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23 November 2017

Brexit Weekly

EBA relocated to Frankfurt, future UK trade deal, Withdrawal Bill, Brexit divorce bill, euro clearing, Brexit-hit banks and more.

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  Articles from 16 November 2017 - 23 November 2017

  Brexit & UK
Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
EU27 ministers discussed the state of play of the Brexit negotiations and selected new seats for the two EU agencies currently based in the UK.  View Article
EBA welcomes Council decision on its relocation
The European Banking Authority (EBA) welcomes the Council's decision on its relocation to Paris, in light of the UK's intention to withdraw from the EU.   View Article
Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the informal meeting of EU heads of State or government in Gothenburg
The European Council President said that, in order to move-on to the second phase of Brexit talks, EU negotiators "need to see much more progress on Ireland and on a financial settlement."  View Article
The Guardian: Barnier says EU will not compromise standards in future UK trade deal
The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has said that any move by a British government to abandon European-style policies will complicate the agreement of a post-Brexit trade deal in national and regional parliaments across the bloc.  View Article
David Davis' update to the House of Commons on EU negotiations
David Davis updated the House on negotiations with the European Union.  View Article
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill report released
The report on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill follows a short inquiry to examine aspects of the Bill in order to inform the Committee and Report Stage.  View Article
Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill introduced in Parliament
The Bill will lay the foundations for the UK’s standalone customs regime.  View Article
Financial Times: EU and UK aim to strike Brexit divorce deal within 3 weeks
Britain and the EU are targeting a Brexit divorce deal within three weeks, with negotiators drawing up a political roadmap that seeks to overcome the toughest unresolved issues on a financial settlement and Northern Ireland.  View Article
Financial Times: Theresa May wins support for bigger bill to break Brexit deadlock
Theresa May won ministerial backing for her plan to break the deadlock in Brexit talks next month, but Eurosceptic colleagues warned that any increase in the UK’s “divorce bill” offer to at least €40bn must be conditional on it securing a transition deal and a good trade agreement with the EU.  View Article
Financial Times: Britain prepares case to cut Brexit divorce bill
The haggling over the UK’s Brexit bill is about to begin. After months of legal jostling, British negotiators have signalled their readiness to discuss specifics of the EU’s demands for a financial settlement.  View Article
Financial Times: EBA shift expected to weaken UK role in regulation
The planned move of the European Banking Authority’s headquarters from London to Paris will reduce the UK’s influence over the rules governing European finance, experts said.  View Article
AIMA: Steven Maijoor speaks about ESMA priorities in 2018
The Chairman of the European Securities and Markets Authority identified key principle workstreams for ESMA for 2018 and discussed ESMA's measures regarding Brexit.  View Article
Financial Times: Deutsche Börse eyes City of London’s euro clearing crown
More than 20 investment banks and market makers have signed up for Deutsche Börse’s attempt to draw London’s prized swaps clearing business from its City home.  View Article
ECB's Lautenschläger: The European banking sector - the big challenges
The Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB focused on the two main risks for EU banks: non-performing loans, Brexit. In addition to that, Lautenschläger discussed a third topic which is closely connected to risk: capital buffers, and how to calculate them using internal models.  View Article
Bank of England: Monetary policy from end to end: Define, decide, deliver
The Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking, Sir Dave Ramsden, outlines his assessment of the UK economy and examines how it has responded since last year’s referendum on European Union membership.   View Article
Brexit Weekly
Citizens’ rights proposals, Article 50 negotiations, Brexit bill, post-Brexit transitional deal on financial services, CCPs, Northern Ireland and more.  View Article
VoxEU: The consequences of the Brexit vote for UK inflation and living standards: First evidence
This column asks how much of the rise in inflation is due to the referendum. It finds that the referendum result pushed up UK inflation by 1.7 percentage points, which amounts to an annual (and potentially permanent) cost of £404 for the average British household.  View Article
The Guardian: IoD ups pressure on May with call for transition deal by March
Business group warns that failure to secure deal by end of financial year would force firms to trigger contingency plans.  View Article
Bloomberg: Brexit-hit banks to start moving staff abroad in early 2018
Barring some major breakthrough, global banks will implement their relocation plans early next year to guarantee they’re able to have new offices inside the European Union running by the time the UK exits, people with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg.   View Article
The Telegraph: JP Morgan begins telling UK staff being relocated to the EU
JP Morgan has begun telling staff whether or not they will be relocating to the European Union ahead of Brexit, a senior boss at the US investment bank has said.  View Article
Commercial Risk Europe: UK risk managers warned to comply with GDPR despite Brexit
UK risk managers and their bosses need to forget the idea that Brexit will somehow let them off the hook when it comes to the EU’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The UK will have to apply the tough new rules for at least ten months and probably beyond if its companies want to continue receiving personal data from EU territories.  View Article
The Guardian: Rule of law in UK at risk after Brexit, says former supreme court president
Top legal figures point to a ‘very real problem’ of UK judges facing political pressure when interpreting ECJ decisions after Brexit.  View Article
The Guardian: Hard Brexit highly damaging, says former top civil servant
There is no trade deal on offer from the European Union that will stop Britain taking a major economic hit after Brexit, the government’s former top trade official has warned.  View Article
Jean-Claude Piris: Britain is deluding itself over single market access
The best the UK can hope for is a post-Brexit free-trade deal like Canada’s, writes the former director-general of the Council of the European Union’s Legal Service.  View Article
The Guardian: Netherlands told to prepare for a no-deal 'chaos scenario'
The Netherlands must prepare for a chaotic, no-deal Brexit, the Dutch parliament’s European affairs committee has said, in a strongly worded report blaming the stalled exit talks on Britain’s “unrealistic expectations” and “inconsistency”.  View Article
De Volkskrant: Rutte to make the Netherlands a tax haven after Brexit
According to Prime Minister Rutte, a zero percent dividend withholding tax would be a competitive advantage and make it attractive for multinationals from the UK to move to the Netherlands.  View Article
Ian Blackford: Scots ‘will not be dragged out of EU’
The SNP’s leader in Westminster has warned that Scotland would join the EU “as a full independent nation” if the UK government rejects demands for continued single market membership after Brexit.  View Article
Bloomberg: UK seeks help from German business for Brexit trade deal
UK Brexit Secretary David Davis appealed directly to German businesses to help break the deadlock in the divorce talks as he warned the European Union not to put short-term politics before the prosperity of its people.  View Article
BBC: German business grouping calls for UK to remain in EU
A group of influential German business figures have launched a campaign to keep the UK in the European Union.  View Article
Invest Europe: Global investors set to increase investment in Europe
The majority of global investors polled in a new survey for the launch of Invest Week believe Europe has become a more attractive investment destination and expect investment to increase. Global investors showed surprising disparities in their investment decisions due to Brexit.  View Article
ComRes Pre-Budget survey: Almost seven in ten (69%) of people expect taxes to rise as Britain exits the EU
A survey of UK adults, on behalf of MHP, on attitudes towards the economy.   View Article
Die Presse: In search of an exit without a compass
Die Presse comments how the current mess amidst the Tory Party is just a symptom of a much deeper 'malaise' in the country, highlighting even more that the country doesn't seem to know in which direction it is heading.  View Article

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