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16 April 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

BXL4Breakfast, EP, Greece, ECB, CoR, CEPR, CCPs, BIS, Brexit, amongst others.

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  Articles from 09 April 2015 - 16 April 2015

  Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches
109th Brussels for Breakfast
Topics covered included Greece, Brexit, BIS on Achilles Heel of financial system, Commissioner Hill speeches, Eurogroup President succession, Commission management re-shuffle, ESA budgets, bank break-up and CCPs (ECB speech, BoE/ECB agreement), among others.   View Article
European Parliament: The European Commission's economic decision-making needs to become more neutral
MEPs also voiced concerns about the low implementation of the Commission’s Country-Specific Recommendations and asked what it would do about high current account surpluses in Germany and other exporting countries.  View Article
Reuters: EU governments want state aid leeway on EU investment plan
European Union rules banning state aid to businesses should not apply to guarantees issued to boost investment under the three-year EU investment scheme, some of the key contributors to the plan said.  View Article
Reuters: Germans downbeat on chances of Greek deal next week
Germany's finance minister said there was no prospect of the euro zone reaching a deal with Athens next week on economic reforms that would unlock bailout funds, potentially leaving Greece perilously short of money.  View Article
Reuters: Brussels rules out Treaty negotiations with Britain until 2019
Whitehall officials don't see any progress on euro-zone-related proposals until late 2019 and expect that treaty change procedures may continue until 2025, The Times said.  View Article
Financial Times: Most European business chiefs back Britain in EU, study shows
More than four-fifths of business executives in Europe want Britain to stay in the EU, while three-quarters say an exit would hurt the UK economy, according to a new survey.  View Article
Vox EU: Europe’s challenging economic integration - Insights from a new index
Despite a significant progress over the past decade, European integration still needs improvement in some areas. This column presents a long-term narrative of European integration by using a recently published European index of regional institutional integration.  View Article
ECB: Results of the April 2015 euro area bank lending survey
The survey showed that euro area banks reported a further net easing of credit standards on loans to enterprises in the first quarter of 2015 (a net percentage of -9%, after -5% in the previous quarter). Euro zone banks see loan demand rising sharply after ECB boost, Reuters reports.  View Article
Euractiv: Regulators warn over-the-counter derivatives are out of control
OTC trading is done between two parties, without supervision of a stock exchange. These facilitate liquidity, help mitigate risk, provide transparency and maintain a current market price. In an OTC trade, the price is not necessarily available to the public.  View Article
ECB: Monetary policy decisions
The Governing Council decided that the interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will remain unchanged at 0.05%, 0.30% and -0.20% respectively. Reuters reported the ECB is committed to the full QE programme.  View Article
Financial Times: An economic future that may never brighten
The decline in potential growth leads to debate about the savings glut and secular stagnation, writes Martin Wolf.  View Article
BIS: The international monetary and financial system - Its Achilles heel and what to do about it
Claudio Borio argues the system amplifies the "excess financial elasticity" of domestic policy regimes, i.e. it exacerbates their inability to prevent the build-up of financial imbalances, or outsize financial cycles, that lead to serious financial crises and macroeconomic dislocations.   View Article
European Committee of the Regions to adopt proposals to improve €315bn. EU Investment Plan
How to ensure all EU regions and cities benefit from and contribute to the €315bn EU Investment plan will be the key issue for debate during the European Committee of the Regions' April plenary session.   View Article
  Member States
Financial Times: France risks Brussels ire with reduced structural budget cuts
Michel Sapin disclosed new pledges to narrow the structural deficit by 0.5 per cent of Gross Domestic Product in 2016 and 2017. This is less than the 0.8 per cent and 0.9 per cent efforts requested by the Commission.  View Article
  Think Tanks/EP groups
CEPR: A New Start for the Eurozone - Dealing with Debt
The Eurozone’s problems of poor growth and the threat of financial instability are rooted in its very foundation. The authors of the inaugural Monitoring the Eurozone report consider three means by which the Eurozone can protect itself from structural failure.   View Article
Bruegel: Measuring political muscle in European Union institutions
Which country holds the highest number of top posts in the EU institutions?  View Article


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