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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

Brexit - 2017594 articles out of 594.

Brexit - 2016682 articles out of 682.

Brexit - 2015168 articles out of 168.

2014 Brexit
2014-11-26 Policy Network: Brexit: The sleepwalking nightmare is upon us
2014-09-19 Council President commented upon Scottish referendum
2014-07-17 UK: Lord Hill is nominated as EU Commissioner
2014-05-13 FT: Olli Rehn tries to allay fears of eurozone threat to London
2014-05-11 FT: David Cameron gives guarantee on EU referendum
2014-05-01 New pro-Europe British Conservatives party to stand in EP elections
2014-03-27 GOV.UK: CfE for the balance of competences report on economic and monetary policy
2014-03-26 Richard Branson: Don't let Great Britain become Little Britain - Stay in the EU
2014-03-25 Hugo Dixon: 'The In/Out Question - Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better'
2014-03-15 Telegraph: David Cameron - My seven targets for a new EU
2014-03-13 George Soros: It is time to stand up for the European Union
2014-03-03 Simon Nixon: UK problem out of Merkel's hands
2014-03-01 Tim Oliver: The dangers of a passive expulsion of Britain from the EU
2014-02-17 VP Reding: The UK and the EU – inevitably drifting apart?
2014-02-14 President Barroso: Reforming Europe in a changing world
2014-02-13 Balance of Competences: UK Government publishes second set of reports
2014-02-10 VP Reding: The EU is stronger with the UK; the UK is stronger within the EU
2014-01-24 FT editorial: The City and the European Union
2014-01-15 'Norway model not for you', PM Solberg warns UK; Finland slams Britain's EU opt-out agenda
2014-01-13 UK House of Lords debates European Union (Referendum) Bill
2014-01-11 Telegraph: 95 UK Tory MPs call for EU law veto
2014-01-07 BBC: UK Government to 'make the case' for EU membership
2014-01-06 Guardian: Cameron's plan to rewrite EU treaties is wishful thinking, says EP president

Prior Years Reports

Brexit - 201347 articles out of 47.

Brexit - 201215 articles out of 15.