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Our ESG coverage includes specialist sub-categories for environmental and governance policies.

'Green finance' generally refers to the process of taking due account of environmental and social considerations when making investment decisions, leading to increased investment in longer-term and sustainable activities.

More specifically, environmental considerations refer to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly and the related risks (e.g. natural disasters). Social considerations may refer to issues of inequality, inclusiveness, labour relations, investment in human capital and communities.

The governance of public and private institutions, including management structures, employee relations and executive remuneration, plays a fundamental role in ensuring the inclusion of social and environmental considerations in the decision-making process.

All three components – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are integral parts of sustainable economic development and finance.

In the EU's policy context green finance is understood as finance to support economic growth while reducing pressures on the environment and taking into account social and governance aspects. Green finance also encompasses transparency on risks related to ESG factors that may impact the financial system, and the mitigation of such risks through the appropriate governance of financial and corporate actors. European Commission Overview

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

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2012 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
2012-12-31 ABI: Analysis of UK Corporate Governance Code
2012-12-19 FRC: Positive uptake of UK Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes in 2012
2012-12-19 FRC: Update of standard on assumptions for pension scheme projections
2012-12-13 EuropeanIssuers: Summary of Commission's European Company Law and Corporate Governance Action Plan
2012-12-13 IFAC: Policy position paper on effective governance, risk management and internal control
2012-12-13 ICAEW comments on EC corporate governance proposals
2012-12-12 Commission plans to modernise European company law and corporate governance
2012-12-12 ACCA: Modernisation of European company law and corporate governance rules
2012-12-10 Main results of the Competitiveness Council: Review of accounting requirements for companies
2012-12-06 FRC: Feedback Papers on responses to consultation documents on Sanctions Guidance and Disciplinary Schemes
2012-12-05 IFAC/Ball: Government accounts - clear and present danger
2012-11-29 ACCA: Future of business finance
2012-11-29 IFAC: Proposed guidance on project and investment appraisal for sustainable value creation
2012-11-28 IFAC supports key positions in IMF's paper on fiscal transparency, accountability and risk
2012-11-28 FEE policy statement on the EC proposals for the recast of the 4th and 7th Accounting Directives
2012-11-16 EFRAG: Draft comment letter on IFRS Foundation's proposal to establish an Accounting Standards Advisory Forum
2012-11-15 IASB: IFRS Foundation opens regional office in Asia-Oceania
2012-11-15 ECIIA: Corporate Governance Codes on internal audit - Current status in the EU
2012-11-14 FRC: Amendments to actuarial standards in relation to pension incentive exercises
2012-11-07 IFAC: IESBA's additional questions and answers on implementing Code of Ethics
2012-11-05 FRC: 20th anniversary of the UK Corporate Governance Code
2012-11-05 IFAC: Draft strategy for professional accountants in business initiatives
2012-11-02 UNCTAD: Accounting standards, corporate transparency and developing countries
2012-11-01 CRE: Choosing correct corporate governance model 'crucial' for Europe, warns ECIIA
2012-10-31 FT: Corporate China hit by unpaid bills
2012-10-29 IFAC/Ball: €133bn in gold says take federal auditing seriously
2012-10-25 PwC: Corporate governance for Main Market and AIMS Companies
2012-10-25 IFAC: Integrating good governance leads to sustainable success
2012-10-12 Governance for Owners/ICSA: Improvement of engagement practices between companies and institutional investors
2012-10-11 ECA: Selected EU agencies did not adequately manage conflict of interest situations
2012-10-10 FEE commented on IESBA Exposure Draft on Proposed Change to the Definition of "Those Charged with Governance"
2012-10-03 FRC: Amendments to employee benefits and specialised activities
2012-09-28 FRC: Updates to UK Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code
2012-09-28 FT: FRC curbs advisory groups' voting role
2012-09-18 IFAC: Policy position paper on global regulatory convergence
2012-09-18 Françoise Flores, EFRAG Chairman: Turning a compliance exercise into a communication performance
2012-09-18 FEE: Towards simpler and more meaningful corporate reporting
2012-09-17 FRC published Lab report on 'Net debt reconciliations'
2012-09-17 Public Finance International: Debt, deficits and democracy
2012-09-06 EuropeanIssuers: What EU quoted companies want from financial markets as users
2012-09-03 ACCA: Accountancy profession will continue to lose credibility if it fails to demonstrate value to public
2012-08-22 IESBA proposes requiring accountants to disclose certain illegal acts by clients, employers
2012-08-22 IFAC: IESBA proposes changes to Code of Ethics to address illegal acts
2012-08-22 FRC: How credit analysts view and use the financial statements
2012-08-13 BIS: Speech by Vítor Constâncio on accounting, financial reporting and corporate governance for central banks
2012-08-01 IFAC: IAESB proposes revised standards on the development of technical competence and professional skills
2012-07-27 IFAC: IAESB proposes revised standard on professional values, ethics and attitudes
2012-07-19 EFRAG's draft comment letter on the proposed IASB and IFRS Interpretations Committee Due Process Handbook
2012-07-17 FEE commented on EBA guidelines for assessing suitability of members of management body and key function holders of a credit institution
2012-07-17 Public Finance International: Sovereign balance sheets, stranger than fiction
2012-07-13 AMF publishes its 2011 annual report
2012-07-11 House of Commons TC: Corporate governance and remuneration in the financial services sector
2012-07-10 Transparency International assesses global corporate reporting
2012-07-04 IFAC: Response to ACRA consultation on accountants act
2012-06-29 IFAC: Definition of the public interest
2012-06-29 EBF: Interaction of developments in the regulatory and accounting frameworks
2012-06-27 FEE commented on Monitoring Group Public Consultation on governance of Monitoring Group, PIOB, and standard-setting boards
2012-06-26 Reform of the FRC approved by parliament
2012-06-25 IFAC: IPSASB's public sector combinations consultation paper
2012-06-23 FT: Accounting change bloats US pension gap
2012-06-21 Council of the European Union: Review of accounting requirements for companies
2012-06-21 DBIS: UK Government announces far-reaching reforms of directors' pay
2012-06-13 IFAC: 2011 IESBA Annual Report
2012-06-12 MoneyWeek: Western government reporting and indebtedness
2012-06-12 Ian Williams: Emerging EU Corporate Responsibility infrastructure - beyond 'shareholder spring'
2012-06-11 FRC: Actuarial standards for pension incentive exercises
2012-06-04 IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst: Primary purpose of financial reporting – transparency vs stability
2012-05-31 FRC: Actuarial assumptions used in pension scheme projections
2012-05-29 FT: Accruing better sovereign credit
2012-05-21 FRC's priorities and funding for 2012/13
2012-05-14 FEE commented to the European Commission on the Future of European Company Law
2012-05-02 ACCA: Building a better business through finance diversity
2012-04-28 UK Commons Select Committee: Terms of reference for corporate governance and remuneration inquiry
2012-04-24 FSA/Sants: "Delivering effective corporate governance - the financial regulator's role"
2012-04-23 FEE commented on the JURI Draft Reports of 26 and 28 March 2012 on EC proposal for the Transparency and Accounting Directives
2012-04-18 FRC: AADB launches consultation on sanctions guidance
2012-04-16 IFAC: Private Sector Taskforce of Regulated Professions and Industries updates recommendations to the G20
2012-03-31 IFAC: PAIB Committee commented to the IESBA on proposed changes to the code of ethics for professional accountants
2012-03-30 FRC: Withdrawal of various documents
2012-03-29 ACCA: The economic governance challenge in the EU
2012-03-28 ICGN: Principles for the supervision of financial conglomerates
2012-03-15 EBA commented on the IASB's ED/2011/6 'Revenue from Contracts with Customers'
2012-03-02 FRC's draft priorities and funding for 2012/13
2012-02-17 IFAC: Identification of key issues for 2012 by global accountancy leaders
2012-02-15 FRC's paper on its comply-or-explain approach to corporate governance
2012-02-13 ACCA: Businesses need to re-think risk
2012-02-01 Corporate reports still hold value, says ACCA study
2012-01-25 ACCA: Financial discipline should be accompanied by growth-boosting policies for the eurozone
2012-01-19 EFRAG's letter to the European Commission on amendments to IAS 12

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