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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

2017 Auditing
2017-12-18 FRC: Investor confidence enhanced by good practice audit committee reporting
2017-12-12 FRC: Investors welcome auditor transparency on materiality and seek improved explanation
2017-12-05 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules
2017-12-04 IFAC publishes initial views on Monitoring Group consultation paper
2017-12-01 ECIIA hosts the first European Forum for Internal Audit, Banking, Regulation and Supervision
2017-11-22 BCBS: Monitoring Group proposes reforms to global audit standard setting
2017-11-17 FRC announces 2018/19 thematic reviews to stimulate improvement in corporate reporting and auditing
2017-11-13 IFAC: IESBA opens public survey
2017-10-26 ECA: EU Auditors examine effectiveness of EFSI
2017-10-23 FRC: Auditors and preliminary announcements
2017-10-19 ECA: EU Auditors publish briefing on European Commission’s fraud controls
2017-10-19 ACCA: Professional scepticism - inside the mind of the auditor
2017-10-16 Financial Times: EU rules force US banks to overhaul ties with auditors
2017-10-03 ECIIA: Cyber risk tops internal audit list
2017-09-28 ECA: 2016 EU audit in brief
2017-09-14 EBA: Comment letter on proposed ISA 540 (Revised) Auditing Accounting Estimates and Related Disclosures
2017-09-13 FRC: Commission report on monitoring progress of the EU audit reform
2017-08-24 Accountancy Europe response to PCAOB proposed auditing standard on auditing accounting estimates
2017-08-23 Accountancy Europe response to PCAOB proposed amendments to auditing standards for auditor’s use of the work of specialists
2017-08-01 IFAC: IAASB welcomes PCAOB's new enhanced auditor reporting standard
2017-07-31 GPPC: The auditor’s response to the risks of material misstatement posed by estimates of expected credit losses under IFRS 9
2017-07-31 Accountancy Europe comments on the IAASB’s proposal to modernise the financial estimate audits in support of audit quality
2017-06-22 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules
2017-06-22 EBA publishes Discussion Paper on the treatment of structural FX
2017-06-09 ECIIA: Internal auditors need strongest protection
2017-05-25 ECIIA: Internal auditors and SAIs share best practice
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Banks overconfident about capital strength, accountancy body warns
2017-05-10 ACCA: Auditor scepticism in the spotlight
2017-04-27 FRC issues a Discussion Paper on the role of Auditors and Preliminary Announcements
2017-04-26 FRC: IAASB consults on revised proposals for auditing accounting estimates
2017-04-20 IFAC: IAASB proposes modernization of financial estimate audits in support of audit quality
2017-04-05 ECA: The Commission’s negotiation of 2014-2020 Partnership Agreements and programmes in Cohesion
2017-03-02 FRC: Scope to improve quality control practices at audit firms
2017-02-24 ECIIA: Non-financial reporting guidance should adopt three lines of defence model
2017-02-15 Accountancy Europe comments on IAASB’s Request for Input Exploring the Growing Use of Technology in the Audit
2017-02-14 FRC: Strong audit firm governance and leadership necessary for improved audit quality and independence
2017-02-08 FRC: Audit tendering helps improve audit confidence
2017-01-30 FRC: UK audit firms can do more to support roll-out of leading-edge data analytic techniques
2017-01-27 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules

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Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

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