded from EU Brexit talks
EP President Martin Schulz expressed in a letter to Council President Donald Tusk his disappointment at the way the draft conclusions of the 27 Heads of State or Government relegate Parliament “to a secondary position in the Brexit negotiation process”.  View Article
LSE: What Michel Barnier’s October 2018 timeline means for the Brexit negotiations
Thomas Cole writes that Barnier’s statement gives a clear signal that the EU would like to conclude Brexit as quickly as possible, and that the UK will have to move quickly if it wants to secure favourable exit terms.  View Article
The Telegraph: Philip Hammond calls for 'soft Brexit' taking four years
Britain will not be able to leave the EU within two years without serious side effects, Philip Hammond has suggested, saying that a transitional deal – in which Britain would pay for access to the single market for about 24 months after leaving the EU – would help to ensure a “smooth” Brexit.  View Article
Financial Times: Full memo of David Davis meeting with the City
This is a memo taken by a City of London Corporation representative after meeting David Davis, the minister for Brexit, on 15 November 2016. It was circulated within the City and leaked to the Financial Times.   View Article
David Davis: No Brexit details until February
Brexit secretary says he is open to a transition period.  View Article
Institute for Government: Whitehall’s preparation for the UK’s exit from the EU
The report recommends that the Government should provide departments with more detailed information; decide how negotiations will be run and who will be involved; ensure all departments are doing sufficient post-Brexit planning; and set out its priorities.  View Article
Financial Times: Theresa May on decision-making, Brexit and doing the job her way
In a Downing Street interview, the prime minister talks about her plans for the country.  View Article
Financial Times: Parliament endorses Brexit: what does the vote mean?
Britain’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit and endorsed a March 2017 timetable for beginning talks. Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative cabinet minister, said the vote gives Theresa May a “blank cheque”. But how significant was the vote and is the path to Brexit now clear?  View Article
The Guardian: Brexit will undermine London's legal standing, barristers warn
Bar Council report highlights dangers of UK turning its back on other European jurisdictions.  View Article
Financial Times: Switzerland heads for EU immigration climbdown
Switzerland aims to settle a long-running conflict with the EU over free movement of people by rejecting immigration quotas approved in a referendum. The attempts to implement stronger controls might have implications for UK post-Brexit.  View Article
The Telegraph: European citizens living in UK should remain under jurisdiction of EU law after Brexit, radical new plan proposes
European citizens living in Britain after Brexit should remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, according to remarkable proposals tabled by senior European Commission negotiators, the Telegraph has learned.  View Article
EU Select Committee: Brexit challenge needs new bilateral UK/Ireland agreement
The House of Lords European Union Committee publishes its report calling on all parties to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations, including the UK Government and the EU institutions, to give "official recognition to the special, unique nature of UK-Irish relations".  View Article
EP Economic Governance Support Unit: Third-country equivalence in EU banking legislation
This briefing gives an overview of existing equivalence clauses in some key EU banking and financial legislation and of equivalence decisions adopted by the European Commission to date.  View Article
Financial Times: An equivalence deal on Brexit may be the best the City can get
The agreement would not require the UK to replicate the EU rule book in its entirety, writes Jonathan Ford.   View Article
The Guardian: Poll suggests public will not accept a Brexit that leaves them worse off
Surveys from YouGov and Which? point to a growing worry that Brexit will leave the UK poorer.  View Article
Alexander Stubb: Which is the best Brexit option: soft, hard or cliff edge?
The former Prime Minister of Finland argues that, given that a soft exit - the best way forward, seems highly unlikely, and being pushed off the cliff edge would be a nightmare scenario for the UK, the best Brits can therefore wish for is a hard Brexit.  View Article
Hedgeweek: Hedge fund managers becoming more upbeat about Brexit, says Preqin
In November, just 21% of firms have seen a negative impact from Brexit over H2, while 32% have seen their performance affected positively, according to a new report published by Preqin.  View Article
Financial Times: London backs Deutsche Börse and LSE over domicile
London is backing Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange Group in resisting German pressure to reopen the exchanges’ planned merger and force the combined company to be based in Frankfurt.  View Article
Financial Times: Spain’s financial watchdog looks to lure London business to Madrid
Spain’s stock market and financial regulator is rolling out the red carpet for London-based institutions looking for a post-Brexit home, with a battery of measures designed to lure wavering companies to Madrid.  View Article
Speech by the President of the Eurogroup at the conference to commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty
Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that "now people wonder whether the EU is the cause or the solution to their problems and fears," and explained the shift in focus that will take place in the EU reform agenda.  View Article
Council approves the EU's legislative priorities for 2017
The Council approved the EU's legislative priorities for 2017 as agreed beforehand with the European Parliament and the Commission. This will help the three EU institutions to pool their efforts and to ensure substantial progress in fields where they are most needed.  View Article
Bertelsmann Stiftung: What Millennials Think about the Future of the EU and the Euro
Authors analyse public opinion data for the EU28’s millennials and draw lessons for policymakers, revealing that the millennials’ investment in Europe stands on thin ice for at least three reasons.  View Article
Capital markets union: Presidency and EP reach deal on prospectus rules
The presidency reached a provisional agreement with representatives of the European Parliament on new rules on prospectuses for the issuing and offering of securities.  View Article
Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes agreement to give companies easier access to capital markets
The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission have agreed on revamped prospectus regulation. The reform was proposed by the Commission as part of its Capital Markets Union Action Plan in order to improve access to finance for companies and simplify information for investors.  View Article
EBA makes final recommendations for strengthening loss-absorbing capacity of banks in Europe
The EBA published its final Report on the implementation and design of the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL). The Report quantifies the current MREL stack and estimates potential financing needs of European Union banks under various scenarios.   View Article
Bertelsmann Stiftung: A European finance minister with budget autonomy?
Need for reforms of the Eurozone and their potential, given public opinion in Europe.  View Article
ECB adjusts parameters of its asset purchase programme (APP)
The Governing Council of the European Central Bank decided to change some of the parameters of its asset purchase programme in order to ensure its continued smooth implementation.  View Article
ECB: Eurosystem introduces cash collateral for PSPP securities lending facilities
The Governing Council decided that Eurosystem central banks will have the possibility to also accept cash as collateral in their PSPP securities lending facilities without having to reinvest it in a cash-neutral manner.   View Article
Commission refers France to the Court of Justice for discrimination in the taxation of dividends
The European Commission has asked France to comply fully with a judgment (in Case C-310/09 Accor) of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 15 September 2011.  View Article
The Telegraph: Europe's comfort blanket is being pulled away
The long-feared moment of bond tapering in the eurozone has arrived. The comfort blanket is being pulled away - gently - for the first time since the region first crashed into a debt crisis.  View Article
Bruegel: Eurozone QE and bank profitability: Why it is too early to taper
In the eyes of the critics, the quantitative easing programs have been of little help to growth and inflation and have instead been an attack on savers, undermining the profitability of banks and insurances. Do these arguments stand scrutiny?  View Article
Protection against fraud to the EU budget: Council agrees on its position
The Council found an agreement on the directive on the protection of the financial interest of the EU, paving the way for a formal adoption of the text in the coming weeks.   View Article

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