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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

2014 Auditing
2014-12-22 ECIIA: Audit bodies deepen cooperation
2014-12-19 IFAC: IAASB focuses on audit quality and strengthening public confidence in financial reporting
2014-12-15 IFAC: IAESB´s standard on professional competence of the audit engagement partner
2014-11-10 FEE commented on proposed changes to provisions of the Code addressing the long association of personnel with an audit or assurance client
2014-11-10 IIA: Internal auditors can audit anything – but not everything
2014-10-20 ECIIA and FERMA: Joint guidance for risk and audit committees
2014-10-03 ACCA: Implementing the new audit reform
2014-09-24 ECIIA: Promoting internal audit in European corporate governance
2014-09-09 FEE comments on the IAASB´s ED on Disclosures in Financial Statements
2014-08-26 FEE´s briefing paper on the appointment of the auditor and the duration of the audit engagement
2014-07-31 ECIIA: Internal audit developing foresight role
2014-07-22 ACCA: Investors expect auditors to read the whole of the annual report
2014-06-27 Deloitte: Fourth Global IFRS Banking Survey of 54 major banking groups
2014-06-27 FEE: Briefing Papers on the audit reform
2014-06-26 FEE: Cross-border audit oversight
2014-06-02 Financial Reporting Council commented on publication of EU Audit Directive and Regulation
2014-05-21 IFAC: IAASB notes progress toward the clarified ISAs
2014-04-24 FEE: Unofficial advance text of 2014 audit directive
2014-04-09 ACCA: Effectiveness of EU public financial management
2014-04-08 Comments on European Parliament vote on audit reform (Barnier, ACCA, FEE, Greens, et al.)
2014-04-07 ECIIA: Protect auditors who fight money laundering and terrorism
2014-04-03 EP Plenary: Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence
2014-04-01 ACCA: Auditors must act to halt waste of £billions of taxpayers’ money
2014-03-31 BIS: Basel Committee's guidance on external audits of banks
2014-03-11 Insurance Europe: Audit reform inappropriate for multinationals
2014-02-28 FEE: Opening a discussion - The future of audit and assurance
2014-02-21 FEE's involvement in the implementation of the new Audit Reform Directive and Regulation
2014-02-18 IAASB takes a holistic approach in its new Framework for Audit Quality
2014-02-17 ECIIA: Vote on audit reform
2014-02-12 FT: Big Four all set to ride the ECB audit gravy train
2014-01-21 ACCA welcomes the endorsement of the compromise texts on audit by the JURI Committee
2014-01-17 Reuters: UK to review accounting changes after EU deal

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Auditing - 201389 articles out of 89.

Auditing - 201276 articles out of 76.

Auditing - 201158 articles out of 58.

Auditing - 201024 articles out of 24.

Auditing - 200914 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200814 articles out of 14.

Auditing - 200712 articles out of 12.

Auditing - 20069 articles out of 9.

Auditing - 200510 articles out of 10.

Auditing - 20048 articles out of 8.

Auditing - 20036 articles out of 6.

Auditing - 200211 articles out of 11.