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Graham Bishop at ECON's public hearing on DRF/eurobills - 1 April Video

Presentation on TEF to ECON Text

Graham Bishop at 33 in Top 40 British EU policy 'influencers' link

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William #Coen appointed as the next Secretary General of the #Basel Committee

11:23 AM Apr 23

#ESMA publishes updated data on performance of the Credit Rating Agencies

11:08 AM Apr 23

#EBA technical standards on #supervisory #reporting endorsed with amended calendar

3:32 PM Apr 16

#EBA publishes list of incorrect #ITS validation rules

3:28 PM Apr 16

#Basel Committee publishes final standard for measuring and controlling large #exposures

8:53 AM Apr 16

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Securities - 201165 articles out of 65.
09 Dec 2011 AMF launches public consultation on certain provisions relating to takeover bids

07 Dec 2011 ECB published its opinion on securities markets legislation

05 Dec 2011 ESMA issues a warning to retail investors on trading in foreign exchange products

30 Nov 2011 SIFMA statement on House Financial Services Committee passage of derivatives-related legislation

15 Nov 2011 Summary record of the 76th meeting of the European Securities Committee

09 Nov 2011 UK's battle with Brussels is intensifying on financial regulation

03 Nov 2011 EDHEC-Risk Institute research on corporate bond indices finds index construction methodologies unreliable

20 Oct 2011 EBF: European banks welcome MiFID Review proposal

15 Oct 2011 Trends in IPO Listings by SMEs in the EU

13 Oct 2011 SEC and FSA hold strategic dialogue meeting

11 Oct 2011 SIFMA Statement on FSOC proposal for designation of non-bank financial companies as SIFIs

10 Oct 2011 FN: FESE opens the door to MTFs

05 Oct 2011 ECON Committee: Exchange of views with ESMA, EBA and EIOPA

20 Sep 2011 AFME and ICMA announce new cooperation agreement

13 Sep 2011 ECON Committee workshop: Securities Law Directive (SLD) - what's in a securities account?

01 Sep 2011 European Covered Bond Council publishes Fact Book 2011

01 Sep 2011 Reuters: Regulators seek trading secrets

03 Aug 2011 Commission published info-letter on Post-Trading

29 Jul 2011 Eurochambres' input to Commission Consultation on Corporate Governance

26 Jul 2011 EDHEC-Risk published a position paper on the price volatility in the food markets

20 Jul 2011 Graham Bishop book review: "Running the World’s Markets: The Governance of Financial Infrastructure" by Ruben Lee

06 Jul 2011 IOSCO consults on issues raised for market efficiency and integrity by technological developments

04 Jul 2011 FN: Hungarians pass 'fraught' derivatives reform to Poland

04 Jul 2011 FN: ESMA opens review of proxy advisory firms

04 Jul 2011 Summary record of the 75th meeting of the European Securities Committee on 24 May 2011

29 Jun 2011 LSE-TMX merger terminated

28 Jun 2011 FN: LSE chief warns over risks of new regulatory focus

28 Jun 2011 Systemic risk: The role of securities regulators

27 Jun 2011 FSA launches FCA approach document

24 Jun 2011 Council published progress report on investor compensation schemes

22 Jun 2011 WSJ: In case of ETF emergency

18 Jun 2011 SEFs will improve global swaps market

14 Jun 2011 AFME: Europe needs an expanded securitisation market

14 Jun 2011 AFME: Europe needs an expanded securitisation market

13 Jun 2011 FSA published Annual Report for the year 2010/11

08 Jun 2011 AFME/ESF published securitisation data report, 2011 Q1

08 Jun 2011 Interim review and perspectives for the AMF Strategic Plan published in 2009

08 Jun 2011 AMF publishes its Annual Report 2010

07 Jun 2011 New HFT lobbying group for Europe

06 Jun 2011 FT: FSA issues warning on structured products

31 May 2011 IPE: Europe may introduce new OTC Directive before end of reprieve

30 May 2011 AMF: Risk and trend mapping for financial markets and retail savings 2011

30 May 2011 European Structured Investment Products Association (eusipa) adopted Code of Conduct

25 May 2011 AFME published high yield and leveraged loan report – Q1 2011

12 May 2011 Speech by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, at the Markit Conference in London

12 May 2011 Summary record of the 74th meeting of the European Securities Committee 13 April 2011

11 May 2011 CFTC's Chilton: Markets are safer since Flash Crash

05 May 2011 FT: Banks anxious over Fed regulations

05 May 2011 Summary record of the 73rd meeting of the European Securities Committee

14 Apr 2011 ICMA: Investors launch transparency initiative for covered bonds

13 Apr 2011 ESMA Steven Maijoor: Avoiding regulatory competition in the future is essential

07 Apr 2011 FT: High-speed traders asked to explain methods

07 Apr 2011 FESE: Exchanges and data vendors to restore post‐trade transparency in the European equity market

07 Apr 2011 SEC and CFTC published joint study on the feasibility of mandating algorithmic descriptions for derivatives

04 Apr 2011 An MEP out to risk-weight the eurozone

20 Mar 2011 FSB published peer review of risk disclosure practices in respect of exposures to structured credit products

17 Mar 2011 ESMA response to the European Commission consultation on CSDs and securities settlement

14 Feb 2011 FT: UK minister criticises ‘vague’ MiFID proposals

07 Feb 2011 World Bank released policy paper on self-regulation in securities markets

02 Feb 2011 Commission called for action on commodities and raw materials

02 Feb 2011 IOSCO published 'Principles on Point of Sale Disclosure' for Collective Investment Schemes

25 Jan 2011 G20 Presidency: Sarkozy stressed the need to tackle the instability of the world commodities market

13 Jan 2011 Commission consults on common rules for Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and securities settlement

11 Jan 2011 NYSE Euronext assesses 2010 in global derivatives business

Securities - 201060 articles out of 60.
07 Dec 2010 CFTC releases history of “Traders in Financial Futures”

03 Dec 2010 Canadian Securities Regulators release results of Corporate Governance Disclosure review

01 Dec 2010 BIS releases Triennial Central Bank Survey Report on global foreign exchange market activity in 2010

30 Nov 2010 Appointment of new FESE President and Vice President

25 Nov 2010 ICMA launches consultation paper promoting greater transparency and improved disclosure and standards for sovereign bond issuance

22 Nov 2010 Reuters: Regulators part curtain on swaps and hedge funds

22 Nov 2010 SEC proposes rules to outline obligations of security-based swap repositories

22 Nov 2010 SEC proposes rules on security-based swap reporting

19 Nov 2010 CESR publishes Guidelines on Risk Measurement and the Calculation of Global Exposure for certain types of structured UCITS

17 Nov 2010 AFME Global FX Division to launch trade repository selection

15 Nov 2010 CFTC to hold open meeting on fifth series of proposed rules under the Dodd-Frank Act

11 Nov 2010 Eight Canadian securities regulators sign Regulatory Cooperation Arrangement with China’s insurance regulator

11 Nov 2010 Il Sole: Fewer defaults – European securitisations better than American

10 Nov 2010 BIS: Central bankers analyse market structure developments in the clearing industry and the implications for financial stability

08 Nov 2010 NY Times: Once on sleepy beat, regulator is suddenly busy

08 Nov 2010 ISDA publishes research note on concentration of OTC Derivatives among Major Dealers

05 Nov 2010 Commission launches consultation on securities law

27 Oct 2010 A new insider reporting regime effective from November in Canada

26 Oct 2010 FT: Brussels looks to cut settlement times

19 Oct 2010 ISDA survey: end-users give high marks to transparency, liquidity and pricing in interest rate swaps market

18 Oct 2010 CEPS debate on new trading technologies and financial stability

18 Oct 2010 IOSCO publishes recommendations for market interventions and securitisation in emerging markets

12 Oct 2010 CEBS published its guidelines on the management of operational risk in market-related activities

05 Oct 2010 BME published a report on historical returns for equities and other investment alternatives

05 Oct 2010 Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores publishes a report on securities markets

30 Sep 2010 AMF released the 2009-2010 report

23 Sep 2010 ISDA publishes research notes analyzing swap pricing and speculation

21 Sep 2010 ISDA comments on proposals released by the European Commission relating to markets infrastructure and aspects of CDS

20 Sep 2010 FSA and FINRA sign cooperation agreement

15 Sep 2010 Barnier: The Commission will “enlighten” the OTC derivatives markets

10 Sep 2010 EuropeanIssuers: Market standards on general meetings endorsed

10 Sep 2010 IMF: Debt managers navigate post-crisis risks

10 Sep 2010 Covered bonds under the spotlight – ECBC publishes a Fact Book 2010

07 Sep 2010 BIS, ECB and IMF publish second part of the “Handbook on Securities Statistics”

01 Sep 2010 BaFin produces a brochure on the prospectus examination procedure

30 Aug 2010 European Issuers’ comments on the Commission’s Consultation Paper on the Review of the Transparency Directive

25 Aug 2010 ISDA streamlines credit derivative novation process

25 Aug 2010 FESE response to CESR Consultation on transaction reporting

20 Aug 2010 IMA supports EU OTC derivatives reforms but warns that end users may be disadvantaged

16 Aug 2010 IOSCO publishes principles for direct electronic access to markets

27 Jul 2010 ECON committee published draft report on dark pools

14 Jul 2010 ICMA: European Repo Market White Paper emphasises importance of repo and urges reform of market infrastructure

21 Jun 2010 AFME / ESF conference delivers latest ABS credit performance insights

16 Jun 2010 ECB González-Páramo: Revival of securitisation markets is needed in many countries to support the provision of credit to the real economy

16 Jun 2010 FESE response to CESR consultation paper on equity markets - More light on the OTC market is needed

08 Jun 2010 ICMA releases survey of transparency and liquidity in the corporate bond market

08 Jun 2010 AMF calls retail investor attention to the risks involved in bond issues

02 Jun 2010 Commission working document on transparency requirements for listed companies

31 May 2010 Commission consults on possible ways forward to modernise the transparency regime for listed companies

19 May 2010 EFMA/EHYA European high yield and leveraged loan report – First Quarter 2010

24 Apr 2010 Euro system starts work on ABS’ collateral framework

14 Apr 2010 EuropeanIssuers responded to CESR’s consultation on enlargement of scope of shareholding notifications

07 Apr 2010 EBF responds to CESR’s consultation on the extension of shareholding notifications

07 Apr 2010 SEC proposes rules to increase investor protection in asset-backed securities

07 Apr 2010 IOSCO publishes disclosure principles for public offerings and listings of asset backed securities

12 Mar 2010 EBF response to ECB consultation on loan-by-loan information for asset-backed securities

09 Feb 2010 CESR consults on extensions to major shareholding notifications

13 Jan 2010 FESE publishes the European Equity Market Report – an accurate comparison of trading statistics across trading venues

Securities - 200916 articles out of 16.
23 Dec 2009 ECB consults on ABS loan-by-loan information

13 Oct 2009 FESE European Equity Market Report: year to - date 2009

07 Aug 2009 AMF Regulation newsletter

10 Jul 2009 IFSL Bond Markets review 2009 – UK overtakes US as issuing centre for international bonds

23 Jun 2009 Fed plans repo markets revamp

11 Jun 2009 FMLC concerned about Commission initiative to harmonise EU securities law

17 May 2009 Reforms urged on sterling corporate bond market

05 May 2009 LIBA and SIFMA Europe form new European association

17 Apr 2009 Commission consults on harmonisation of securities law

14 Apr 2009 ISFL reports global securitization issuance down by 79%

17 Mar 2009 FESE response to Commission assessment on prospectus directive

11 Mar 2009 EBF comments on draft amendments to Prospectus Directive

25 Feb 2009 ICMA European repo market survey reflects deleveraging by banks

20 Feb 2009 EBF opposes to pre-trade transparency arrangements

19 Feb 2009 ESF guidelines for issuers of European residential mortgage-backed securities

09 Jan 2009 Commission consults on review of Prospectus Directive

Securities - 200816 articles out of 16.
10 Nov 2008 AMF regulation and listed companies newsletter

07 Nov 2008 AMF report on notification of major holdings and declarations of intent

09 Sep 2008 ICMA: European repo market remains buoyant despite turbulent financial markets

31 Jul 2008 HM Treasury consults on investors’ rights protection

20 May 2008 AMF instruction on notification of major holdings

30 Apr 2008 FESE comments on ESME recommendation on Transparency Directive

18 Apr 2008 AMF consults on transactions in securities in takeover bids

11 Apr 2008 AMF sets up a working group on major holdings

31 Mar 2008 IFSL report: Global Securitisation Expect to Drop a Quarter in 2008 on Back of Credit Crunch

21 Mar 2008 AMF simplified procedure for prospectuses for listed companies

17 Mar 2008 Commission call for applications for new ESME members

05 Mar 2008 ESME report on Competent Authority pertaining to Issuers Publication of Regulated Information

19 Feb 2008 AMF guide to compiling the registration document for small and mid caps

04 Feb 2008 IMF study points to gaps in securities market regulation

25 Jan 2008 FT: Regulators may force banks into greater disclosure

22 Jan 2008 ICMA: Credit crunch hits 2007 bond issues by 26.5%

Securities - 200740 articles out of 40.
18 Dec 2007 Nyse Euronext developing bond trading platform

05 Dec 2007 ESME report on the Transparency Directive

05 Dec 2007 ESME report on MiFID and admission of securities to official stock exchange listing

30 Nov 2007 IOSCO final report on management of conflicts that arise in securities offerings

30 Nov 2007 Speech McCreevy: Security Markets Consolidation and its Implications

29 Nov 2007 IOSCO report on soft commissions arrangements for CIS

28 Nov 2007 AMF recommends use the new Euronext classification structure

26 Nov 2007 BNP Paribas to provide post-trade processing for Nyfix dark liquidity ATS

26 Nov 2007 Speech McCreevy: Blueprint for the Development of European Financial Services

21 Nov 2007 BIS Triennial and regular OTC Derivatives Market Statistics

13 Nov 2007 Turquoise appoints Yann L'Huillier CTO

08 Nov 2007 UK Government to implement covered bonds regime in March 2008

07 Nov 2007 General Regulation of the AMF

30 Oct 2007 NYSE Euronext agrees block trading link-up

26 Oct 2007 IMA calls on Treasury and FSA to rethink proposals for covered bond regime

25 Oct 2007 Speech Almunia on European government bond markets

25 Oct 2007 EC fires warning shots at financial markets

25 Oct 2007 ‘Turquoise’ trading platform steps closer to reality

24 Oct 2007 Turquoise announce technology and CEO

24 Oct 2007 Project Turquoise has persistently floundered

19 Oct 2007 Plus terminates talks with Turquoise

17 Oct 2007 FSA approves Deutsche Börse MiFID trade reporting service

27 Sep 2007 Euroclear and Clearstream to co-operate on three-year STP programme

18 Jul 2007 ICMA: Live repo matching commences between the buy and sell side for first time with TRAX2

02 Jul 2007 EFAMA reply on Private Placement Regimes

20 Apr 2007 IOSCO framework for identifying strategic priorities

12 Apr 2007 IOSCO final communiqué of Annual Conference

26 Mar 2007 IOSCO final report on International Disclosure Principles

09 Mar 2007 IOSCO work programme

08 Mar 2007 CESR publishes responses on non-equities markets transparency

06 Mar 2007 ZKA comments on Non-Equities Markets Transparency

06 Mar 2007 FBE response on non-equities markets transparency

28 Feb 2007 FT: UK urges transparency from private equity

27 Feb 2007 McCreevy rules out private equity regulation

22 Feb 2007 IOSCO Consultation on Management of Conflicts that Arise in Securities Offerings

21 Feb 2007 IOSCO final report on Collective Investment Schemes

15 Feb 2007 IOSCO: Multi-jurisdictional Information Sharing for Market Oversight

02 Feb 2007 Nasdaq cosies up to Turquoise banks

30 Jan 2007 BBA: Speech of Mr Britton on Transparency – Lessons from the US

09 Jan 2007 Commission proposes wider scope for Financial Collateral Directive

Securities - 200616 articles out of 16.
03 Dec 2006 European regulations stifle bond markets, says study

28 Nov 2006 IOSCO consultation on soft commission arrangements

22 Nov 2006 ICMA endorses ICSA initiative on better regulation

19 Nov 2006 Sunday Times: Banks plot rival exchange

18 Oct 2006 FBE: Harmonisation of Corporate Actions Processing in Europe - Securities Distribution

11 Oct 2006 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter No. 3

10 Oct 2006 ICMA and ISDA explanatory note on calculation agent role for Certain Derivative-Linked Securities

15 Aug 2006 The Independent: Investment banks team up over plan to bypass LSE

05 Jul 2006 Commission calls Member States to sign Hague Securities Convention

03 Jul 2006 ICMA second Regulatory Policy Newsletter

21 Jun 2006 ICMA boosts market’s knowledge of the regulatory regime for securities offerings into Italy

15 Jun 2006 Commission appoints Members of Securities Expert Group

27 Mar 2006 IOSCO Final Report on Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

28 Feb 2006 Comments on IOSCO Consultation on Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

09 Jan 2006 BIS: Report on cross-border collateral arrangements

09 Jan 2006 Commission Sub-Committee's report on Harmonization of Primary Dealers’ Activity Reports

Securities - 20057 articles out of 7.
30 Nov 2005 AFG response to CESR Consultation on Mediation Mechanism

20 Oct 2005 IOSCO final report on Error Trade

03 Oct 2005 IOSCO Consultation on International Debt Disclosure

19 Apr 2005 IOSCO Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

03 Mar 2005 IOSCO action plan to strengthen capital markets against financial fraud

21 Feb 2005 IOSCO: Consultation on policies on error trades

03 Feb 2005 IOSCO initiative to raise standards of cross-border cooperation among securities regulators

Securities - 20041 articles out of 1.
20 Dec 2004 FBE response to Commission Communication on the London Economics Paper