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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

2016 Auditing
2016-12-19 Accountancy Europe: Auditor’s involvement regarding the ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund
2016-12-16 ECIIA: New reporting requirements shift disclosure focus
2016-12-06 ECIIA: Getting to grips with non-financial reporting (FEE case study)
2016-11-21 ECA: Audit priorities and expected reports in 2017
2016-11-17 IFAC: The future of audit
2016-11-07 FRC: Consultation on procedures for de-registration of third country auditors
2016-10-18 IIA: Update of standards
2016-10-14 ECIIA Activity report: deepening governance community in Europe
2016-10-06 IFAC: IAASB amends standards to enhance auditor focus on non-compliance with laws and regulations
2016-09-30 FEE: Auditor’s involvement in the contributions to the Single Resolution Fund
2016-09-29 FEE: Scope of audit of banks across Europe - 2016 update
2016-09-27 FEE: Consultation response to IAASB’s 2017-2018 work plan and strategic objectives
2016-09-01 IFAC: IAASB working group seeks input on the growing use of data analytics in the audit
2016-07-26 EBA publishes guidelines on communication between supervisors and statutory auditors
2016-07-14 FRC: Confidence grows in audit, but more needs to be done
2016-07-13 FRC consults on adopting ISAs to facilitate public assurance of insurers’ Solvency II reports
2016-06-28 ECIIA: EU’s non-audit “blacklist” services include internal audit
2016-06-20 EUbusiness: New EU rules to promote high-quality audits in force
2016-05-25 ECIIA: Starting gun fired for EU data regulation compliance
2016-05-23 FEE: Audit exemption thresholds in Europe
2016-05-23 IAASB commented on US PCAOB’s efforts to enhance the auditor’s report
2016-05-19 FRC: Audit quality review reports
2016-05-19 ACCA, FEE respond to IAASB’s proposal on enhancing audit quality
2016-05-18 Bank of England: Implementing audit committee requirements under the revised Statutory Audit Directive
2016-05-11 FEE comments on proposed changes to the Ethics Code on the long association of personnel with an audit client
2016-05-11 EBA comments on the IAASB´s efforts to enhance audit quality
2016-05-06 ECIIA: More communication needed between internal audit and regulators
2016-04-22 ECIIA: Three lines of defence model crucial to success of non-financial reporting
2016-04-21 ECIIA: Non-financial reporting: building trust with internal audit
2016-04-20 IFAC: IAASB report focuses on outcomes of its work and commitment to the public interest
2016-04-17 City A.M.: Introduction of the EU Audit Directive to businesses and their accountants
2016-03-24 FRC: Consultation on the FRC’s Audit Enforcement Procedure
2016-03-24 ACCA - Grant Thornton: Audit needs to respond more quickly to change, evolve or die
2016-03-03 IFAC: How expected credit loss models will affect auditors
2016-01-28 ECIIA: Internal auditors should be included in communication between auditors and supervisors
2016-01-21 FEE responds to EBA’s consultation on communication between competent authorities supervising credit institutions and statutory auditors
2016-01-18 FEE: The impact of the audit reform on audit committees in Europe
2016-01-07 IFAC: IAASB´s changes for auditor reporting on special purpose financial statements
2016-01-07 IFAC: Auditors’ attention to key ethics code provisions when facing downward pressure on audit fees
2016-01-04 FEE´s discussion paper on the future of audit and assurance

Prior Years Reports

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

Auditing - 201389 articles out of 89.

Auditing - 201276 articles out of 76.

Auditing - 201158 articles out of 58.

Auditing - 201024 articles out of 24.

Auditing - 200914 articles out of 14.

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Auditing - 200211 articles out of 11.