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Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

2018 Brexit
2018-12-31 BBC: Brexit: US ambassador to UK Johnson warns on trade deal
2018-12-29 Bloomberg: Brexit may not happen, Trade secretary says
2018-12-21 The Guardian: Corbyn: Brexit would go ahead even if Labour won snap election
2018-12-20 Financial Times: Amber Rudd says second vote ‘plausible’ if May Brexit deal dies
2018-12-19 Brexit: European Commission implements “no-deal” Contingency Action Plan in specific sectors
2018-12-18 BBC: Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning
2018-12-18 Paul Goldschmidt: The “Yellow Jackets” recast the geopolitical consequences of “Brexit”
2018-12-17 Bloomberg: EU to rule out ‘managed no-deal’ as bloc boosts Brexit planning
2018-12-17 The Federal Trust: Brexit: A national government or "no deal"
2018-12-17 BBC: Theresa May sets January date for MPs' Brexit vote
2018-12-17 BBC: Delay to Brexit if UK wants new deal, says Irish minister
2018-12-16 Financial Times: UK justice secretary suggests he would quit over no-deal Brexit
2018-12-16 POLITICO: British officials line up for second referendum: reports
2018-12-14 OMFIF: Power vacuum points to no-deal Brexit
2018-12-14 Bruegel: How a second referendum could be the best way to overcome Brexit impasse
2018-12-14 BBC: New Brexit referendum logical, says Tony Blair
2018-12-13 The Guardian: Brexit 'delusions' risk putting UK into crisis, warns Ivan Rogers
2018-12-13 European Council (Art. 50) conclusions
2018-12-13 LSE: A way out of the Brexit chaos? Parliament should install a national government
2018-12-13 Financial Times: The nightmare of a no-deal Brexit looms and must be prevented
2018-12-12 Financial Times: Theresa May wins vote of confidence
2018-12-11 Financial Times: France’s Europe minister warns EU must be ready for no-deal Brexit
2018-12-11 House of Commons: Government’s White Paper scenario cannot be used to inform meaningful vote
2018-12-11 POLITICO: Jean-Claude Juncker: EU won’t renegotiate Brexit deal
2018-12-10 The Independent: UK can cancel Brexit by unilaterally revoking Article 50, European Court of Justice rules
2018-12-10 POLITICO: Theresa May delays Brexit vote over risk of ‘significant’ defeat
2018-12-09 Brexit Committee’s united verdict on the Prime Minister's deal: Uncertainty, not clarity
2018-12-09 The Telegraph: Theresa May's 'plan B' could see second referendum that does not include option to remain in EU
2018-12-08 The Economist: The best way out of the Brexit mess
2018-12-07 EU tariff rate quotas after Brexit: Council endorses agreement with the European Parliament
2018-12-07 Corbyn: I will prevent no-deal Brexit, ax backstop
2018-12-06 Lord John Kerr: I drafted article 50. We can and must delay Brexit for a referendum
2018-12-05 Financial Times: Legal advice on Brexit plan warns of ‘enduring’ backstop risk
2018-12-05 Commercial Risk Europe: AM Best registers new Amsterdam subsidiary ahead of Brexit
2018-12-05 Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration report published by Committee
2018-12-04 The Guardian: Norway option is worst of all Brexit outcomes for UK, say EU sources
2018-12-04 Andrew Duff: Brexit: From revelation to re-accession
2018-12-04 POLITICO: EU top judge: UK can unilaterally withdraw Article 50
2018-12-02 The Times: Brexit legal advice could sink Theresa May
2018-11-30 The Guardian: No deal or no Brexit if MPs vote down May plan, says Tusk
2018-11-29 The Telegraph: Hundred Tory MPs denounce Theresa May's Brexit deal as worth of her 'UK-tour' strategy is questioned
2018-11-29 Statement by Michel Barnier at the Plenary session of the European Parliament on the Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom
2018-11-27 The Sun: Theresa May could suffer a 200-vote defeat when the Commons decides on her Brexit deal — dealing a fatal blow to her Premiership
2018-11-27 Financial Times: Britain clears trade hurdle ahead of Brexit
2018-11-27 Financial Times: EU lawyers tell ECJ that Article 50 cannot be unilaterally revoked
2018-11-26 Bloomberg: Date set for Theresa May’s Brexit showdown with hostile Parliament
2018-11-25 BBC: Brexit: Theresa May's 'letter to the nation' in full
2018-11-25 European Council (Art. 50) conclusions, 25 November 2018
2018-11-25 Bloomberg: UK's other Brexit fight may bar it from $1.7 trillion WTO deal
2018-11-25 The Guardian: Government could fall if Brexit deal fails, says Jeremy Hunt
2018-11-25 POLITICO: EU to UK: Lose-lose Brexit deal is best you will get
2018-11-25 The Sun: Amber Rudd and Michael Gove plus Labour rebels are planning for UK to join the EFTA if MPs reject PM’s Brexit deal
2018-11-24 Financial Times: Spain seals deal with EU and UK on Gibraltar
2018-11-23 The Guardian: Dominic Raab: Theresa May's deal worse than staying in EU
2018-11-22 Draft Political Declaration setting out the Framework for the Future Relationship between the EU and the UK
2018-11-21 POLITICO: Amber Rudd: UK parliament will block no-deal Brexit
2018-11-20 BBC: Spain Brexit: PM Sánchez threatens to vote no over Gibraltar
2018-11-20 Financial Times: Senior City figures call for second Brexit vote
2018-11-20 Financial Times: UK government fails to block Brexit hearing at ECJ
2018-11-20 Bloomberg: Carney backs May's Brexit plan with case for longer transition
2018-11-20 Bloomberg: Merkel casts doubt on Brexit summit as Germany says no new talks
2018-11-20 Sky News: Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon team up in bid to block draft Brexit deal
2018-11-20 EEF: UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement delivers on key outcomes for Industry
2018-11-19 Press statement by Michel Barnier following the General Affairs Council (Article 50)
2018-11-19 François Villeroy de Galhau: Challenges and opportunities in Europe and beyond
2018-11-19 The Guardian: CBI president to endorse Theresa May's draft Brexit deal
2018-11-18 Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May has finally united the country on Brexit - everyone dislikes her deal
2018-11-18 The Guardian: Brexit transition could be extended to 2022, says Barnier
2018-11-16 The Federal Trust: Brexit: The Beginning of the End?
2018-11-16 CER: What happens if Parliament rejects May's Brexit deal?
2018-11-15 Theresa May: Current proposal is "not the final deal"
2018-11-14 Financial Times: UK and EU hammer out draft terms of Brexit divorce
2018-11-14 Ship inspections: preparing for Brexit
2018-11-14 European Commission recommends to the European Council (Article 50) to find that decisive progress has been made in Brexit negotiations
2018-11-13 Bloomberg: Brexit impacts UK job market as EU workers fall by record
2018-11-13 POLITICO: Spanish prime minister calls for second Brexit vote
2018-11-13 European Commission intensifies preparedness work and outlines contingency action plan in the event of a no deal scenario with the UK
2018-11-12 The Guardian: Gordon Brown backs calls for second Brexit referendum
2018-11-12 BuzzFeed News: Senior ministers are telling Theresa May to go for a no-deal Brexit if the EU won't make concessions
2018-11-11 Financial Times: A salutary Brexit warning from the serious Mr Johnson
2018-11-11 Financial Times: Do not assume the EU will give the UK time to rerun Brexit vote
2018-11-10 The Guardian: Justine Greening says Theresa May is ‘handing power to EU’ in Brexit deal
2018-11-09 Bloomberg: JPMorgan leads $283 billion Brexit shift to Frankfurt
2018-11-09 The Independent: Brexit deal likely to slip to December, says EU commissioner
2018-11-09 POLITICO: Jeremy Corbyn: ‘We can’t stop Brexit’
2018-11-08 The Guardian: UK cannot stop article 50 case going to ECJ, says Scottish court
2018-11-08 Bloomberg: BofA has spent $400 million preparing for hard Brexit, CEO says
2018-11-08 Bloomberg: Germany and Ireland top the pile mopping up Brexit bank business
2018-11-08 Institute for Government: UK must say who will play the role of the European Commission after Brexit
2018-11-07 Bloomberg: France’s top 3 banks prepare to cut UK staff because of Brexit
2018-11-06 Bloomberg: A $240-billion-a-day market is leaving London ahead of Brexit
2018-11-06 Bloomberg: UK ‘almost certain’ to end up with hard Brexit, Mandelson says
2018-11-06 POLITICO: Michel Barnier: UK could reapply for EU membership once it is ‘a third country’
2018-11-05 The Guardian: UK's top lawyers urge Theresa May to back second Brexit vote
2018-11-05 Financial Times: French region calls for EU help for no-deal Brexit
2018-11-04 The Guardian: Tony Blair urges MPs to vote down any Brexit deal and push for people's vote
2018-11-04 The Guardian: Theresa May's chances of striking Irish border deal '50-50', say EU officials
2018-11-03 The Guardian: Business leaders join call for second vote on Brexit
2018-11-03 The Guardian: Leo Varadkar: Brexit has undermined Good Friday agreement
2018-11-01 Financial Times: Britain faces a bumpy road ahead at the WTO
2018-11-01 Financial Times: France and Italy dangle juiciest EU tax breaks for Brexit bankers
2018-10-31 Financial Times: UK’s Raab says he expects Brexit deal by November 21
2018-10-31 Andrew Duff: Brexit: Time to compromise
2018-10-30 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit risk now UK rating issue, S&P says; pound drops
2018-10-30 Paul McGrade: A no-deal Brexit would not end negotiations – and the EU knows it
2018-10-29 Financial Times: Australia’s banks begin relocating functions from London
2018-10-29 The Independent: Cross-party MPs launch 'killer amendment' push for fresh EU referendum
2018-10-28 Financial Times: Billionaire backs Amsterdam to take financial crown
2018-10-28 UK in a Changing Europe: Public wrong on key facts around Brexit and impact of EU membership, new study finds
2018-10-28 Financial Times: No ‘white knight’ for banks in no-deal Brexit, EU regulator warns
2018-10-26 The Guardian: EU must prepare to delay Brexit, Sadiq Khan tells Barnier
2018-10-24 The Times: Brexit transition could last for years, cabinet warned
2018-10-24 National Audit Office: The UK border: preparedness for EU exit
2018-10-23 Financial Times: France asks businesses to prepare for ‘no-deal Brexit’
2018-10-23 RTE: EU may offer British PM a UK-wide customs union
2018-10-22 The Times: Revolt grows over Theresa May’s handling of Brexit talks
2018-10-22 UK Prime Minister Theresa May Statement on October EU Council
2018-10-21 The Guardian: People's Vote identifies 50 Tory MPs who could be swayed on Brexit
2018-10-20 The Guardian: Almost 700,000 march to demand ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit deal
2018-10-19 The Independent: Jobs will be lost if Brexit deal not reached by December, business leader warns
2018-10-19 EurActiv: Macron criticises British inability to reach Brexit agreement
2018-10-18 Financial Times: Merkel warns EU and UK against rigid approach to Brexit talks
2018-10-18 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the European Council meetings on 17 and 18 October 2018
2018-10-17 Financial Times: Midsized UK businesses turn sour on Brexit
2018-10-17 The Guardian: Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans
2018-10-17 Financial Times: Barnier open to extending Brexit transition by one year to 2021
2018-10-16 Bloomberg: US warns of risk from hard Brexit and wants a transition period
2018-10-16 Financial Times: Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase sets up Brexit contingency plan
2018-10-16 Financial Times: Wells Fargo applies for licence in France as part of Brexit strategy
2018-10-16 The Telegraph: Britain will face £36 billion Brexit bill if it fails to agree a trade deal with EU, Chancellor warns MPs
2018-10-15 Invitation letter by President Donald Tusk to the members of the European Council ahead of their meetings on 17 and 18 October 2018
2018-10-15 House of Commons: Theresa May claims "real progress" on the Brexit deal
2018-10-15 POLITICO: Close but no deal: UK, EU scramble to salvage Brexit talks
2018-10-14 Bloomberg: Speed trader Hudson River chooses Dublin as post-Brexit home
2018-10-14 Bloomberg: EU mulls no-deal Brexit crisis summit in November
2018-10-14 BBC: Davidson and Mundell 'could resign over Brexit deal'
2018-10-14 BBC: Brexit: David Davis calls for cabinet rebellion over PM's plan
2018-10-12 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit advice for business: you might want to leave
2018-10-11 Financial Times: Japan’s Daiwa trading unit shifts to Frankfurt as Brexit looms
2018-10-10 Financial Times: Up to 30 Labour MPs consider voting for Theresa May’s Brexit deal
2018-10-10 BBC: UK expects to lose 5,000 City jobs through Brexit
2018-10-10 Financial Times: EU has refined planned backstop solution for UK and Irish border: Barnier
2018-10-09 Financial Times: Raab vows to curtail keeping UK in customs union
2018-10-09 UCL European Institute: A Brexit referendum is clearly possible, but contingency planning must start now
2018-10-08 The Times: Brexiteers set limit for Theresa May’s trade deal with EU
2018-10-08 Deloitte CFO Survey: CFOs’ Brexit concerns at record high
2018-10-07 BBC: Brexit: SNP would back 'People's Vote' calls, says Sturgeon
2018-10-05 Bloomberg: Liam Fox would back less-than-perfect deal to get Brexit done
2018-10-05 Bloomberg: EU ready to offer UK ‘super-charged’ free-trade deal
2018-10-04 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
2018-10-04 Financial Times: Ireland backs Theresa May’s plan for all-UK customs union with EU
2018-10-04 Financial Times: Nomura looks to Paris as post-Brexit EU lending hub
2018-10-04 Bloomberg: May plans to rush Brexit deal through Parliament
2018-10-03 Bloomberg: Japan waves goodbye to UK as ‘gateway to Europe’ post-Brexit
2018-10-02 FCA: Rolling the rock: The cycle of deregulation, crisis and regulation
2018-10-02 The Guardian: May says EU immigrants will lose priority status after Brexit
2018-10-02 ITV News: Jean-Claude Juncker warns no Brexit deal without agreement on the Irish border
2018-10-02 The Guardian: Referendum only way to heal Brexit divisions, says top German politician
2018-10-02 The Telegraph: Theresa May urged to set her departure date by ministers as they say she cannot fight next election
2018-10-02 Bloomberg: Boris Johnson tells Tories to back May but chuck her Brexit plan
2018-09-29 The Guardian: MPs could still alter successful Brexit deal, researchers find
2018-09-28 The Guardian: New Plaid Cymru leader: no-deal Brexit could hasten Welsh independence
2018-09-28 Paul N. Goldschmidt: Brexit: Failure of the negotiations is not an option!
2018-09-28 Joschka Fischer: Brexit and the European Order
2018-09-26 POLITICO: Le Maire: Accepting Chequers Brexit plan ‘would be suicidal’
2018-09-26 LSE: What if Britain rejoined the EU? Breaking up may be less hard than making up
2018-09-26 Financial Times: EU makes contingency plans for no-deal Brexit
2018-09-26 The Guardian: Jeremy Corbyn calls for election if MPs vote down May's Brexit deal
2018-09-25 Financial Times: Labour may support second in-out EU referendum, says Starmer
2018-09-24 Financial Times: Frankfurt is leading city for banks moving ahead of Brexit
2018-09-24 CER: After Salzburg: How to salvage the Brexit negotiations
2018-09-24 The Telegraph: Cabinet backs Canada-style Brexit deal as Hunt urges PM to drop Chequers
2018-09-23 The Sunday Times: Theresa May’s team plot snap election to save Brexit
2018-09-21 The Guardian: Legal action to revoke article 50 referred to European court of justice
2018-09-21 Investment & Pensions Europe: Some UK products will not be allowed in EU post-Brexit: Verhofstadt
2018-09-20 Financial Times: Donald Tusk warns October is Brexit ‘moment of truth’
2018-09-20 The Telegraph: Leaked Tory dossier reveals secret plan to replace Theresa May in April and ranks her possible successors
2018-09-20 EurActiv: Malta PM claims EU leaders ‘almost unanimous’ for second Brexit vote
2018-09-18 BBC: People's Vote says 'multiple opportunities' for Brexit referendum
2018-09-18 The Guardian: Vince Cable calls on Lib Dems to liberate Britain from 'Brexit nightmare'
2018-09-18 Bloomberg: October is ‘moment of truth’ for Brexit, EU’s Barnier tells UK
2018-09-18 Bloomberg: UK urged to end privileged access to European migrants
2018-09-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: First State to transfer up to £4.3bn to Ireland as part of Brexit prep
2018-09-17 BBC: Theresa May says it's Chequers or no deal
2018-09-17 El País: Spain wants a special chapter on Gibraltar in Brexit agreement
2018-09-16 The Observer view: we must give voters a chance to deliver their verdict on Brexit terms
2018-09-16 BBC: London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for second Brexit vote
2018-09-12 Financial Times: London loses top financial centre ranking to New York
2018-09-12 POLITICO: Juncker: UK can’t ‘choose’ what it is part of after Brexit
2018-09-11 Financial Times: JPMorgan to bolster presence in Luxembourg ahead of Brexit
2018-09-11 Bloomberg: Barclays to hire about 150 in Europe as part of Brexit plans
2018-09-10 Financial Times: Aquis to set up venue in Paris because of Brexit
2018-09-10 The Guardian: Barnier says Brexit deal could be struck in next two months
2018-09-09 Financial Times: UK businesses plan to combat no-deal Brexit with £40bn stockpile
2018-09-06 The Guardian: Ireland seeking Brexit side deal with EU to avoid border checks
2018-09-05 POLITICO: Angela Merkel: I can’t rule out Brexit talks breakdown
2018-09-03 Andrew Duff: Britain’s best hope: A federal EU
2018-09-02 Financial Times: David Davis promises to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit proposal
2018-09-02 POLITICO: Theresa May vows ‘no compromise’ on her Brexit plan
2018-09-02 The Guardian: Michel Barnier says he strongly opposes May's Brexit trade proposals
2018-08-31 The Guardian: People's Vote seeks to sway EU politicians with 'blind Brexit' poll
2018-08-31 BBC: Raab and Barnier claim progress but no Irish breakthrough
2018-08-30 Open Europe: The view from Brussels: How are the EU27 preparing for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?
2018-08-29 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit is only alternative to Chequers plan, says Lidington
2018-08-28 Financial Times: Corporate Japan despairs at UK’s lack of clarity over Brexit
2018-08-28 The Federal Trust: Brexit: The Conservative centre cannot hold
2018-08-25 The Observer: No-deal Brexit will break up UK, warns Van Rompuy
2018-08-24 BBC: Customs workload will soar on no-deal Brexit warn experts
2018-08-23 BBC: Migration from EU to UK continues to fall, ONS figures show
2018-08-23 UK government's preparations for a 'no deal' scenario
2018-08-21 BBC: EU residents will be secure if no Brexit deal says Raab
2018-08-21 EPC: Brexit: Beyond the transition
2018-08-16 Financial Times: UK faces rising chance of disorderly Brexit, Fitch warns
2018-08-14 The Guardian: British expats in EU launch Brexit legal challenge
2018-08-13 Bloomberg: May weighs Brexit fix that keeps EU rules for longer
2018-08-11 The Observer: More than 100 seats that backed Brexit now want to remain in EU
2018-08-10 The Guardian: CBI urges government to drop 'blunt target' on immigration numbers
2018-08-07 Financial Times: TP ICAP names Paris as post-Brexit EU headquarters
2018-08-06 Financial Times: Bank of America staff move raises concerns about London’s future
2018-08-03 Financial Times: Baillie Gifford picks Dublin to Brexit-proof its business
2018-08-03 POLITICO: Mark Carney: Chances of no-deal Brexit ‘uncomfortably high’
2018-08-02 The Guardian: Austerity and cuts like bedroom tax directly led to Brexit, academic research suggests
2018-08-02 Financial Times: Credit Suisse chooses Frankfurt as a key post-Brexit hub
2018-08-02 Michel Barnier: An ambitious partnership with the UK after Brexit
2018-07-31 POLITICO: City of London slashes Brexit job-loss estimate
2018-07-30 The Times: Brexit: EU judges are given the final say in key disputes
2018-07-29 Financial Times: Deutsche Bank shifts half of euro clearing from London to Frankfurt
2018-07-26 Paul N. Goldschmidt: The Euro and the Dollar – The European Union and “Brexit”:
2018-07-25 Bloomberg: Ireland urges flexibility to avoid a ‘bad news’ no-deal Brexit
2018-07-25 Bloomberg: UK weighs contentious Brexit plan for Irish border
2018-07-25 Bloomberg: May says ending free movement after Brexit is ‘non-negotiable’
2018-07-25 Commercial Risk Europe: Chubb European Group secures Brexit plan and move to France
2018-07-24 Bloomberg: UBS flags $100 million in Brexit costs as it eyes Frankfurt hub
2018-07-24 Bruegel: Europe should avoid a no-deal Brexit
2018-07-24 The Independent: The referendum gave sovereignty to the British people, so now they deserve a final say on the Brexit deal
2018-07-23 The Guardian: Brexit broke parliament. Now, only the people can fix it
2018-07-23 Open Reason: Delaying Brexit - What would it mean for the 2019 European Parliament elections?
2018-07-20 General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2018-07-20 Regulations under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 - Lords committee sets out criteria for “sifting” procedure
2018-07-19 The Economist: The case for a second Brexit referendum
2018-07-18 Financial Times: EU strikes data deal with Japan with UK looking on
2018-07-18 OMFIF: Brexit and the problem of sovereignty
2018-07-18 The Federal Trust: Mrs May has no choice but to obey Jacob Rees-Mogg
2018-07-17 Financial Times: Lloyds Bank to open three EU subsidiaries after Brexit
2018-07-16 BBC: UK will lose track of many EU migrants after Brexit - report
2018-07-16 The Guardian: Migration to UK from EU falls to lowest level for four years
2018-07-16 The Guardian: Justine Greening endorses second Brexit referendum
2018-07-15 Tony Blair: The ‘in-betweener’ solution is the ‘worst of all worlds’. Parliament should reject it.
2018-07-12 Financial Times: Theresa May unveils plans for softer Brexit
2018-07-10 Bloomberg: UK Labour open to Brexit referendum if May's deal fails
2018-07-10 Speech by Michel Barnier at the European American Chamber of Commerce
2018-07-09 The Guardian: Brexit secretary David Davis resigns plunging government into crisis
2018-07-07 POLITICO: Michel Barnier: EU won’t break the single market for Brexit UK
2018-07-06 Financial Times: Theresa May gains backing for ‘soft Brexit’ plan
2018-07-02 The Guardian: Barclays to move UK jobs to Frankfurt ahead of Brexit
2018-06-29 The Guardian: EU leaders say single-market access for goods a nonstarter
2018-06-29 Financial Times: Barnier: ‘huge, serious divergences’ exist between UK and EU Brexit plans
2018-06-29 European Council (Art. 50) conclusions
2018-06-26 Financial Times: BofA starts trading operation shift from London to Paris
2018-06-26 Bloomberg: EU heavyweights will block UK single-market bid, Spain says
2018-06-26 Council authorises opening of negotiations with WTO members on Brexit-related adjustments
2018-06-25 The Telegraph: IMF chief: EU must prepare for London finance exodus post-Brexit
2018-06-24 Financial Times: Bloc of Conservative MPs ready to thwart any no-deal Brexit
2018-06-22 The Guardian: More firms may follow Airbus in Brexit threat, says CBI
2018-06-21 The Guardian: EU is getting ready for no-deal, says Jean-Claude Juncker
2018-06-20 BBC: Guy Verhofstadt warns MPs of 'two decade' Brexit ratification
2018-06-19 Financial Times: EU prepares call to speed up plans for no-deal Brexit
2018-06-19 European Commission and United Kingdom publish Joint Statement outlining further progress in Article 50 negotiations
2018-06-13 Reuters: Bankers to ask Theresa May why they should stay after Brexit
2018-06-12 Bloomberg: UK offers new visa to attract entrepreneurs deterred by Brexit
2018-06-12 Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley CEO says bank will move up to 500 jobs from U.K.
2018-06-11 The Guardian: 'Catastrophic' no-deal Brexit a real possibility, says Vince Cable
2018-06-08 House of Lords: UK and EU need to compromise for a fruitful post-Brexit relationship
2018-06-08 The Guardian: Barnier criticises May's UK-wide Brexit backstop plan
2018-06-08 The Guardian: Best for Britain recruits MPs to back second Brexit referendum
2018-06-07 UK Government: Technical note on temporary customs arrangement
2018-06-07 Financial Times: UK business angered by lack of input on post-Brexit links with EU
2018-06-07 Le Vif: French companies to tackle Brexit billions
2018-06-07 Aftenposten: Norway's Superpower Status at Risk
2018-06-05 POLITICO: Norwegian PM to UK: Why would you want our EU deal?
2018-06-04 Bloomberg: Barnier rejects freezing Brexit talks if No Irish progress
2018-06-04 Institute for Government: Government must propose its own Irish border 'backstop'
2018-06-03 Financial Times: Wells Fargo eyes Paris and Dublin as post-Brexit hubs
2018-06-03 The Times: Revealed: plans for Doomsday Brexit
2018-06-01 City AM: Investment bank Nomura gets German licence for post-Brexit Frankfurt base
2018-05-31 Financial Times: Hammond says UK will have to stick with new EU privacy rules
2018-05-31 Bloomberg: The Italy panic might be bad news for the UK
2018-05-31 The Sun: David Davis devises 10 mile-wide trade buffer zone along Northern Ireland border to break deadlock in Brexit talks
2018-05-29 The Guardian: Soros-backed campaign to push for new Brexit vote within a year
2018-05-28 Financial Times: Italian deadlock sets stage for fierce battle over the EU
2018-05-27 Financial Times: Britain’s plans for ‘no-deal’ Brexit have ground to a halt
2018-05-26 POLITICO: Barnier tells UK to accept ECJ jurisdiction
2018-05-25 The Guardian: Majority of EU27 favour 'simple' approach on Britons’ residency
2018-05-25 City AM: Fintech leaders join business group backing second Brexit referendum
2018-05-24 The Times: May seeks new Brexit transition to 2023
2018-05-24 The Guardian: Stop Brexit blather and face reality on trade, says ex-EU ambassador
2018-05-24 Financial Times: Second vote to stop Brexit is credible, says Article 50 author
2018-05-24 Extending the customs union could be only viable option, says Committee
2018-05-23 LSE: How Brexit will affect Germany’s role in the EU
2018-05-22 Bloomberg: Boris Johnson warns May to ‘get on with it’ and deliver Brexit
2018-05-22 BBC: Northern Ireland parties unite in EU border appeal
2018-05-22 BBC: Brexit: Technology-based customs system 'could cost £20bn'
2018-05-21 The Guardian: Former Tory minister plans EU customs union rebellion
2018-05-21 The Guardian: Brexit blamed for dramatic fall in UK business registrations
2018-05-18 POLITICO: Scotland will consider independence vote after Brexit clarity, says Sturgeon
2018-05-18 The Federal Trust: Brexit: A "meaningful" vote for MPs implies a "meaningful" vote for the people
2018-05-17 Financial Times: Theresa May concedes on customs union until Irish border resolved
2018-05-15 Financial Times: Thomson Reuters to move forex derivatives out of London after Brexit
2018-05-15 Financial Times: Theresa May to publish Brexit white paper ahead of June summit
2018-05-15 Investment & Pensions Europe: Legal & General sets up Irish base for post-Brexit business
2018-05-14 The Guardian: Morgan, Miliband and Clegg launch cross-party campaign on Brexit bill
2018-05-14 Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2018-05-12 The Guardian: One million students join calls for vote on Brexit deal
2018-05-09 EUROPP: Reforming immigration for a post-Brexit reality
2018-05-09 Policy Exchange: Getting Over the Line: Solutions to the Irish border
2018-05-04 Bloomberg: Brexit transition must be extended, according to UK officials
2018-05-04 The Times: EU backs Irish right to veto Brexit trade deal
2018-05-04 The Guardian: Brexit plan drawn up for border checks between NI and rest of UK
2018-05-03 House of Lords' EU Justice Sub-Committee: Committee publishes report on dispute resolution and enforcement post Brexit
2018-05-03 The Irish Independent: Merrill Lynch to move 125 jobs to Dublin after Brexit
2018-05-02 The Irish Times: Theresa May postpones customs decision after ministers disagree
2018-05-02 The Telegraph: Government at risk of 'collapse' as May warned by 60 Tory MPs Brexit customs partnership will sink her
2018-05-01 Brexit: MEPs concerned over EU citizens’ registration process
2018-04-30 The Guardian: Michel Barnier: Brexit talks at risk of collapse over Irish border
2018-04-30 The Guardian: Fresh Lords Brexit defeat for government makes 'no deal' less likely
2018-04-29 The Independent: Britain set to offer EU immigration deal 'very similar' to free movement
2018-04-28 The Guardian: Support grows for cross-party plans to prevent ‘no deal’ Brexit
2018-04-27 Michael R. Bloomberg: A Brexit Choice Between Bad and Worse
2018-04-27 Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank extends Brexit client migration to 2019
2018-04-25 House of Commons: 'Grave concerns' over department's approach to Brexit
2018-04-24 FCA's Bailey: Brexit: what does it mean for financial markets to be open?
2018-04-23 Financial Times: Brexit could yet be stopped at customs
2018-04-23 Bloomberg: EU’s Barnier warns UK it must produce its Post-Brexit ‘vision’
2018-04-22 Financial Times: Hiring tumbles at UK fund houses as Brexit plans kick in
2018-04-20 Bloomberg: Labour will work with Tory rebels to fight for EU Customs Union
2018-04-20 The Telegraph: EU rejects Theresa May's Brexit Irish border solution as doubts grow over whether UK can leave customs union
2018-04-20 The Guardian: Brexit divorce bill could surpass £39bn, warns Whitehall watchdog
2018-04-18 Financial Times: Government suffers Brexit defeat in House of Lords
2018-04-18 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on March European Council meetings
2018-04-17 Financial Times: Brussels seeks emergency powers to prepare for hard Brexit
2018-04-16 Bloomberg: Lawmakers could still thwart Brexit when deal reaches Parliament
2018-04-16 Bloomberg: Irish warn June Brexit progress needed to seal October accord
2018-04-15 BBC: Brexit: 'People's Vote' campaign group launched
2018-04-12 Bloomberg: Dutch expect 30 big financial firms to seek license on Brexit
2018-04-12 Bloomberg: UK won't pay Brexit bill until trade deal is clear, Davis says
2018-04-11 The Telegraph: Brexit one of the saddest times in history, Tusk says
2018-04-10 OMFIF: Britain's irreparable referendum wound
2018-04-10 Senior European Experts: The Role of the Court of Justice of the European Union
2018-04-09 Hillary Clinton: Don’t let Brexit undermine Ireland’s peace
2018-04-09 Yanis Varoufakis and Benoît Hamon: Our new European party can unite Britain’s feuding remainers and leavers
2018-04-09 The Guardian: EU leaders 'have accepted' that UK will not cancel Brexit
2018-04-09 The Independent: Brexit: UK businesses face storm of flawed legislation as ministers rush through laws, warn experts
2018-04-07 The Observer: New centrist party gets £50m backing to ‘break mould’ of UK politics
2018-04-04 Future UK-EU relationship report published
2018-04-04 Reuters: Spain hopes for Brexit deal on Gibraltar before October: foreign minister
2018-04-03 Investment & Pensions Europe: Royal London forms Irish subsidiary to safeguard EU business
2018-04-02 The Irish Times: Northern Irish Business Feeling Voiceless
2018-03-29 The Guardian: May could stay on and call referendum if Brexit bill defeated, says Tony Blair
2018-03-27 Fed Trust: Labour's Brexit options: Starmer's step in the right direction
2018-03-27 Fondation Robert Schuman: Wishful Brexiting - or the complicated transformation of what the British want into reality
2018-03-23 European Council (Art. 50) guidelines on the framework for the future EU-UK relationship
2018-03-21 Institute for Government: EU27 have differing priorities but the UK should not try to divide and conquer
2018-03-20 House of Commons' European Scrutiny Committee: Legal concerns for UK after Brexit raised
2018-03-20 Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2018-03-19 Financial Times: UK and EU agree ‘decisive step’ with 21-month Brexit transition
2018-03-18 The Telegraph: New fears over Brexit timetable
2018-03-16 The Guardian: Gibraltar warns it could rescind citizens rights if Spain uses veto on Brexit deal
2018-03-16 House of Commons: No progress in finding solution to Brexit border problem
2018-03-15 SPIEGEL: German Industry presents its summit wish list
2018-03-15 Financial Times: Brexit pushes German companies to set up UK subsidiaries
2018-03-14 Brexit: EP recommends association agreement for future EU-UK relations
2018-03-14 Bloomberg: Banks moving to Frankfurt to create 5,000 jobs, lobby group says
2018-03-13 Financial Times: Barnier: UK yet to face up to ‘hard facts’ of Brexit
2018-03-08 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
2018-03-08 Gibraltar and UK Government agree measures to ensure strong relationship continues
2018-03-07 Statement by President Donald Tusk on the draft guidelines on the framework for the future relationship with the UK
2018-03-07 Brexit: Parliament to set out its vision for future EU-UK relations
2018-03-06 The Guardian: EU Brexit adviser deals blow to Theresa May's free-trade proposal
2018-03-06 EPC: Brexit: Half in, half out or right out?
2018-03-05 Financial Times: Swiss soften line on foreign judges in bid to bolster EU ties
2018-03-05 Financial Times: The emerging mismatch of Brexit detail and UK rhetoric
2018-03-05 Financial Times: Europe’s strategic choices on Brexit
2018-03-02 PM speech on the UK's future economic partnership with the European Union
2018-03-02 El País: A growing row between Gibraltar and the EU
2018-03-01 The Guardian: Tony Blair: Theresa May has no hope of achieving Brexit aims
2018-03-01 Speech by Michel Barnier at BusinessEurope Day 2018
2018-02-28 BBC: Sir John Major: Give MPs a free vote on Brexit deal
2018-02-28 Department for Exiting the EU: EU citizens arriving in the UK during the implementation period
2018-02-28 Brexit: European Commission publishes draft Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement
2018-02-27 House of Lords' EU Committee: Tensions in UK position on Brexit and Irish border need to be ‘settled now’
2018-02-27 Main results - General Affairs Council (Art. 50)
2018-02-26 Financial Times: Britain, the EU and post-Brexit regulation
2018-02-23 The Times: May U-turn on rights for EU migrants after Brexit
2018-02-22 Bloomberg: UK to face EU resistance to key Brexit border pledge
2018-02-22 The Guardian: Net migration of EU nationals to Britain falls by 75,000
2018-02-22 The Guardian: EU27 rule out UK's preferred approach to future trade deal
2018-02-21 European Commission Task Force on Article 50 negotiations: Slides on Regulatory issues
2018-02-21 BBC: UK's Brexit transition plans released
2018-02-21 Financial Times: UK heads for clash with EU on Brexit transition
2018-02-20 Financial Times: Irish deputy PM accuses Brexiters of undermining peace process
2018-02-18 The Guardian: May's Brexit transition demand 'would penalise EU citizens'
2018-02-16 Department for Exiting the European Union: Plans outlined to extend 'settled status' deal to citizens from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
2018-02-16 POLITICO: Merkel: Post-Brexit trade deal need not mean ‘cherry-picking’
2018-02-15 Le Figaro: Why it's not a good idea to punish the British for Brexit
2018-02-14 Uniting for a Great Brexit: Foreign Secretary's speech
2018-02-14 UK Home Affairs Committee: Immigration system unprepared for Brexit
2018-02-14 LSE: Britain’s best Brexit bet is the Jersey option
2018-02-12 The Sun: Britain to be free of Brussels on New Year’s Eve 2020 – three months early
2018-02-11 Bloomberg: If Brexit means Brexit, little-known court offers non-ECJ option
2018-02-09 Press statement by Michel Barnier following this week's round of Article 50 negotiations
2018-02-09 The Guardian: Brexit plan to keep Northern Ireland in customs union triggers row
2018-02-08 POLITICO: Theresa May’s plan for ‘immediate’ break with EU after Brexit
2018-02-07 European Commission Position paper "Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement"
2018-02-07 OMFIF: EU unity on Brexit not guaranteed
2018-02-06 The Telegraph: Brussels could force Britain to follow nearly 40 EU laws during transitional period
2018-02-01 POLITICO: EFTA court could answer post-Brexit judicial quandary
2018-01-30 Labour Campaign for the Single Market/Open Britain: Busting the Lexit Myths
2018-01-29 Main results of the General Affairs Council (Art. 50) of 29 January
2018-01-29 EU (Withdrawal) Bill needs amending to make it constitutionally acceptable
2018-01-28 Financial Times: British demand to vet legislation threatens Brexit transition talks
2018-01-26 Bloomberg: EU is open to Brexit transition lasting beyond 2020, sources say
2018-01-26 The Telegraph: London should remain Europe's financial centre after Brexit to 'balance' New York, says UBS
2018-01-26 David Davis’ Speech: Implementation Period – A bridge to the future partnership between the UK & EU
2018-01-26 LSE: The UK needs to clarify what ‘full regulatory alignment’ means before the next phase of the Brexit talks
2018-01-25 The Telegraph: JP Morgan boss warns it could move 4,000 jobs without Brexit progress
2018-01-23 Chatham House: Transatlantic Relations: Converging or Diverging?
2018-01-23 The Guardian:OECD chief: We have to make Brexit as smooth as possible
2018-01-22 CER: Holding out hope for a half-way Brexit house
2018-01-20 Laburnum Consulting: The Brexit Negotiations move to Phase 2
2018-01-19 Financial Times: EU’s Swiss proposal could serve as Brexit blueprint
2018-01-18 Andrew Duff : Brexit: What if Britain changes its mind?
2018-01-18 The Guardian: Macron rebuffs post-Brexit City deal unless UK pays into EU budget
2018-01-18 Government responds to Brexit: UK-EU movement of people report
2018-01-18 Commercial Risk Europe: London market readies for raft of new regulation in 2018
2018-01-17 Reuters: Juncker says would like Britain to rejoin EU after Brexit
2018-01-17 Brexit: MEPs concerned over UK government priorities
2018-01-16 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on December European Council meetings
2018-01-16 Andreas Dombret: What's going on in Europe?
2018-01-16 Bloomberg: EU toughens demands on UK for Brexit transition in draft
2018-01-15 Financial Times: Two-year Brexit transition too short, says EEF chief
2018-01-15 The Times: President Macron seeks new deal with Britain over Calais migrants
2018-01-14 Die Welt: Philip Hammond sees Brexit onus on Europe
2018-01-12 The Irish Times: Ireland angles to pick up post-Brexit legal business
2018-01-12 Infacts: Glass houses
2018-01-12 Bloomberg: Spanish and Dutch agree to seek soft Brexit deal
2018-01-11 The Telegraph: Payment transfer giant Moneygram to move EU offices out of London
2018-01-11 De Redactie: Van Rompuy: "Brexit is reversible”
2018-01-10 Bloomberg: EU risks global bank crisis if it blocks Brexit deal, UK warns
2018-01-08 BBC: EU's Juncker: Don't believe Brexit won't happen
2018-01-06 Financial Times: Milan moves to lure London asset managers after Brexit
2018-01-04 The Telegraph: Emmanuel Macron warns against 'prisoner's dilemma' splits in EU over Brexit negotiations
2018-01-04 Financial Times: Tony Blair calls on Labour leaders to back call for second Brexit referendum
2018-01-03 Financial Times: Britain braced for Brexit raid on asset management
2018-01-02 The Times: Officials told to be ready for ‘no deal’ in Brexit negotiations

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