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11 June 2015

Brexit 'Weekly'

EC, EP, tax clampdown, Brexit and TheCity, Grexit, EU reform, ... and much more.

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  Articles from 04 June 2015 - 11 June 2015

The Guardian / Macron / Gabriel: Europe cannot wait any longer - France and Germany must drive ahead
For the EU to survive, eurozone countries need to integrate further and create a joint treasury.  View Article
POLITICO / Hammond: Britain’s four-point package for EU reform
The UK government want a renegotiation of market regulation, ‘ever-closer union,’ subsidiarity and welfare.  View Article
Open Europe calls on Cameron to pursue an ambitious plan for reform
Open Europe has published its ‘Blueprint for EU reform’, calling on David Cameron to use the forthcoming EU summit on 25-26th June to launch negotiations on a new settlement that leads to a genuine change of direction to Britain’s relationship with the EU.  View Article
POLITICO: Brexit and the City
Take the City out of Europe and there won't be much left of its current global luster, warn London-based bankers and financiers.  View Article
Financial Times: If Europe cannot bend it will break
The difficulties of changing Europe are rooted in the size and legal complexity of the EU — an organisation that is now so large and unwieldy that it finds radical change almost impossible to contemplate.  View Article
Bruegel: Greece - where do we stand and what to watch
Key points on Greek ongoing negotiations.  View Article
Financial Times: Two dismal economic plans for Greece
There are now two proposals on the table — one from the creditors and one from Greece. What they have in common is that neither of them will fix the Greek economy. They do not even pretend. Both deserve to be rejected flat-out.  View Article
VoxEU: Greece - Seeking a way forward
An agreement on completion of the second programme will not restore confidence, nor will it resolve the deep economic, financial and political uncertainties that confront Greece today. The focus should swiftly shift to the design of an efficient, realistic and truly reforming new programme.  View Article
Open Europe: The end game approaches in Greece
There have been countless rumours over the past days that a deal is close in negotiations between Greece and the Eurozone. But as we enter June, the issue will have to be settled one way or another.  View Article
CEPS: Can the Greek state pay for itself?
A key consideration for the government is whether it can achieve at least a primary balance without ‘recessionary measures’, since it will be able to spend only what it collects in revenues should there be no agreement with the creditors.  View Article
Wall Street Journal: Why Greece May Be Able To Wait Until the Winter for a Third Bailout
If Greece wants to avoid defaulting on its debts, a deal has to be found within days. But back-of-the-envelope calculations by Real Time Brussels show that the Athens government and its creditors may have until the winter to seal a third bailout deal for the country  View Article
Reuters / Dixon: Greek ultimatum is a bad idea
The likelihood of a successful long-term recovery is pretty small if Greece’s creditors undermine its autonomy by presenting it with a take-it-or-leave-it offer.  View Article
European Commission's Hill: Next Steps to Build a Capital Markets Union
The conference's main topics where: increasing access to finance, promoting simple and transparent securitisations, creating more opportunities for investors, and encouraging cross-border investment.  View Article
BIS / Knot: How Capital Markets Union can bolster Monetary Union
CMU can deliver great improvements such as diversifying financing for SMEs, deeping harmonization in insolvency laws across countries, increasing the efficacy of monetary policy... but there are possible negative consequences as well.  View Article
FCA: Capital Markets Union – a regulator’s perspective
Highlights of David Lawton's speech were those parts of CMU where regulation will be an important element, recognising the macroeconomic context, investor protection and competition.  View Article
VoxEU: Macroprudential supervision in the Eurozone - Beware of excessive expectations
This column argues that, while based on the right principles, the EU framework grants supervisors a high degree of discretion that entails the risk of limited commitment and excessive fine-tuning.  View Article
Bruegel: Priorities for euro area governance reforms
How to establish a stable basis for renewed growth and employment.  View Article
EurActiv: Leaked eurozone blueprint makes timid call for integration
A draft report by the heads of the EU's five main institutions calls for faster eurozone integration, but gives little away in terms of social policy, a key area for Southern Europe.  View Article
Investing in European projects: Council confirms agreement with EP on new fund
The EFSI is intended to stimulate participation by private investors in a broad range of new investment projects. The fund will be built on €16 billion in guarantees from the EU budget and €5 billion from the European Investment Bank.  View Article
EUbusiness: EU targets Poland, Estonia in tax clampdown
European regulators also ordered 15 countries, including Germany and France, to provide tax agreements with specific companies.  View Article

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