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What is Capital Market Union?: You heard it from Graham Bishop first - 3 July '14; Now he explains it - in 130 words

Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April

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Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers'

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Graham Bishop @GrahamBishopcom
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103rd #Bforbreakfast: #CommissionerHill; #AQR; #stresstest; bond settlement to 2 days and much more

4:27 PM Oct 16

#EBA consults on simple, standard and transparent #securitisations and their potential #regulatory recognition

9:38 PM Oct 14

RT @FedTrust: Event 16 Oct: "Reflating the Eurozone: The Case for #Eurobonds": Stuart Holland, @GrahamBishopcom, Dr Michael Lloyd,

3:28 PM Oct 14

RT @BXL4Breakfast: Tomorrow #BXL4Breakfast on #EPhearings2014, #stresstests

7:26 AM Oct 14

#EBA releases work plans for 2015

6:41 AM Oct 14

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Insurance - 200411 articles out of 11.
08 Dec 2004 CEA comment on Insurance Group Supervision

29 Nov 2004 CEIOPS Consultation on the Implications of IAS/IFRS

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on investment risk management

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Standard on disclosures concerning technical performance and risks for non-life insurers and re-insurers

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Examples of money laundering and suspicious transactions involving insurance

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Principles on the supervision of insurance activities on the Internet

18 Jun 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: The new regulatory landscape for insurers

19 May 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: Regulating a single insurance market

27 Apr 2004 Insurance Committee Newsletter

05 Feb 2004 IAIS: Insurance Core Principles on corporate governance released

Insurance - 20033 articles out of 3.
02 Nov 2003 Report: Internal control for insurance undertakings (Madrid Working Group)

30 Sep 2003 IAIS Standards on Insurance Supervision

03 Mar 2003 Commission recommendations of prudential supervisory system in the EU

Insurance - 20021 articles out of 1.
29 Jan 2002 FSA Chief warns of Dangers in Bank-to-Insurer Risk Transfer

Insurance - 20011 articles out of 1.
20 Nov 2001 Bolkestein on future of EU insurance market