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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Insurance - 200722 articles out of 22.
14 Dec 2007 IAIS global reinsurance market report

28 Nov 2007 Commission proposes modernisation of VAT treatment of insurance and financial services

28 Nov 2007 EBF: Banks welcome revision of VAT regime

19 Nov 2007 FT starts saga on US reinsurance collateral debate

07 Nov 2007 CEA position on US offshore tax issues on reinsurance

02 Aug 2007 IAS plus July Newsletter

05 Jul 2007 CEIOPS Consultation on Mediation Mechanism between Insurance and Pensions Supervisors

23 Jun 2007 IAS Plus special edition on insurance contracts

20 Jun 2007 Equitable Life Assurance Society - Procedure Overview

19 Jun 2007 EP: Equitable Life - not just a British affair

19 Jun 2007 EP adopted report on Equitable Life

12 Jun 2007 ABI consultation to improve Life and Pensions Fund Sectors

25 May 2007 CSFI: Too much regulation tops insurance risks

24 May 2007 City report on implementation of the Insurance Mediation Directive

24 May 2007 City report on implementation of the Insurance Mediation Directive

02 Apr 2007 CEIOPS workplan on Insurance Groups

22 Mar 2007 IAIS First Quarter newsletter

07 Mar 2007 CEIOPS report on IOPR market development

14 Feb 2007 IAIS: A common structure for the assessment of insurer solvency

14 Feb 2007 IAIS establishes insurers’ corporate governance task force

12 Feb 2007 Speech Steffen on Insurance Supervision

24 Jan 2007 Commission interim report on business insurance inquiry

Insurance - 200610 articles out of 10.
20 Nov 2006 CEIOPS Letter on IASB's Insurance Project - Phase II

29 Sep 2006 IPE: ECB suggests Maastricht-style pensions treaty

25 Sep 2006 IPE: UK regulator warns on longevity assumptions

04 Sep 2006 IPE: EP to study migrants’ pension rights

12 Jul 2006 IAIS second quarter newsletter

09 Jun 2006 IAIS: Independent Evaluation of the Insurance Core Curriculum Project

01 Jun 2006 IAIS second paper to IASB on Phase II project

19 Apr 2006 IAIS first quarter newsletter

19 Mar 2006 IAIS first quarter newsletter

16 Feb 2006 IAIS roadmap paper for standards on insurance solvency assessment

Insurance - 200514 articles out of 14.
23 Dec 2005 IAIS fourth quarter newsletter

09 Dec 2005 CEIOPS consultation on treatment of 'deeply subordinated debt'

16 Nov 2005 IPE: CEIOPS chairman ruled out need for separate Committee on Pensions

31 Oct 2005 CEIOPS recommended changes to Insurance Groups Directive

31 Oct 2005 CEIOPS analysis of the comments on possible amendments to IGD

21 Oct 2005 IAIS international approach to insurer solvency assessment

21 Oct 2005 IAIS Supervisory Standard on disclosures concerning investment risks and performance for insurers and reinsurers

21 Oct 2005 IAIS supervisory standards on fit and proper requirements and assessment for insurers

21 Oct 2005 IAIS issues guidance paper on combating the misuse of insurers

17 Jun 2005 CEIOPS Financial Stability Report on the insurance and occupational pension fund sector

13 Jun 2005 Commission sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance

06 Jun 2005 IAIS paper on Phase II of IASB's Insurance Contracts Project

10 Mar 2005 IAIS strengthens cooperation with the IASB

03 Mar 2005 CEIOPS draft Report on Possible Amendments to Insurance Groups Directive

Insurance - 200411 articles out of 11.
08 Dec 2004 CEA comment on Insurance Group Supervision

29 Nov 2004 CEIOPS Consultation on the Implications of IAS/IFRS

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on investment risk management

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Standard on disclosures concerning technical performance and risks for non-life insurers and re-insurers

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Examples of money laundering and suspicious transactions involving insurance

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Principles on the supervision of insurance activities on the Internet

18 Jun 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: The new regulatory landscape for insurers

19 May 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: Regulating a single insurance market

27 Apr 2004 Insurance Committee Newsletter

05 Feb 2004 IAIS: Insurance Core Principles on corporate governance released

Insurance - 20033 articles out of 3.
02 Nov 2003 Report: Internal control for insurance undertakings (Madrid Working Group)

30 Sep 2003 IAIS Standards on Insurance Supervision

03 Mar 2003 Commission recommendations of prudential supervisory system in the EU

Insurance - 20021 articles out of 1.
29 Jan 2002 FSA Chief warns of Dangers in Bank-to-Insurer Risk Transfer

Insurance - 20011 articles out of 1.
20 Nov 2001 Bolkestein on future of EU insurance market