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21 September 2009

CESR data on prospectuses January to June 2009

The tables contained in the CESR data published in June 2007 reflect the information as provided by CESR members. The European Commission and market participants consider this information very useful and welcome CESR’s initiative.

Prospectus Directive and Regulation” (CESR/07-225) that included some statistical data in relation to the number of prospectuses approved and passported for the periods July 2004 to June 2005 and July 2005 to June 2006 (with quarterly disclosure).

Despite the limitations and caveats highlighted when the data was published, the European Commission and market participants considered the information very useful and welcomed CESR’s initiative. For this reason, CESR has decided to formalise the exercise and to keep on collecting this data on a regular basis (with a quarterly disclosure). The statistical information provided by CESR members will assist the Commission in view of the forthcoming review of the Prospectus Directive.
CESR is publishing the tables included in the data for the period January to June 2009 (with a quarterly disclosure).
The tables reflect the information as provided by CESR members. It is important to note that the competent authorities have different internal databases in place that might lead to some divergences in the data provided.

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