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11 July 2019

Brexit Weekly

Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum, Boris Johnson holds his 48 point lead in the Conservative leadership election, Ursula von der Leyen signals she will not reopen Brexit talks, Council adopts contingency measures for a no-deal Brexit and more.

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  Articles from 04 July 2019 - 11 July 2019

  Brexit & UK
BBC: Labour to back Remain as it calls for a new EU referendum
Jeremy Corbyn has challenged the next Tory leader to hold another referendum before taking Britain out of the EU, saying Labour will campaign for Remain.  View Article
YouGov: Boris Johnson holds his 48 point lead in the Conservative leadership election
With ballot papers landing on doormats this weekend, the latest YouGov/Times poll of Conservative party members shows Boris Johnson is still heading for a landslide victory in the ongoing leadership election.  View Article
The Guardian: Uncertainty over next PM knocks confidence, say UK business leaders
Confidence among British business leaders has been knocked by Theresa May’s resignation and uncertainty over who will succeed her as prime minister, according to a survey.  View Article
Bloomberg: UK seeks Brexit concessions, saying Dublin has the most to lose
The UK is hoping Ireland will back down on its Brexit stance, as a senior minister warned the government in Dublin that it risks losing most from Britain leaving the bloc without a deal.  View Article
The Irish Times: Brexit banking exodus creates a dilemma for Dublin
Europe’s financial centre is splitting up. Dublin has gained a lot of new business from London’s exodus, becoming the top choice of firms seeking higher ground post-Brexit. Now Ireland must decide whether it wants to be a leader or a counterweight in Europe’s financial future.  View Article
Bloomberg: Facing economic disaster, Irish business stands firm on Brexit
A no-deal Brexit would be an economic catastrophe for Ireland that would crush exporters, business leaders say. Yet they remain prepared to jump off the cliff with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar if he asks them.  View Article
BBC: No-deal Brexit 'could put 40,000 jobs at risk' in NI
A no-deal Brexit could put 40,000 jobs at risk in Northern Ireland, according to new analysis from Stormont's Department for the Economy.  View Article
The Guardian: Ursula von der Leyen signals she will not reopen Brexit talks
Ursula von der Leyen, the nominee to lead the European commission, has signalled she will not reopen Brexit talks with the next British prime minister and stressed the “precious” Irish backstop must be defended.  View Article
2019 EU budget: Council adopts contingency measures for a no-deal Brexit
The Council adopted contingency measures on the implementation and financing of the 2019 EU budget in the event of a no-deal Brexit.  View Article
Federal Trust: The Brexit revolution eats its Conservative parents
Federal Trust Director Brendan Donnelly argues that as Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have no choice but to pursue a “no deal” Brexit. Otherwise he will put at risk the continuing existence of the Conservative Party, currently under severe threat from the Brexit Party.  View Article
The Telegraph: Boris Johnson would deliver a 40-seat majority for Tories in an election, new poll shows
Boris Johnson would deliver a 40-seat majority for the Conservatives if a general election was held with him as Prime Minister, a new survey has shown.  View Article
The Independent: Public would prefer to cancel Brexit or hold second referendum than Halloween no-deal, poll shows
The public would rather scrap Brexit or hold a second referendum than face a chaotic no-deal at Halloween if the new prime minister cannot strike a fresh agreement, a poll has found.  View Article
The Guardian: No-deal Brexit risks breaking up UK, warns Theresa May
Theresa May has said leaving the EU without a deal would have “undoubted consequences” for the future of the UK, amid deepening concerns within her own party over how a no-deal Brexit could boost support for Scottish independence.  View Article
Bloomberg: UK economy probably shrank for first time in seven years
The UK economy probably shrank for the first time since 2012 in the second quarter, according to Bloomberg’s latest survey of economists.  View Article
BBC: UK economy returns to growth but slowdown fears persist
The UK economy returned to growth in May after shrinking in April, but the news failed to allay fears of a future slowdown.  View Article
BCC and Indeed: Immigration proposals could exacerbate labour shortages
Over half of UK businesses with staff from outside the UK would be negatively impacted by government proposals for the UK’s future immigration system, according to new research released by the British Chambers of Commerce and global job site Indeed.  View Article
El Español: Brexit, so what?
El Español reflects on the past 3 years and how gradually the initial fear of Spanish companies of a no-deal Brexit has subsided.   View Article

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