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28 November 2019

Brexit Weekly

UK Conservatives launch manifesto, Labour’s Brexit plans, Michel Barnier pledges to prioritise UK trade deal, Johnson sowing seeds of 'biggest Brexit crisis yet', warns Sir Ivan Rogers, US prefers no-deal Brexit according to documents obtained by Labour and more.


We are moving into the end-game of Brexit - even Council President Tusk is urging the Remainers to keep fighting into the penalty shoot-out!

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Articles 21 November 2019 - 28 November 2019
Boris Johnson - National Review

POLITICO: UK Conservatives launch manifesto with promise of speedy Brexit : Boris Johnson launched the British Conservative party’s manifesto with a promise to put his Brexit deal to parliament by Christmas. View Article
Financial Times: Labour’s Brexit plans will keep UK closely aligned with EU : Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised to “get Brexit sorted” within six months of winning the general election, deliberately apeing Boris Johnson’s pledge to “get Brexit done”. But although the slogans are similar, the policies are very different. View Article
Financial Times: Lib Dems fear promise to reverse Brexit has backfired : Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson’s hopes of taking the UK’s third-largest party to an unlikely victory appear to have been dashed, squeezed between Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. View Article
Financial Times: Michel Barnier pledges to prioritise UK trade deal post-Brexit : Michel Barnier has told EU politicians that he will prioritise nailing down the fundamentals of a new trade deal with Britain after Brexit and warned of the squeezed timetable to sort out the two sides’ broader future relationship. View Article
Financial Times: Paris promises ‘unique’ trade deal if UK agrees to play fair : The EU is ready to broker a “unique” trade partnership with the UK after the country leaves the bloc, but only if Britain commits to complying with EU labour and environmental standards, France’s trade minister has said. View Article
The Guardian: Johnson sowing seeds of 'biggest Brexit crisis yet', warns Sir Ivan Rogers : Boris Johnson is sowing the seeds of “the biggest crisis of Brexit to date”, Britain’s former envoy to the EU Sir Ivan Rogers has said in a scathing verdict on the government’s “diplomatic amateurism”. View Article
Jeremy Corbyn - The Guardian
The Guardian: US prefers no-deal Brexit according to documents obtained by Labour : The US expressed a preference for a no-deal Brexit in meetings with UK officials, the Labour party has said. View Article
Open Europe: What would a ‘No Deal’ after the transition period look like? : The Government’s Brexit deal leaves open the possibility of ‘No Deal’ after the transition period. Open Europe’s Dominic Walsh explains how this could come about, and points out that this would be a different type of ‘No Deal’ to one with no Withdrawal Agreement in place. View Article
Financial Times: Fund chiefs quit London as Brexit disruption lingers : The latest sign that the UK’s break from the EU is slowly sapping power from London is the recent relocation of several fund industry chief executives to continental Europe. View Article
City AM: Getting Brexit done will not help UK economy, say academics : Carrying out Brexit will not improve the UK’s struggling economy but will usher in years more uncertainty about Britain’s trading relationships, a new report has said. View Article
The Guardian: UK companies hit by sharpest activity drop since Brexit vote : Britain’s private sector companies suffered the sharpest drop in activity this month since the EU referendum, as the prospect of a general election added to Brexit-related uncertainty. View Article
Financial Times: UK falls in diplomatic rankings despite ‘Global Britain’ vision : The UK government’s “Global Britain” strategy, which aims to propel the nation towards a dynamic future outside the EU, has got off to a slow start with the country falling out of the top 10 in a leading ranking of diplomatic powers.  View Article
Peter Kellner: “Some of the most startling polling numbers I have ever seen” : The YouGov founder combed through the pollster’s archives to find "some of the most startling polling numbers" he's ever seen and said a Conservative landslide is a very real possibility that would reflect a huge structural change in the way millions of people decide how to vote. View Article
Federal Trust: The Brexit Election: Not all outcomes are equally bad : Director Brendan Donnelly considers the arguments in favour of tactical voting in the coming British General Election and the possible effects of such voting. View Article
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Bloomberg Brexit Bloomberg Brexit
British automakers warn that the next U.K. government needs to deliver a “world-beating Brexit trade deal” to bolster their competitiveness
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<a href=FT Brussels" src="" /> FT Brussels
Green finance: credit check
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Romesh Vaitilingam Romesh Vaitilingam
Economic consequences of Brexit are overwhelmingly negative, @CEP_LSE analysis @lsebrexitvote, #GE2019Economists @swatdhingraLSE & Thomas Sampson, #GE2019…
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Peter Foster Peter Foster
NEW: Boris Johnson's 'arbitrary' Brexit deadline will damage UK economy, warn 14 UK trade experts in letter to @Telegraph - lamenting falsehoods on both sides and calling for equivalent of OBR to help create fact-based conversation around trade /1.…
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Alessandro Speciale Alessandro Speciale
Firms in France, Germany, #Italy and Spain may face the biggest burden if Olaf Scholz’s plans on European banking integration come to fruition… via @markets @WeberAlexander
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European Commission ???? European Commission ????
Replying to @vonderleyen
Following today's positive vote by the European Parliament, the #vdLCommission will officially start on 1 December 2019. Missed the speech by President-elect @vonderleyen? Watch it here.
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<a href=FT Brussels" src="" /> FT Brussels
Michel Barnier pledges to prioritise UK trade deal post-Brexit
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Bloomberg Brexit Bloomberg Brexit
More than 160 economists and academics have backed Labour’s election promises as the best way to help the U.K. economy
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BBC Politics BBC Politics
Boris Johnson's push to "get Brexit done" by December 2020 is "diplomatic amateurism" that raises the risk of leaving without a deal, warns former UK ambassador to EU Sir Ivan Rogers
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The Guardian The Guardian
The latest poll shows Labour at 34% – the party's highest since May…

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