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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

Brexit - 2017594 articles out of 594.

Brexit - 2016682 articles out of 682.

Brexit - 2015168 articles out of 168.

Brexit - 201423 articles out of 23.

2013 Brexit
2013-12-12 Reuters: 'War game' highlights risks of Britain's EU exit
2013-12-02 Opinium: In or Out? Britain's future in Europe
2013-11-22 Telegraph: UK would be 'shooting itself in the foot' if it left EU, says Pascal Lamy
2013-11-20 UK Parliament: Reforming the European Scrutiny System in the House of Commons - MPs propose wholesale reform
2013-11-05 United Kingdom: Autumn 2013 economic forecast - Tangible improvements but some lingering uncertainty
2013-10-22 Jonathan Faull: Can the UK afford to turn its back on Europe?
2013-10-21 The Regent's Report 2013: UK and the EU - Costs, Benefits, Options
2013-10-21 UK Government launches Balance of Competences Review on the EU Budget and Financial Services
2013-10-17 Commissioner Barnier: The UK in the EU Single Market - Opportunities and challenges
2013-10-15 GOV.UK: Cut EU red tape - Report from the Business Taskforce
2013-09-30 EUobserver: UK keen to delete 'ever closer union' from EU treaty
2013-09-18 Reuters: EU's Van Rompuy warns Britain over European exit
2013-09-18 UK Parliament: The economic impact of EU membership on the UK
2013-09-17 LME: A [UK] Labour view on Europe
2013-09-10 Reuters: EU must reform to woo sceptical Britons - Parliament head
2013-09-02 Evening Standard: EU pullout would spark a City exodus — Goldman
2013-08-01 How long can UK cling on to its 'strained' position in the EU, lords ask
2013-07-23 Reuters: Australia tells Britain not to forsake the European Union
2013-07-22 EUobserver: Japan warns UK of job losses if it leaves EU
2013-07-22 UK: First reports in the Review of Balance of Competences published
2013-07-18 Michael Fallon: Rescue to recovery
2013-07-17 IMF Executive Board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with the United Kingdom
2013-07-16 UK Foreign Secretary speech on the European Union and its future
2013-07-08 BBC: UK seeks allies for EU reforms without treaty change
2013-06-30 UK: New plan to reduce spending in 2015-2016
2013-06-17 Telegraph: Quitting EU would damage Britain
2013-06-11 UK Government EU reform policy must be pan-EU not UK-only, say MPs
2013-06-11 FCO response to FAC report: The future of the European Union
2013-06-10 David Cameron: Plan for Britain's success
2013-05-31 Reuters: Alexander - EU exit would put Britain on par with Norway
2013-05-31 BCC Economic Forecast: UK growth upgraded, but risks to economy remain
2013-05-27 Guardian: EU exit would put US trade deal at risk, Britain warned
2013-05-24 BoE/Fisher: The outlook for the UK economy
2013-05-22 IMF: United Kingdom—2013 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement of the Mission
2013-05-15 Reuters: Cameron survives humbling EU revolt in parliament
2013-05-13 FT: Cameron to rush out draft bill on EU vote
2013-05-09 FT: David Cameron seeks to reassure investors over EU exit
2013-05-07 BBC: Ex-chancellor Lord Lawson calls for UK to exit EU
2013-04-24 UK Parliament: Lords EU Committee launches inquiry into EU proposals for Genuine Economic and Monetary Union
2013-01-31 Telegraph: 'Catastrophic' EU exit would leave City defenceless against regulatory attack
2013-01-29 Tony Blair: Leaving Europe would be very bad for Britain
2013-01-23 David Cameron: EU speech at Bloomberg
2013-01-23 Schulz on Cameron: "Second class EU membership is not in the UK interest"
2013-01-23 WSJ: UK's Cameron draws fire over Europe plan
2013-01-16 Independent: [UK] Tory MPs set out blueprint on EU
2013-01-14 Reuters: Cameron plays down prospect of in-out EU referendum
2013-01-09 BBC: UK risks turning inwards over EU referendum

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