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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

2015 Auditing
2015-12-21 ECIIA to work with EC’s DG Connect Group
2015-12-17 IAESB publishes guidance for standard on professional competence for audit engagement partners
2015-12-17 IFAC: IAASB seeks feedback on standard-setting activities to enhance audit quality
2015-12-07 FEE: Significant differences in developments on audit quality
2015-11-27 ECIIA: Exploring Europe’s comply or explain principle
2015-09-29 FRC: Justifiable confidence in audit through implementation of the EU Audit Regulation and Directive
2015-09-21 FEE´s information paper on the compliance audit in the public sector
2015-09-18 ECIIA: OECD supports independent internal audit function
2015-09-15 ECIIA: Internal audit could review corporate tax disclosures
2015-08-26 FRC: BIS´ 'Update on the implementation of the EU Audit Directive and Regulation'
2015-07-31 FEE commented on the PCAOB's initiative to revise the standard on 'The Auditor's Use of the Work of Specialists'
2015-07-23 IFAC: IAASB proposes limited changes to ISAs in response to the IESBA’s project addressing non-compliance with laws and regulations
2015-07-16 IFAC: IAASB finalizes amendments to ISAs to promote greater focus on financial statement disclosures
2015-07-07 IIA: Ten imperatives for internal audit
2015-06-24 ECIIA and EUROSAI: Blueprint for better collaboration
2015-06-23 European Commissioner Hill: Contribution of the audit to the CMU
2015-06-16 FEE´s overview of national public oversight in 22 European countries
2015-06-04 ECIIA: Bank remuneration monitoring must be clear
2015-05-28 IAASB-FEE: Discussion on auditor quality and auditor reporting
2015-05-26 FEE: Implementation of the audit reform and cross border issues
2015-05-21 FEE: Comment letter on IESBA ED 'Proposed Changes to the Code Addressing the Long Association of Personnel with an Audit or Assurance Client
2015-04-21 FEE comment letter to the IAASB consultation on ISA 800 and 805
2015-04-16 FEE: European countries increasingly move towards ISAs
2015-04-14 IFAC: Changes to the code addressing certain non-assurance services provisions for audit and assurance clients
2015-04-10 IFAC: IAASB’s revised standard on auditor focus and investor focus on qualitative disclosures
2015-04-06 ECIIA: Corporate governance when implementing the new European Directive on Non- financial Reporting
2015-03-09 IFAC/IAASB/Arnold Schilder: Bilancio del Libro – The Importance of Balance in Auditing and Standard-Setting
2015-03-03 FRC: IFIAR’s 2014 Survey of Inspection Findings
2015-02-23 FEE: Recent developments in auditor communication
2015-02-10 ECIIA: Internal audit with “voice” for banking industry
2015-01-23 FRC welcomes IAASB’s revised international standards for auditor reporting
2015-01-23 IFAC: IAASB proposes changes for reporting on special purpose financial statements
2015-01-16 IFAC: IAASB issues final standards to improve auditor's report
2015-01-16 ACCA: Improvement in auditor's reports is crucial to the future value of audits
2015-01-14 ECIIA: Response to Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s consultation

Prior Years Reports

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

Auditing - 201389 articles out of 89.

Auditing - 201276 articles out of 76.

Auditing - 201158 articles out of 58.

Auditing - 201024 articles out of 24.

Auditing - 200914 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200814 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200712 articles out of 12.

Auditing - 20069 articles out of 9.

Auditing - 200510 articles out of 10.

Auditing - 20048 articles out of 8.

Auditing - 20036 articles out of 6.

Auditing - 200211 articles out of 11.