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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Securities - 200616 articles out of 16.
03 Dec 2006 European regulations stifle bond markets, says study

28 Nov 2006 IOSCO consultation on soft commission arrangements

22 Nov 2006 ICMA endorses ICSA initiative on better regulation

19 Nov 2006 Sunday Times: Banks plot rival exchange

18 Oct 2006 FBE: Harmonisation of Corporate Actions Processing in Europe - Securities Distribution

11 Oct 2006 ICMA Regulatory Policy Newsletter No. 3

10 Oct 2006 ICMA and ISDA explanatory note on calculation agent role for Certain Derivative-Linked Securities

15 Aug 2006 The Independent: Investment banks team up over plan to bypass LSE

05 Jul 2006 Commission calls Member States to sign Hague Securities Convention

03 Jul 2006 ICMA second Regulatory Policy Newsletter

21 Jun 2006 ICMA boosts market’s knowledge of the regulatory regime for securities offerings into Italy

15 Jun 2006 Commission appoints Members of Securities Expert Group

27 Mar 2006 IOSCO Final Report on Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

28 Feb 2006 Comments on IOSCO Consultation on Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

09 Jan 2006 BIS: Report on cross-border collateral arrangements

09 Jan 2006 Commission Sub-Committee's report on Harmonization of Primary Dealers’ Activity Reports

Securities - 20057 articles out of 7.
30 Nov 2005 AFG response to CESR Consultation on Mediation Mechanism

20 Oct 2005 IOSCO final report on Error Trade

03 Oct 2005 IOSCO Consultation on International Debt Disclosure

19 Apr 2005 IOSCO Compliance Function at Market Intermediaries

03 Mar 2005 IOSCO action plan to strengthen capital markets against financial fraud

21 Feb 2005 IOSCO: Consultation on policies on error trades

03 Feb 2005 IOSCO initiative to raise standards of cross-border cooperation among securities regulators

Securities - 20041 articles out of 1.
20 Dec 2004 FBE response to Commission Communication on the London Economics Paper