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18 July 2019

Brexit Weekly

People’s Vote campaign at war, Bank of England warns no-deal Brexit could trigger economic shock, Britain facing highest risk of recession, Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters, Brexit talks get more hostile and more.

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  Articles from 11 July 2019 - 18 July 2019

  Brexit & UK
Bloomberg: Brexit talks get more hostile as EU considers sweeteners to deal
A meeting of chief Brexit negotiators last week was one of the most difficult encounters of the last three years, according to European officials, who are bracing for talks to become more hostile under the next British government.  View Article
The Guardian: Hunt and Johnson: the backstop is dead and can't be in any EU deal
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have declared the Northern Ireland backstop “dead” and promised to throw it out of any deal they negotiate with the EU, in comments that significantly harden their Brexit positions.  View Article
The Guardian: Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters for leadership, says poll
Tory voters now back Boris Johnson over Jeremy Hunt to be the next Conservative party leader and prime minister by a margin of almost two to one, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll.  View Article
The Guardian: Britain ‘facing highest risk of recession since 2007’
Britain is facing the highest risk of a recession since the financial crisis and needs urgent plans to combat the next downturn, according to an alarming assessment of the nation’s economic health.  View Article
The Guardian: Bank of England warns no-deal Brexit could trigger economic shock
The Bank of England has warned that a no-deal Brexit could trigger a material shock to the UK economy while causing widespread disruption for EU companies by cutting them off from London-based banks.  View Article
BBC: Philip Hammond warns UK will lose control in no-deal scenario
Philip Hammond has warned the UK will not be able to control key elements of a no-deal Brexit.  View Article
The Guardian: Greg Clark: no-deal Brexit would destroy 'thousands' of jobs
A no-deal Brexit would lead to the loss of “many thousands” of jobs, the business secretary has warned.  View Article
CER: The Capital Markets Union: Should the EU shut out The City of London?
Brexit probably ends the prospect of the development of a global-scale capital market within the EU, state Jonathan Faull and Simon Gleeson. This raises a fundamental question for the Union: how integrated into global capital markets does the EU want its domestic capital markets to be?  View Article
Financial Times: French financial regulator wants more flexible market rules
France’s top financial regulator is calling for more flexibility around how European countries implement market rules as Paris pushes to replace the UK as the predominant voice in EU decision-making after Brexit.  View Article
IPE: Luxembourg regulator highlights hard Brexit implications for UK firms
Luxembourg’s financial regulator has called for UK asset managers to notify it as soon as possible if they want to be able to conclude new contracts in the country following a potential “hard Brexit”.  View Article
The Guardian: Post-Brexit trade pact with US may take some time, says Liam Fox
The international trade secretary, Liam Fox, has said a post-Brexit trade arrangement with the US may take longer to agree than some people hope, after reports that Boris Johnson would make this a priority if he becomes prime minister.  View Article
Financial Times: US-UK relations: strains in the ‘greatest alliance’
The Darroch affair has made Britain look like a supplicant — the latest example of appearing vulnerable abroad, writes Gideon Rachman.  View Article
BuzzFeed: The People’s Vote campaign is at war over whether it should back remaining in the EU
Leaked emails between key second-referendum supporters, including Alastair Campbell and A.C. Grayling, reveal the campaign is embroiled in acrimony among its "warring factions".  View Article
UK in a Changing Europe: Anti-immigration attitudes are disappearing among younger generations in Britain
The findings of a new working paper – that there are significant, persistent differences between generations when it comes to their attitudes to immigration – are particularly relevant in the context of the UK’s Brexit referendum.  View Article

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