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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

Auditing - 201389 articles out of 89.

Auditing - 201276 articles out of 76.

2011 Auditing
2011-12-16 IFAC: IAASB considers audit of financial instruments
2011-12-15 ECIIA: Press conference in Brussels announcing new guidance on the 8th EU Company Law Directive
2011-12-09 FEE commented on the PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No 37: Concept Release on Auditor Independence and Audit Firm Rotation
2011-12-07 FEE commented on the PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No 029 concerning the transparency of audits
2011-12-01 IFAC: Proposed international guidance to help accountants improve internal control
2011-12-01 Barnier: It is critical to address serious shortcomings in the audit sector
2011-11-30 ACCA comments on EC audit policy developments
2011-11-30 Commission published proposals to reform the audit sector
2011-11-30 ECR: EU audit proposals must not undermine audit quality
2011-11-30 FT: 'Big Four' accountants face audit reform
2011-11-28 ECIIA: Auditors vs risk managers
2011-11-27 FT: Appeal for EU to stick by accountancy reforms
2011-11-21 FT: PwC and KPMG criticised over audits
2011-10-26 FT: Auditing has moved into the realms of sitcom
2011-10-26 ECIIA: Auditors joining forces in the fight for better controls government in the financial crisis
2011-10-25 IAASB invites stakeholder input on post-implementation review of clarified ISAs
2011-10-19 Audit policy: Letter from Philippe de Buck to Commissioner Barnier
2011-10-10 ECIIA: Insight and oversight
2011-10-09 FRC criticises French auditors
2011-09-30 FEE commented on the PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No 34
2011-09-29 FEE: Reaction on media reports regarding European Commission proposals on audit policy
2011-09-29 ACCA in process of consultation on EC's proposal on statutory audit
2011-09-26 FT: Big audit firms face Brussels onslaught
2011-09-16 EBA commented on enhancing the value of auditor report published by IAASB
2011-09-09 FEE commented on IAASB Exposure Draft on ISAE 3000
2011-09-05 FEE Briefing Paper on proportionality and ISAs
2011-07-21 ECIIA response to the EU Green Paper on ‘The EU corporate governance framework’
2011-07-21 FRC highlights importance of true and fair view in UK GAAP and IFRS
2011-06-30 FEE asked all stakeholders to join forces to advance audit policy
2011-06-30 Five FEE briefing papers regarding audit policy
2011-06-30 EGIAN: Support for robust reform programme for the European Union audit profession
2011-06-11 ECIIA: EU recognises the importance of internal audit to corporate governance
2011-06-06 ECIIA: EC Commissioner Šemeta delivered the keynote during the IIA Lithuania conference
2011-06-01 FEE commented on IAASB discussion paper regarding the audit of financial statement disclosures
2011-05-25 APB: Revised guidance on the audit of credit unions in the UK
2011-05-24 FEE commented on the IAASB ED proposed ISRE 2400 (revised), 'Engagements to Review Historical Financial Statements'
2011-05-17 ACCA posted 'Audit under fire: a review of the post-financial crisis inquiries'
2011-05-06 ECON committee: Own initiative report on audit policy - lessons from the crisis
2011-03-31 IAASB Annual Report 2010
2011-03-31 ACCA: House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee’s report on auditors
2011-03-31 FRC: House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee’s report on auditors
2011-03-30 APB: Revised guidance on 'The Audit of Banks and Building Societies in the United Kingdom'
2011-03-30 House of Lords called for a competition probe into the Big Four auditors’ oligopoly
2011-03-14 ECIIA and EUROSAI signed government auditing cooperation agreement
2011-03-10 FSA and FRC: Feedback statement on the role of auditors
2011-03-10 APB summarised comments on auditor scepticism
2011-03-04 Correction Notice: APB Ethical Standards
2011-02-15 APB issued a revision of the auditor's report on financial statements
2011-02-15 Commission published a summary of contributions to its consultation on audit policy - 'Lessons from the Crisis'
2011-02-11 FRC welcomed publication of practice to enhance dialogue between auditors and supervisors
2011-02-11 IAIS on Combined ED “Proposals Relating to IAPSs & IAPS 1000 Special Considerations in Auditing Complex Financial Instruments
2011-02-01 APB revised guidance on the Audit of Occupational Pension Schemes
2011-01-25 EC decided on international cooperation on the supervision of auditors
2011-01-24 FT: Auditors seek to ease fears over risk
2011-01-17 FSA and FRC signed up for a new memorandum of understanding on audit issues
2011-01-12 FRC: UK and US regulators agreed on arrangements for sharing information and cooperation on audit inspections
2011-01-10 APB issued Revised Guidance on The Audit of Insurers
2011-01-10 IAASB´s Proposed Strategy and Work Program for 2012 - 2014

Prior Years Reports

Auditing - 201024 articles out of 24.

Auditing - 200914 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200814 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200712 articles out of 12.

Auditing - 20069 articles out of 9.

Auditing - 200510 articles out of 10.

Auditing - 20048 articles out of 8.

Auditing - 20036 articles out of 6.

Auditing - 200211 articles out of 11.