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Federal Trust VIDEO with Bishop and Stevens: Brexit is Crippling the City of London

In this video, our Council member, financial expert Graham Bishop, reviews the prospects for the City of London after Brexit. 

He argues that the British government’s “Edinburgh reforms”, designed to help the City, are little more than pro-Brexit propaganda. They will usually make little difference and in some cases risk repeating the mistakes which led to the financial crisis of 2007-2009


Federal Trust's Bishop: VIDEO: Will the City Lose Its Euro Clearing Business?

In this Federal Trust video, the financial analyst Graham Bishop and the Chairman of the Trust, John Stevens, discuss the likelihood and the significance of the City of London losing its approximately €100 trillion Euro derivatives clearing business to the Eurozone by 2025.



Among other implications, the loss of its status as the main Euro clearing centre might also put in jeopardy its role as the leading global US Dollar hub.





Studio Europa Maastricht: Looking back at ‘Euro at 20: shifting paradigms?’ - Graham Bishop's contribution


On 27 September, Studio Europa Maastricht organised the conference Euro at 20: shifting paradigms? to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the euro and the EMU. In this blogpost we will share all photos, videos and transcripts of the day with you.

About Euro at 20  

At Euro at 20 economists, politicians, journalists and central bankers engaged in dynamic discussions with each other and the many attendees. The conference consisted of keynote lectures and various sessions on topics about the euro and the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).


The general consensus of the experts was that the euro and the EMU structure it was built on have come a long way in the last 30 years. However, there were also critical voices that stated there are still challenges to overcome. Notably, the proposed solution to these challenges can be summarised in one word: solidarity. Be it through fiscal transfers, EU recovery funds or Eurobonds, solidarity is imperative for protecting and sustaining the EMU’s unique yet fragile equilibrium.

It was inspiring to hear the constructive visions the diverse group of attendees had on the euro’s future. The Q&A sessions that followed the panels allowed for lively debate between experts and the audience on the actions needed to reach this envisioned future. What everyone could agree on, however, was that the currency policymakers had in mind when signing the Maastricht Treaty, is one worth working for.  

Studio Europa Maastricht





23rd November 2021

In his latest Federal Trust video - with over 16k views already - Graham Bishop argues that the current controversy over central counterparties (CCPs) is symbolic of the difficulties facing the City after Brexit.

The City will not lose its dominant position in this sector overnight, but the EU sees building up its own CCPs as strategic necessity. Over the years, the EU will look to make CCPs from the EU first competitive with and then eventually more attractive than their City equivalents.



I have published - with the Federal Trust - another of my videos on "Brexit: the Impact on the City". This one is entitled “Brexit has ended the Golden Age of the City of London.



June 4th: Financial Services Club/ZYen video with Alderman Mainelli and Graham Bishop: Brexit: Ending the City's Dominance of European Finance?





Among other implications, the loss of its status as the main Euro clearing centre might also put in jeopardy its role as the leading global US Dollar hub.



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