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17 December 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

CMU, IRSG, MiFID II, Spanish General Election, Brussels for Breakfast, Brexit, Deposit Guarantee Schemes, EMU and more.

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  Articles from 10 December 2015 - 17 December 2015

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
Face-to-face between Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy and PSOE’s Pedro Sánchez: who won the debate?
PP and PSOE’s leaders sized each other up in the last effort to woo undecided voters - almost 41% of the electorate. Sánchez cornered Rajoy over corruption and the Spanish bailout. C’s Rivera and Podemos’s Iglesias said the debate was the epilogue to the two-party predominance in Spain.  View Article
116th Brussels for Breakfast
Topics covered included Brexit, European Deposit Insurance Scheme, Green Paper on retail financial services, FinTech payments, Prospectus Directive Proposal, and progress of the Securitisation Proposal.  View Article
Open Europe/ComRes poll: Failure to win key reforms could swing UK’s EU referendum vote
A new survey shows just how important the renegotiation at the European Council will be in terms of swinging the result of the EU referendum. If David Cameron is unable to secure agreement on the two most important issues, support for remaining in the EU is likely to drop considerably.  View Article
Financial Times: Glorious defeat not enough for David Cameron to stave off Brexit
Prime minister must show eurosceptics he has won real concessions if he is to keep Britain in EU.  View Article
The Telegraph: Britain and Italy stand together on EU reform
Only by accommodating both federalists and free-traders will Europe be fit for the future, the Italian and British foreign ministers write.  View Article
IMF: United Kingdom—2015 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement of the Mission
The IMF has warned that uncertainty over the EU membership referendum could hurt the UK's growth. The Fund will publish a full assessment of the risks surrounding a Brexit in May.  View Article
Reuters: Former PM Major says EU exit would leave Britain in dangerous 'splendid isolation'
Quitting the European Union would leave Britain in dangerous "splendid isolation" and could lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom itself, former Prime Minister John Major said.  View Article
VoxEU: Some unpleasant Brexit econometrics
This column argues that EU membership has brought benefits to the UK through three key mechanisms – trade, foreign investment, and finance. The current focus on UK exports to and imports from the EU may severely underestimate the true potential costs to Britain of Brexit.  View Article
Reuters: Cameron not planning to drop EU welfare demands - spokeswoman
British Prime Minister David Cameron's office played down reports that he was prepared to drop one of his key demands for reforming Britain's relationship with the European Union after other countries made it clear they would not accept it.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexit risk a chance for industry to engage in eurozone recovery
The UK’s fund industry should continue to prosper, in or out, say Huw van Steenis and Bruce Hamilton.  View Article
The Guardian: Prime minister Jekyll needs to keep a tighter leash on his inner Hyde
If David Cameron is to succeed in his European renegotiations, he will have to work on his anger management, writes Andrew Rawnsley.  View Article
CEPS: To be in, or to be out: Reflections on the Danish referendum
The outcome of the Danish referendum reflected the two separate ‘languages’ deployed in the public debate over the referendum – the emotional discussion about sovereignty, which appealed to the heart, and the technical argument about cooperation, which appealed to reason.  View Article
Better law-making: Council approves agreement with the EP and the Commission
The European Union will improve the way it legislates to ensure that EU laws better serve citizens and businesses. That is the main purpose of an agreement on better law-making between the Council, Parliament and the Commission.  View Article
TheCityUK: IRSG responds to the Commission’s Action Plan on ‘Building a Capital Markets Union’
The International Regulatory Strategy Group - a body jointly sponsored by TheCityUK and The City of London Corporation - has written to Commissioner Hill in response to the Commission’s Action Plan on ‘Building a Capital Markets Union’  View Article
Commission requests 10 Member States to implement EU rules on Deposit Guarantee Schemes
The European Commission has formally requested Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden to fully implement the Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive (DGSD).  View Article
Speech by President Juncker at the European Parliament Plenary session on the Economic and Monetary Union
Juncker talks about the EMU and share thoughts on how the Commission and the Parliament might deepen the cooperation between them under Stage 1 of the Five President's Report.  View Article

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