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20 November 2018

Financial Times: UK government fails to block Brexit hearing at ECJ

The UK government has failed in its attempt to block a court case going to the European Court of Justice on the question of whether the UK can unilaterally revoke its decision to leave the EU.

The ECJ is due to hear the court case later this month on the legal question of whether the UK’s Article 50 notification can be unilaterally revoked by the UK. The case has been brought by politicians including Andy Wightman, a Scottish Green MSP.

The ECJ hearing is due to take place on November 27 and its ruling on the issue could be significant for the UK government which has insisted there can be no revocation of triggering Article 50.

The Scottish courts ruled in September that the legal question should be heard before the ECJ despite objections from the UK government.

The UK government last week asked to the Supreme Court to hear its appeal against the decision of the Scottish courts. On Tuesday the Supreme Court said it had refused to hear the government’s appeal. This now clears the way for the court case to proceed to the ECJ. [...]

Full article on Financial Times (subscription required)

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