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13 June 2019

Brexit Weekly

Boris Johnson threatens to hold back Brexit ‘divorce’ payment, a Johnson PM would be on course for majority at general election, Brits oppose proroguing Parliament, Brexit uncertainty drives investment boost for other EU countries, pound drop hurts workers without boosting exports and more.

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  Articles from 06 June 2019 - 13 June 2019

  Brexit & UK
The Guardian: Boris Johnson threatens to hold back Brexit ‘divorce’ payment to force a deal
Boris Johnson has vowed to withhold Britain’s £39bn Brexit “divorce” payment until the EU agrees better terms for the UK to leave.  View Article
The Telegraph: Boris Johnson on course for 140-seat majority at general election if he becomes Tory leader, poll shows
Boris Johnson is the only Tory leadership candidate capable of beating both Jeremy Corbyn and the Brexit Party, according to new polling which suggests he would win a crushing 140-seat majority for the Conservatives at the next general election if he was elected Prime Minister.  View Article
City AM: Theresa May officially resigns as Tory leadership contest begins
Theresa May has officially resigned as leader of the Conservative party paving the way for the leadership contest to begin.  View Article
YouGov: Brits oppose proroguing Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit by two to one
Half of Britons see forcing a no-deal Brexit through Parliament without a vote by MPs as illegitimate, according to the latest YouGov polling.  View Article
BBC: MPs reject Labour plan for no-deal vote
MPs have rejected an effort by Labour and Tory rebels to take control of Parliament's timetable, blocking the latest attempt to stop no-deal Brexit.  View Article
Financial Times: Brexit uncertainty drives investment boost for other EU countries
Brexit uncertainty in the UK has boosted foreign investment into the EU’s other 27 countries in the three years since the referendum, according to a Financial Times analysis.  View Article
Financial Times: EU to warn business not to expect help over a no-deal Brexit
The EU warned business not to expect any more help to cushion the impact of a no-deal Brexit, urging companies to prepare for Britain to crash out of the union on October 31.  View Article
Bloomberg: Brexit’s pound drop hurt workers without boosting exports
UK workers took a hit from the Brexit-related depreciation in the pound in the form of lower wages and training, according to an academic paper.  View Article
Financial Times: Sweeping reform needed after Brexit, says French regulator
One of France’s top financial regulators has called for sweeping changes to Europe’s investment rules in a speech that emphasised the profound challenges awaiting the UK’s finance industry after Brexit.  View Article
Investment & Pensions Europe: UK and Dutch regulators to increase co-operation ahead of Brexit
UK and Dutch financial regulators are to intensify their co-operation in order to protect and enhance the integrity and stability of the financial systems in both countries. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) have signed a joint agreement to formalise this partnership.  View Article
The Guardian: UK and South Korea agree to sign post-Brexit trade deal
The UK has reached a preliminary trade deal with South Korea to avoid disruption if Britain leaves the EU without an agreement.  View Article
The Guardian: Brexit ‘shambles’ has ruined UK reputation, says senior diplomat
Scott Wightman, Britain’s outgoing senior diplomat in Singapore, has said Britain is now seen worldwide as a country beset by division, obsessed with ideology and careless of truth.  View Article
LSE: What Brexit has taught Italy about its own prospects of leaving the EU
Drawing on findings from a new survey, Gianluca Piccolino, Davide Angelucci and Pierangelo Isernia find that among supporters of the Five Star Movement/League government, Brexit appears to have bolstered support for taking a harsher line with Brussels.  View Article

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