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19 March 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

Council, CMU, ECB, tax, EMU, Brexit, Grexit

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  Articles from 12 March 2015 - 19 March 2015

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
A spring in the step at the Lib Dem conference
My personal 'red line' for coalition negotiations about Brexit after May 7th. Voters must be offered three options in an early referendum.  View Article
European Council, 19-20/03/2015 - agenda
Issues the Council will focus on. Schulz warns before summit Greek finances are 'dangerous.'  View Article
Wall Street Journal: Revisiting the big plan to save the euro
Three years on, there has been no progress on forming a deeper economic and monetary union.  View Article
Swiss Finance Council: The EU & its Partners - Defending Open Markets in Challenging Times
Open markets and multilateral cooperation have long been a central plank in Europe’s post-war economic development. Today, however, with many of Europe’s economies not yet recovering as hoped, a retrenchment from open markets threatens to undermine this framework that has served Europe so well.  View Article
Der Spiegel: Pierre Moscovici - 'A Grexit would be a catastrophe'
In this interview Commissioner Pierre Moscovici discusses efforts in Brussels to ensure that Greece remains in the euro zone and why he believes a Greek exit would be a disaster for Europe.  View Article
Reuters: Moscovici says EU won't keep Greece in euro zone at any price
"The Eurogroup has an overwhelming will to keep Greece in the euro zone. Financial accidents can happen. Our task, however, is not to organise this but to prevent it," Pierre Moscovici, the financial affairs chief, told German daily Die Welt.  View Article
Reuters: Juncker says EU needs Britain, but can't change basic treaty
"I'm in favour of a fair deal for Britain. I can't believe in a European Union without Britain," Juncker told a conference.  View Article
Euractiv: Interview with Lord Mayor of London - 'The single market is what it is all about'
Alan Yarrow discussed the City’s relationship with the EU and capital markets union, among other things.  View Article
IPE: European Commission to back market solutions for Capital Markets Union
Capital Markets Union will not be created through legislation, but with the market’s help to deliver solutions, Jonathan Hill said.  View Article
ECB: What is the goal of the Capital Markets Union?
Cœuré: "Capital markets are starting again to show some signs of de-fragmentation. Looking forward, the objective of CMU should be to support qualitative integration, rather than quantitative convergence."  View Article
EU Observer: Dijsselbloem: Greece might need capital controls
Greece could be forced to resort to Cypriot-style capital controls in a bid to prevent depositors taking their money out of the country, the chairman of the Eurogroup has warned.  View Article
ECB: Progress with structural reforms across the euro area and their possible impacts
This article illustrates the effects of structural reforms on key macroeconomic variables, describes the recent progress of product and labour market reforms, and suggests that further structural reforms could be a powerful tool to restore growth and competitiveness in the euro area.   View Article
ECB: Speech by Mario Draghi at SZ Finance Day 2015
Europe needs to accelerate on its way to economic and institutional convergence.  View Article
Financial Times: Draghi QE is stoking bond bubble risk
Eurozone bond prices are losing touch with fundamentals.  View Article
Reuters: ECB's money printing may stymie cash generators
The European Central Bank may well be printing money via its landmark government bond buying program, but it could also be destroying some of the financial system's own printing presses in the process.  View Article
BIS/Jens Weidmann: Challenges for the euro area: what progress has been made - what still needs to be done?
It could be argued here that major progress has already been accomplished, especially in the countries hit hardest by the crisis. What is now required are structural reforms that unleash innovative power and enhance productivity.  View Article
European Commission presents Tax Transparency Package
The measures are part of the Commission's agenda to tackle corporate tax avoidance and harmful tax competition in the EU. A key element of this Tax Transparency Package is a proposal to introduce the automatic exchange of information between Member States on their tax rulings.  View Article
ACCA: Towards a fairer and more transparent approach to taxation in the EU?
ACCA takes note of the publication of the first of two tax transparency packages promised by the European Commission and welcomes, in principle, the proposal to extend the automatic exchange of information on tax rulings with some reservations  View Article
ECB: Working Paper Series Assessing European competitiveness - the new CompNet micro-based database
Drawing from confidential firm-level balance sheets for 17 European countries (13 Euro-Area), the paper documents the newly expanded database of cross-country comparable competitiveness-related indicators built by the Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet).  View Article
  Think Tanks/EP groups
Bruegel: European Monetary Union
The European Commission President published an analytic note together with the European Council, ECB, euro area Presidents raising a number of questions on euro area governance. Europolitics asked Guntram Wolff to provide short answers to difficult questions.  View Article
The Fall of the EURO
Is the ECB considering a Plan “B”?  View Article


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