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14 May 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

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Articles from 07 May 2015 - 14 May 2015

Grahams Articles, Comments & Speeches

After the UK election: what chance of Brexit?
Superficially, the UK election results bode ill for the chances of the UK remaining inside the EU. But a deeper examination makes the picture look rather different.  View Article


POLITICO / Macshane: Stand by for ‘Brexit’
Will Britain still be in the EU to share the 60th anniversary celebrations? Or will 2017 mark the beginning of the end of European integration?  View Article
Financial Times: What David Cameron’s electoral victory means for Europe
From a European perspective, author Wolfgang Münchau sees four consequences of last week’s electoral triumph of David Cameron, prime minister, who is committed to a referendum on EU membership by 2017.  View Article


ESMA’s Maijoor delivers keynote address on Capital Markets Union at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day
Steven Maijoor, Chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), delivered a keynote speech at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day this evening on the topic of Capital Markets Union.  View Article
BoE: Bank’s Response to EC Green Paper: Building a Capital Markets Union
The Bank of England strongly supports the initiative, whose aim is to maximise the benefits of capital markets and non-bank financial institutions for the real economy.  View Article
AFME calls for the European Commission to unlock the potential of EU capital markets
AFME responded to the European Commission’s Green Paper on Building a Capital Markets Union (CMU) and to its consultations on high quality securitisation and on the review of the prospectus directive.  View Article
The Investment Association: Capital Markets Union can make investment better
The Investment Association’s responses to the EU Commission’s consultations on Capital Markets Union (CMU), securitisation and the Prospectus Directive focus on Europe’s need for increased investment capital to drive sustainable economic growth.   View Article
PensionsEurope: Pension funds vital to the success of Capital Markets Union
PensionsEurope has used its response to the Capital Markets Union (CMU) consultation to urge the EU to work together with pension funds in delivering the CMU.  View Article
EVCA: Private equity industry puts forward plan to help unlock €12 trillion of investor capital for Europe’s businesses
Recommendations submitted as part of the Capital Markets Union consultation by EVCA should help €12 trillion of capital held by institutional investors to flow into European businesses, providing investment for millions of new jobs and economic growth across the EU.  View Article
BIS: Economic Consultative Committee statement on FX market best practices
"The BIS Governors welcome current initiatives of the foreign exchange committees to strengthen code of conduct standards and principles in foreign exchange markets."  View Article
European Parliament: Give shareholders more say on directors’ pay
A draft law empowering shareholders to vote on directors’ remuneration, so as to ensure proper transparency and tie their pay more closely to their performance, was backed by Legal Affairs Committee MEPs.  View Article
ECB: Reinforcing financial stability in the euro area
The main highlights of the speech by Vítor Constâncio included the benefits of the current monetary policy, the risks that should be addressed by supervision and macroprudential policy, and the associated elements which are still incomplete for safeguarding financial stability.  View Article


Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting of 11 May 2015
The Eurogroup president spoke about Greece, the EC Spring forecast, the strengthening of the economic governance of the EMU, the implementation of fiscal frameworks in the EU countries and Ireland's economic improvement.  View Article
ECB: Interview with Yves Mersch
The main topics discussed were Greece, Spain, the effects of the QE programme, the use of DTAs and the Eurogroup's presidential elections.  View Article
EurActiv: Fiscal competition or harmonisation?
Tax harmonisation will stop harmful fiscal dumping, and help realise the EU’s aim of becoming a single market, argue Ernest Maragall and Jordi Angusto.  View Article


European Commission: Country-specific recommendations 2015 - Further efforts needed to support a robust recovery
Further policy is needed to return to self-sustaining growth. The European Commission has adopted country-specific economic policy recommendations for 2015 and 2016 asking for national actions to create jobs and stimulate growth.  View Article
EurActiv: EIT woos Juncker Plan money to make up for lost EU budget
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is seeking to recoup funding lost to the Juncker investment plan from other funding sources. One idea being explored is to get money back from the Juncker Plan.  View Article

Think Tanks/EP groups

Bruegel: Why we should not blame the ECB for low returns on German savings
The fall in inflation and in real returns is behind the dramatic decline in interest rates over the past 3 decades.  View Article
CEPS: Britain’s Political Earthquake - What aftershocks for Europe and the UK?
In the wake of last week’s elections in Britain, the commentary examines the implications of the astonishing results for the EU and the UK and outlines a possible reform package that David Cameron might present to the EU institutions to fulfil his pledge to achieve a “reformed EU”.  View Article
CEPS: TRAC - A market-based tax on capital flight as an alternative to Grexit
The author suggests an alternative to Greece leaving the EU, in which outgoing payments from Greek banks in the form of cash or via the TARGET system would be limited to the amount of incoming payments.  View Article

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