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Our ESG coverage includes specialist sub-categories for environmental and governance policies.

'Green finance' generally refers to the process of taking due account of environmental and social considerations when making investment decisions, leading to increased investment in longer-term and sustainable activities.

More specifically, environmental considerations refer to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as the environment more broadly and the related risks (e.g. natural disasters). Social considerations may refer to issues of inequality, inclusiveness, labour relations, investment in human capital and communities.

The governance of public and private institutions, including management structures, employee relations and executive remuneration, plays a fundamental role in ensuring the inclusion of social and environmental considerations in the decision-making process.

All three components – environmental, social and governance (ESG) – are integral parts of sustainable economic development and finance.

In the EU's policy context green finance is understood as finance to support economic growth while reducing pressures on the environment and taking into account social and governance aspects. Green finance also encompasses transparency on risks related to ESG factors that may impact the financial system, and the mitigation of such risks through the appropriate governance of financial and corporate actors. European Commission Overview

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

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2015 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
2015-12-08 EBA launches consultation on FINREP using IFRS 9
2015-11-27 ECIIA: Exploring Europe’s comply or explain principle
2015-10-29 ACCA: Upgrading the Single Market in line with today's economic realities
2015-10-20 IFAC urges G-20 Action on Growth: Good regulation and improved public sector financial management critical
2015-10-15 FEE comments on the IAASB’s ED: “Responding to Non Compliance or Suspected Non Compliance with Laws and Regulations”
2015-10-06 ACCA: Small and medium sized practices diversifying for success
2015-09-24 IFAC: New guide on compilation engagements helps accountants meet changing market demand
2015-09-11 FEE comments on the IESBA ED: “Responding to Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations”
2015-09-10 IFAC: Urgent questions concerning regulation’s impact on growth
2015-09-04 ACCA encourages members to uphold public value for the benefit of society and the accountancy profession
2015-09-04 EFRAG’s draft comment letter on the IASB´s Exposure Draft ED/2015/6 Clarifications to IFRS 15
2015-07-30 The AMF publishes a guide on the relevance, consistency, and readability of the financial statements published by listed companies
2015-07-29 IFAC explains how accountants contribute to meeting organizations’ sustainability challenges
2015-07-22 ESMA publishes 17th extract from EECS’ enforcement decisions
2015-07-20 IFAC: Sovereign debt crises - focus on accounting matters
2015-07-16 FRC responds to EC's recommendation on the quality of corporate governance reporting
2015-07-14 IFAC: IAESB framework enhances clarity of standards
2015-07-14 ACCA: Systemic underinvestment is dragging down business’ finance functions
2015-07-09 BCBS: Corporate governance principles for banks
2015-07-08 BIS: Revised principles on corporate governance for banks issued by the Basel Committee
2015-07-07 IFAC: IAESB´s consultation paper on guiding principles for implementing a learning outcomes approach
2015-06-29 ACCA: A flexible corporate governance framework can boost efficiency and performance for small businesses
2015-06-08 FEE: The possible impact of TTIP on European professional accountants and auditors
2015-05-21 European Parliament: Insolvency - throwing a lifeline to struggling companies
2015-05-18 EuropeanIssuers response to the EC consultation on review of the prospectus directive
2015-05-07 ACCA takes note of JURI vote on long-term shareholders engagement
2015-05-07 European Parliament: Give shareholders more say on directors’ pay
2015-05-07 ACCA: Creating value through governance
2015-05-06 IFAC: IESBA progresses toward global standard on responding to non-compliance with laws and regulations
2015-04-28 IFAC: New guide realised to support professional accountancy organizations in advocacy and public policy efforts
2015-04-20 FEE Information Paper on Horizon 2020
2015-04-06 ECIIA: Corporate governance when implementing the new European Directive on Non- financial Reporting
2015-03-18 ACCA: Towards a fairer and more transparent approach to taxation in the EU?
2015-02-18 OECD: Corporate governance, value creation and growth
2015-02-16 FEE´s comment letter on the IESBA consultation Improving the Structure of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants
2015-01-05 ACCA: Opportunity for a radical overhaul of the OECD corporate governance principles
2015-01-04 IIA: Feedback on OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

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