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04 February 2016

Brexit 'Weekly'

Brexit, Grexit, Euro Summit, CMU, FinTech, Italian banks, ECB's APP, corporate taxation and more.

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  Articles from 28 January 2016 - 04 February 2016

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
Brexit: The Tusk letter - Some initial thoughts
This letter is a good basis for the UK to vote decisively to remain a whole-hearted member of the EU.   View Article
Deepening EMU – Round-up of Key Events – January 2016
Ahead of the Euro Summit in which a deal on EU reform is expected to be reached, Cameron continues his diplomatic efforts as the banking and financial sector keeps on warning of the dramatic effect of a Brexit. Solvency II entered into force, and ECON agreed its report on IORP II.  View Article
Letter by President Tusk to the Members of the Council on his proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU
The renegotiation of UK's EU membership meets many of Cameron demands, but the reform of the in-work benefits for European immigrants will have to be built "on the clarification of the interpretation of current rules, including a draft Commission Declaration on fighting abuse of free movement."  View Article
City AM: David Cameron pressed from every side of the House of Commons over EU reforms during Prime Minister's Questions
Prime Minister David Cameron was met with acrimony on every side of the House of Commons as he was quizzed on his European Union reform agenda.  View Article
TheCityUK responds to Council President Donald Tusk’s proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU
TheCityUK Chief Executive Cummings welcomed Tusk proposal as a "key milestone in the reform negotiations", but warned that a further delay in the agreement around this blueprint and clarity around a referendum date would "prolong unwanted uncertainty."  View Article
Financial Times: David Cameron has struck a flimsy deal with the EU
The prime minister will need all his political skills to persuade British voters that the draft deal he has struck represents the fundamental change in the relationship between Britain and the EU that he once promised.  View Article
City AM: Cameron’s EU deal just doesn’t go far enough - and Donald Tusk’s letter is little more than a press release
A focus on imm­igration and benefits has overshadowed the hugely vital issue of how the rest of Europe views financial regulation and what im­plications this has for dominance of the City, the financial newspaper argues.   View Article
Open Europe responds to proposed EU Reform package
Open Europe's initial reaction is that based on this proposal the change secured from the renegotiation is likely to be a step in the right direction but unlikely to be transformative.   View Article
Reuters: EU proposals give UK more autonomy on financial rules
British financial regulators could have more leeway to impose higher capital requirements on the country's banks under proposals to keep Britain in the European Union.  View Article
YouGov: 4 point lead for 'Leave' in EU referendum
42% of British people would now vote to leave the European Union and 38% would vote to remain a member, according to the latest YouGov poll. This is the highest net support for leaving the EU since October 2014.  View Article
ING: The shock from Brexit
Irrespective of the outcome, the uncertainty that the vote will generate is likely to see a loss of momentum in the UK economy - possibly knocking around a quarter of a percent off 2016 growth.  View Article
BBC: Draft EU deal - What Cameron wanted and what he got
The BBC's chief correspondent Gavin Hewitt gives his verdict about how the letter drawn up by Donald Tusk measures up to what the prime minister originally wanted from the negotiations, while Europe correspondent Chris Morris looks at how the deal will be perceived elsewhere in the EU.  View Article
Bloomberg: Here's what happens to the UK Economy in a `Brexit' scenario
According to analysis by economists Jamie Murray and Dan Hanson at Bloomberg Intelligence, a “Brexit” would deliver three punches to the 1.8 trillion-pound economy through confidence, credit and currency shocks.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexit deal - would City safeguards have stopped bonus cap?
The draft “safeguards” are billed by UK chancellor Osborne as the most important part of Britain’s “new settlement” with the EU. Yet for the City of London, Paris, Berlin and the European Central Bank, their practical impact remains a mystery.  View Article
City AM: Business is better off in the EU – now it’s time to say so
Being in the EU makes every sector of British business stronger. It boosts exports, investment, research and development. It means less red tape, and gives companies a stable environment in which to plan, invest, and take on new staff, writes Britain Stronger In Europe chairman Stuart Rose.  View Article
Bloomberg: Europe's biggest exchange warns `Brexit' may spur London exodus
Bats Global Markets Inc., which runs U.S. and European stock markets, warned in a filing that a withdrawal by Britain from the European Union could damage the London business climate enough to drive some or all the company’s operations out of the U.K.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexit vote is Russian roulette, says Axa chief
Henri de Castries, Axa chief executive, said that the UK was right that the EU was “dysfunctional” and needed change, but added that there would be a severe negative impact on the country if it were to leave, particularly on the City of London.  View Article
City AM: Brexit would make red tape worse but lawyers are not doing very much in advance to prepare
According to a report released by city law firm White & Case, four out of five (84%) in-house lawyers believe that leaving the EU would not lower levels of unwanted regulation and more than half (52%) are concerned about the legal implications a Brexit could have.  View Article
Commission President Juncker: Preparation of the European Council meeting of 18 and 19 February
Jean-Claude Juncker analyses each one of the measures offered in Council President Tusk proposed settlement for the UK in the EU. Juncker says the most delicate issue, regarding free movement, has been addressed by a safeguard mechanism limited in time and applied only in exceptional cases.  View Article
The Telegraph: Bremmer on Brexit - Why Britain, reluctantly, is likely to vote to stay in the EU
The foreign policy guru Ian Bremmer says that despite Europe's palpable weakness, Britons should ultimately see that they're better off in the EU than out.  View Article
Financial Times: Chinese turmoil teaches three basic truths about Brexit
Sensible politicians gamble on big economic transitions only if there is little alternative.  View Article
POLITICO: Why we’re not safe from Grexit yet
Between economic recovery and an escalating migration crisis, Greece faces a tumultuous year ahead.  View Article
CEPS: Europe’s Untapped Capital Market: Rethinking integration after the great financial crisis
The European Capital Markets Expert Group, formed by ECMI and CEPS, published a final report that aims to rethink financial integration policies in the European Union and to devise an EU-wide plan to remove the barriers to greater capital markets integration.   View Article
EurActiv: Unlocking Europe’s business potential
With the Commission’s strong leadership on Capital Markets Union, Europe can give its dynamic businesses the tools they need to turn 2016 into the year of the unicorn, writes Michael Collins.   View Article
ACCA: Digital agenda and FinTech - The way forward for finance professionals
EU experts and stakeholders discussed the impact of the digital revolution on the finance industries, market participants and consumers at a recent event organised by ACCA and Deloitte.  View Article
Forbes: A bad deal on bad loans at Italian banks
The aim of Italy's deal on how to deal with the bad loans plaguing its banks is to free up the banks' balance sheet, but questions abound over whether it will offer any actual solutions. This is also the first official test of the new BRRD making it a precedent setter of serious proportions.  View Article
"ECB will reconsider its monetary stance in March", Mario Draghi tells MEPs
European Central Bank President Draghi defended the ECB's monetary policy decisions in a debate at the European Parliament, saying that the bank will revise its monetary stance in March and acknowledging that the December 2015 inflation outlook was too rosy.  View Article
European Commission: New measures against corporate tax avoidance
Commission's proposals aim for a coordinated EU wide response to corporate tax avoidance, following global standards developed by the OECD. New rules are needed to align the tax laws in all EU countries in order to fight aggressive tax practices by large companies.  View Article
EBF statement on EU implementation of global BEPS Action Plan
The EBF notes with interest the proposals tabled by the European Commission to bring corporate tax rules in the EU into line with global agreements in order to discourage multinational companies from shifting their profits to off-shore low-tax jurisdictions.   View Article
Bruegel: One market, two monies - the European Union and the United Kingdom
Deepening integration in banking, capital and labour markets will likely require governance integration, which might involve only the subset of EU countries that use the euro. Safeguards are needed to protect the legitimate single market interests of the UK and other euro-outs.   View Article
EurActiv: Juncker backs forcing multinational companies to publish their tax bills
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker supports forcing multinational companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple to publish the profits they make and the taxes they pay in each EU country they operate in.  View Article
Financial Times: Italian finance official expects big interest in banks’ bad loans
A senior Italian finance official has claimed the finance ministry expects strong interest from would-be buyers of distressed debt held by the country’s banks, rejecting concerns that last week’s deal to let Rome guarantee the loans will fall flat.  View Article

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