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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

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#EBA technical standards on #supervisory #reporting endorsed with amended calendar

3:32 PM Apr 16

#EBA publishes list of incorrect #ITS validation rules

3:28 PM Apr 16

#Basel Committee publishes final standard for measuring and controlling large #exposures

8:53 AM Apr 16

#FAQ on #Basel III's January 2013 #Liquidity Coverage Ratio

8:51 AM Apr 16

#EIOPA and National Bank of #Slovakia hold a conference on personal #pensions

8:13 AM Apr 16

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Insurance - 201175 articles out of 75.
22 Dec 2011 EC urges ‘innovative’ insurance industry to apply gender ruling fairly

21 Dec 2011 EIOPA launches public consultation on the add-on Quantitative Financial Stability Reporting Templates

20 Dec 2011 EIOPA published its second half-year financial stability report 2011

15 Dec 2011 AMICE December Newsletter: Update on Solvency II state of play

07 Dec 2011 IASB: Current status on ED Insurance Contracts

07 Dec 2011 IAIS commented on IASB's exposure draft on Investment Entities

06 Dec 2011 EIOPA calls for paradigm shift in consumer protection

30 Nov 2011 British insurers comment on Chancellor's Autumn Statement

29 Nov 2011 IAG boss warns Europe's debts could impact global insurance market

16 Nov 2011 FT: EIOPA questions 'risk-free' bonds

15 Nov 2011 IAIS Peter Braumüller: The traditional insurance business is of very little or no systemic concern

15 Nov 2011 IAIS released paper on Insurance and Financial Stability

08 Nov 2011 FT: Insurers face crunch time over Italian debt

06 Nov 2011 S&P reviews effect of recent financial developments on European insurers' balance sheets

02 Nov 2011 The Geneva Association writes an open letter to the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20

31 Oct 2011 Deloitte releases latest Insurance Market Update

27 Oct 2011 EIOPA launches consultation on good practices for disclosure and selling of variable annuities

25 Oct 2011 FEE commented on amendments to the proposal for a Directive of the EP and the Council amending Directives 2003/71/EC and 2009/138/EC

25 Oct 2011 Insurers write to G20 on SIFIs

20 Oct 2011 Time for insurers to stand and deliver on Solvency II

16 Oct 2011 FT: Banks and insurers defend 'liquidity swaps'

15 Oct 2011 IMF calls for EU-wide deposit insurance scheme

11 Oct 2011 IAIS's comment letter on mandatory effective date IFRS 9

11 Oct 2011 European insurance market facing critical moment

07 Oct 2011 Alberto Corinti: Q&A on EU insurance industry

05 Oct 2011 ECON Committee: Exchange of views with ESMA, EBA and EIOPA

04 Oct 2011 FERMA vows to continue transparency battle with brokers

04 Oct 2011 Solvency II may be beneficial for captive insurers

30 Sep 2011 Masaaki Shirakawa: Insurance companies and the financial system – a central bank perspective

29 Sep 2011 CBI: Pension schemes are not insurance contracts

27 Sep 2011 CEA writes to Polish EU perm rep on VAT exemption

27 Sep 2011 CEA comments on proposals for OTC derivatives regulation

22 Sep 2011 EIOPA Chairman’s speech on risk management at SUERF lecture

21 Sep 2011 European contract law in the insurance sector

16 Sep 2011 Eurofinas, EBF and EMF highlight view on EC Insurance Review

15 Sep 2011 IAIS commented on enhancing the value of auditor report published by IAASB

02 Sep 2011 European reinsurer results look good for buyers

02 Sep 2011 Joint Comments on the FSB's consultative document on Effective Resolution of SIFIs

31 Aug 2011 CEA responds to FSB on resolution of SIFIs

31 Aug 2011 CEA comments on new supervisory framework for groups

30 Aug 2011 Solvency II to hit insurance competition

28 Aug 2011 FT: Solvency II optimism breaks out

17 Aug 2011 Leading insurers call for greater cross-sectoral coordination in regulatory reform to strengthen global financial system

15 Aug 2011 CEA calls for consistent regulation of occupational pensions

25 Jul 2011 IAIS comment letter on the IFRS Foundation Trustees' strategy review

13 Jul 2011 BIS: Fixed income strategies of insurance companies and pension funds

06 Jul 2011 IAIS ComFrame to close gap in supervision of insurance groups

01 Jul 2011 FSB launched peer review on deposit on insurance systems and invites feedback from stakeholders

27 Jun 2011 CEA remains concerned about FATCA implementation

14 Jun 2011 EIOPA published financial stability report

09 Jun 2011 IAIS establishes Supervisory Forum

06 Jun 2011 Insurers called on G20 to separate banking and insurance systemic risk identification

01 Jun 2011 IAIS commented on IAASB discussion paper regarding the audit of financial statement disclosures

25 May 2011 GA warns about negative effects of rushed regulations on SIFI

29 Apr 2011 CEA argues against EU collective redress scheme

15 Apr 2011 IAIS has continued its consideration of the Insurance Contracts project

08 Apr 2011 IAIS commented on offsetting financial assets and financial liabilities

08 Apr 2011 IAIS commented on IFRS Foundation’s Governance

05 Apr 2011 IAIS commented on the IAASB Strategy and Work Programme for 2012-2014

04 Apr 2011 Insurance industry urges EU to correct Solvency II implementing measures

23 Mar 2011 EIOPA launched Europe-wide insurance stress test

28 Feb 2011 FN: Insurers move back into equity markets

25 Feb 2011 CEA responds to US FSOC systemic risk consultation

22 Feb 2011 CEA summarises key regulatory and market access issues for EC dialogues

19 Feb 2011 Geneva Association: Core insurance activities do not cause systemic risk

17 Feb 2011 IAIS observer hearing: Assessment of systemic risk indicators in the insurance sector

17 Feb 2011 FSA Hector Sants: The future of insurance regulation

11 Feb 2011 IAIS on Combined ED “Proposals Relating to IAPSs & IAPS 1000 Special Considerations in Auditing Complex Financial Instruments

04 Feb 2011 CEA responded to EC PRIPs consultation

31 Jan 2011 New Core Principles for effective deposit insurance systems issued

31 Jan 2011 IAIS commented on the IASBs 'Request for Views on Effective Dates and Transition Methods'

18 Jan 2011 FT: Lloyd’s to push for reserves reduction

13 Jan 2011 EIOPA to launch second Europe-wide insurance stress test

10 Jan 2011 IAIS: Global reinsurers remain strong despite challenges

10 Jan 2011 CEIOPS published its second bi-annual 2010 Financial Stability Report

Insurance - 201028 articles out of 28.
08 Dec 2010 FT: Insurers challenge watchdog over Sifis

23 Nov 2010 European insurance sector remains stable despite economic turbulence

18 Nov 2010 Upcoming challenges and opportunities for the insurance and reinsurance sector

16 Nov 2010 CEA calls for level regulatory playing field for pension providers

16 Nov 2010 CEIOPS consults on Variable Annuities

15 Nov 2010 CEIOPS response to the EC Green Paper - “Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems”

15 Nov 2010 CEIOPS published its report on management oversight and internal control rules applicable to IORPs

11 Nov 2010 CEIOPS published the findings of its 2010 survey on the functioning of Colleges of supervisors

10 Nov 2010 FT: Learning the lessons of AIG’s fall

28 Oct 2010 BCBS issues paper on the risk-mitigating impact of insurance

26 Oct 2010 CEA co-signs industry letter to G20: Insurance business model different from banking model

28 Sep 2010 CEA publishes key statistical data on European insurance sector

06 Jul 2010 Occupational Pensions: CEIOPS published 2010 Market Developments Report

06 Jul 2010 Occupational Pensions: CEIOPS published Ring-fencing in Stress Situations Report

11 Jun 2010 CEA calls for greater recognition of insurance business model

09 Jun 2010 IAIS position on key financial stability issues in insurance - Insurance does not generate or amplify systemic risk

14 May 2010 ECB opinion on compensation systems at institutions and insurance companies

07 May 2010 OECD issues paper on impact of the financial crisis on the insurance sector and policy responses

26 Apr 2010 CEA issued pensions briefing ahead of EC Green Paper expected in mid-2010

31 Mar 2010 CEIOPS: pilot exercise findings on supervisory disclosure

23 Mar 2010 FSA: key risks facing insurance sector

16 Mar 2010 CEIOPS publishes European-wide stress test findings for the insurance sector

11 Mar 2010 CEA report on why excessive capital requirements harm consumers, insurers and the economy

10 Mar 2010 FSA: update on payment protection insurance reforms

01 Mar 2010 Geneva Association publishes special report on systemic risk in insurance

08 Feb 2010 AMICE comments on the revised set of OECD Guidelines on Insurer Governance

11 Jan 2010 Joint Forum Report: Review of the differentiated nature and scope of financial regulation

05 Jan 2010 IAIS: Global reinsurers remain strong despite challenges

Insurance - 200921 articles out of 21.
30 Nov 2009 CEA position on the revised draft Block Exemption Regulation

29 Oct 2009 CEA: European insurance sector shows resilience to the economic crisis

26 Oct 2009 International insurance supervisors support G-20 declaration by adopting guidance on the use of supervisory colleges

25 Oct 2009 IAIS report on systemic risk and the insurance sector

15 Oct 2009 CEIOPS publishes an overview of legal requirements under the IORP Directive

08 Oct 2009 European Insurers Association calls on EC for full renewal of Insurance Block Exemption Regulation.

08 Oct 2009 FSA and firms reach agreement on MPPI

06 Oct 2009 Commission publishes consultation report on the revised draft Block Exemption Regulation for the insurance sector

12 Aug 2009 Association of British Insurers’ response to FSA remuneration guidance

27 Jul 2009 UK Treasury’s Report of Insurance Industry Working Group

22 Jul 2009 OECD says defined contribution scheme needs 'careful' regulation after losses

24 Jun 2009 CEIOPS’ half-year report on Financial Stability

22 Jun 2009 Basel Committee and IADI: Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems

07 May 2009 Public Hearing

06 Apr 2009 Geneva Association warns against unlevel playing fields from government interventions

31 Mar 2009 IOPS consults on guidelines for supervisory intervention, enforcement and sanctions

30 Mar 2009 CEA pledges support to G20 on regulation and supervision

26 Mar 2009 CEA disappointed over Commission BER proposal

26 Mar 2009 Commission report on renewal of Insurance Block Exemption Regulation

18 Mar 2009 OECD consults on Issues Paper on Insurer Corporate Governance

23 Jan 2009 BaFin Quarterly Newsletter - 4/08

Insurance - 200811 articles out of 11.
07 Nov 2008 Pension Supervisors react to the global financial crisis

23 Oct 2008 IAIS to enhance supervisory co-ordination and standards

16 Sep 2008 CEA - situation for European insurers not comparable to US

15 Sep 2008 IAIS-OECD Questionnaire on the Corporate Governance of Insurers

12 Sep 2008 McCreevy - cross-border supervision for Insurance and Banking

15 Jul 2008 IAIS to develop standards for market conduct

13 Jun 2008 New York and German insurance regulators sign co-operation agreement

12 Jun 2008 EFRAG calls IASB to allocate its resources right

13 May 2008 EU and US insurers call for bilateral forum

08 Feb 2008 Speech McCreevy: The Commission's priorities for the insurance sector

22 Jan 2008 finextra: Watchdog to probe insurance comparison sites

Insurance - 200725 articles out of 25.
14 Dec 2007 IAIS global reinsurance market report

12 Dec 2007 Nason remarks on redesigning U.S. Financial Regulation

28 Nov 2007 Commission proposes modernisation of VAT treatment of insurance and financial services

28 Nov 2007 EBF: Banks welcome revision of VAT regime

19 Nov 2007 FT starts saga on US reinsurance collateral debate

07 Nov 2007 CEA position on US offshore tax issues on reinsurance

09 Oct 2007 US Treasury remarks on US Insurance Regulation

26 Sep 2007 CEA comment on final report on business insurance

25 Sep 2007 Commission final report on Business Insurance Sector Inquiry

02 Aug 2007 IAS plus July Newsletter

05 Jul 2007 CEIOPS Consultation on Mediation Mechanism between Insurance and Pensions Supervisors

23 Jun 2007 IAS Plus special edition on insurance contracts

20 Jun 2007 Equitable Life Assurance Society - Procedure Overview

19 Jun 2007 EP: Equitable Life - not just a British affair

19 Jun 2007 EP adopted report on Equitable Life

12 Jun 2007 ABI consultation to improve Life and Pensions Fund Sectors

25 May 2007 CSFI: Too much regulation tops insurance risks

24 May 2007 City report on implementation of the Insurance Mediation Directive

02 Apr 2007 CEIOPS workplan on Insurance Groups

22 Mar 2007 IAIS First Quarter newsletter

07 Mar 2007 CEIOPS report on IOPR market development

14 Feb 2007 IAIS: A common structure for the assessment of insurer solvency

14 Feb 2007 IAIS establishes insurers’ corporate governance task force

12 Feb 2007 Speech Steffen on Insurance Supervision

24 Jan 2007 Commission interim report on business insurance inquiry

Insurance - 200610 articles out of 10.
20 Nov 2006 CEIOPS Letter on IASB's Insurance Project - Phase II

29 Sep 2006 IPE: ECB suggests Maastricht-style pensions treaty

25 Sep 2006 IPE: UK regulator warns on longevity assumptions

04 Sep 2006 IPE: EP to study migrants’ pension rights

12 Jul 2006 IAIS second quarter newsletter

09 Jun 2006 IAIS: Independent Evaluation of the Insurance Core Curriculum Project

01 Jun 2006 IAIS second paper to IASB on Phase II project

19 Apr 2006 IAIS first quarter newsletter

19 Mar 2006 IAIS first quarter newsletter

16 Feb 2006 IAIS roadmap paper for standards on insurance solvency assessment

Insurance - 200514 articles out of 14.
23 Dec 2005 IAIS fourth quarter newsletter

09 Dec 2005 CEIOPS consultation on treatment of 'deeply subordinated debt'

16 Nov 2005 IPE: CEIOPS chairman ruled out need for separate Committee on Pensions

31 Oct 2005 CEIOPS recommended changes to Insurance Groups Directive

31 Oct 2005 CEIOPS analysis of the comments on possible amendments to IGD

21 Oct 2005 IAIS international approach to insurer solvency assessment

21 Oct 2005 IAIS Supervisory Standard on disclosures concerning investment risks and performance for insurers and reinsurers

21 Oct 2005 IAIS supervisory standards on fit and proper requirements and assessment for insurers

21 Oct 2005 IAIS issues guidance paper on combating the misuse of insurers

17 Jun 2005 CEIOPS Financial Stability Report on the insurance and occupational pension fund sector

13 Jun 2005 Commission sector inquiries into retail banking and business insurance

06 Jun 2005 IAIS paper on Phase II of IASB's Insurance Contracts Project

10 Mar 2005 IAIS strengthens cooperation with the IASB

03 Mar 2005 CEIOPS draft Report on Possible Amendments to Insurance Groups Directive

Insurance - 200411 articles out of 11.
08 Dec 2004 CEA comment on Insurance Group Supervision

29 Nov 2004 CEIOPS Consultation on the Implications of IAS/IFRS

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on investment risk management

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Standard on disclosures concerning technical performance and risks for non-life insurers and re-insurers

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Examples of money laundering and suspicious transactions involving insurance

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Guidance paper on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

07 Oct 2004 IAIS: Principles on the supervision of insurance activities on the Internet

18 Jun 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: The new regulatory landscape for insurers

19 May 2004 Speech by Henrik Bjerre-Nielsen: Regulating a single insurance market

27 Apr 2004 Insurance Committee Newsletter

05 Feb 2004 IAIS: Insurance Core Principles on corporate governance released

Insurance - 20033 articles out of 3.
02 Nov 2003 Report: Internal control for insurance undertakings (Madrid Working Group)

30 Sep 2003 IAIS Standards on Insurance Supervision

03 Mar 2003 Commission recommendations of prudential supervisory system in the EU

Insurance - 20021 articles out of 1.
29 Jan 2002 FSA Chief warns of Dangers in Bank-to-Insurer Risk Transfer

Insurance - 20011 articles out of 1.
20 Nov 2001 Bolkestein on future of EU insurance market