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26 February 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

Political, economic, financial news

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  Articles from 19 February 2015 - 26 February 2015

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
Greece: the good news appears to continue
The Eurogroup has announced its analysis of the surprisingly lengthy and detailed list of policy proposals received from the Greek government.  View Article
Eurogroup statement: Greece gets breathing space
But every move will be monitored before cash is disbursed.  View Article
Greek tragedy or bright future?
Will the Greek Fiat 500 insist on crashing head-on into the 50-ton tank – losing the game of chicken?  View Article
Draghi to European Parliament: deeper Monetary Union needed for facing important shocks
"Economic convergence has not been as sustainable as it was hoped for at the outset. This still puts at risk the long-term success of the monetary union when faced with an important shock", Draghi said.  View Article
Eurogroup statement on Greece - 24 February 2015
"The Eurogroup discussed the first list of reform measures presented by the Greek authorities, based on the current arrangement, which will be further specified and then agreed with the institutions at the latest by the end of April."  View Article
Financial Times: IMF, ECB voice concern at Greek reform proposals
Without the IMF on board, Athens could face difficult weeks ahead completing the current bailout programme.   View Article
Reuters: Germany readies reluctant approval of Greek extension
Merkel's right-left coalition has a big enough majority to easily win a vote, expected on February 27, on extending the 240 billion euro international rescue for four months. It is set to prevail, despite vocal pockets of resistance on the right and left.  View Article
Eurogroup statement on Greece - 20 February 2015
"The Greek authorities will present a first list of reform measures. The institutions will provide a first view whether this is sufficiently comprehensive to be a valid starting point for a successful conclusion of the review."  View Article
Financial Times: A ‘big bang’ to expand Europe’s economy
The fortification of banks has been the signal accomplishment of European economic policy. Yet the economic recovery remains weak and policy makers are looking for new ways to unlock the continent’s potential. A capital markets union is needed, writes Michael Sherwood and Richard Gnodde.  View Article
AFME’s report "Bridging the growth gap"
A shortage of risk capital and under-developed capital markets are holding back growth in Europe.  View Article
New York Times: Uniting Europe’s financial markets
The leaders who created the European Union hoped that binding together their economies would increase prosperity and reduce the chance of conflict. But the union is far from complete, especially in the financial sector.  View Article
ECB: Financial statements for 2014
The Governing Council of the ECB approved the audited Annual Accounts of the ECB for the year ending 31 December 2014.  View Article
ECB announced publication of new Guideline on the implementation of monetary policy
The new Guideline consolidates, simplifies and improves the clarity of the Eurosystem’s existing general framework for monetary policy implementation.   View Article
Reuters: ECB's Draghi - could change Greek debt waiver if reforms hold
In a sometimes heated exchange with lawmakers in the European Parliament, Mario Draghi said the ECB could reverse an earlier decision that makes it harder for Greece and its banks to access finance.  View Article
IMF Conference “Corporate debt bias: Economic Insights and Policy Options"
Speech by Pierre Moscovici covering tax avoidance.  View Article
European Voice: EIB calls for reforms to support Juncker’s investment fund
President of the European Investment Bank warns that investors lack the confidence to support "risky projects" to boost the economy.  View Article
Reuters: Moscovici raises threat of French budget sanctions but eyes deal
The European Commission is due to say in early March whether it considers France's efforts to reform its economy and cut its deficit sufficient, after its repeated failures to meet its fiscal goals.  View Article
  Think Tanks/EP groups
Brookings: Capital markets union in Europe: Initial impressions
One of the major current projects of the European Union is to create a “Capital Markets Union” to complement its new “Banking Union.” The core idea is to build up the role of financial markets in Europe and to diversify away from a financial system that remains very bank-centric.   View Article
CEPS: Closing financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic: Are there differences in approach?
In the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis both the EU and the US have implemented resolution procedures for their largest and most systemic financial institutions. This Commentary examines the main differences between the two frameworks.  View Article


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