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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

Auditing - 201389 articles out of 89.

2012 Auditing
2012-12-21 FRC: Consultation proposals on the draft Auditor Regulatory Schemes
2012-12-21 FRC invites comments on IAASB's ED of revised ISA 720 on the auditor's responsibilities
2012-12-20 EuropeanIssuers/Institutional Investor Committee comment on EU audit proposals
2012-12-19 FRC: IFIAR's first global survey of audit inspection findings
2012-12-08 The Economist: Two controversies ensnare the Big Four
2012-12-03 ECIIA/ecoDa: Making the most of the internal audit function - Recommendations for Directors and Board Committees
2012-11-30 Restoring confidence in financial statements: The European Commission aims at a higher-quality, dynamic and open audit market [Proposals]
2012-11-22 FEE commented on CICA–CPAB Discussion Paper, "Enhancing Audit Quality: Canadian Perspectives – Auditor Independence"
2012-11-22 ACCA/PwC UK Chairman calls for accountancy profession to be brave in helping to rebuild trust in markets
2012-11-20 FRC and ICAS commission review of auditors' competencies
2012-11-15 ECIIA commented on the consultation of the High Level Expert Group on EU banking structure
2012-11-14 IFAC: IAASB's proposal for disclosures beyond the financial statements
2012-10-23 EuropeanIssuers comment on audit Regulation and Directive
2012-10-18 ACCA: IAASB project on auditor's reports on the right track for investors
2012-10-18 ACCA: The future of audit - Towards more transparency, quality and independence
2012-10-10 FEE commented on the CPAB Discussion Paper, "Enhancing Audit Quality: Canadian Perspectives— The Auditor Reporting Model"
2012-10-10 FEE commented on the IVSC Exposure Draft, "The Role of the Professional Valuer in the Audit Process"
2012-10-04 IAIS to IAASB on improving of the auditor's reporting
2012-10-04 IFAC: Forum of Firms focuses on auditor reporting
2012-10-04 FRC's consultation on updated guidance for the audit of financial instruments
2012-09-28 FRC: Revised auditing standards to enhance communications to audit committees and auditor reporting
2012-09-27 ACCA: Reform of audit - No status quo but more transparency, quality and independence
2012-09-17 WSJ: After the shareholder spring, how about an auditor autumn?
2012-09-13 Journal of Accountancy: Scope of appropriate content, structure in auditor’s report under debate
2012-09-11 IFAC: Evaluating and improving internal control in organisations
2012-09-10 ACCA: Local government audit needs to be strengthened and clarified
2012-09-09 FT: New code of conduct for internal auditors
2012-08-14 EuropeanIssuers' position on Commission's audit regulation proposal
2012-08-09 IFAC: IAESB proposes revised standard on professional development of the audit engagement partner
2012-08-01 AccountancyAge: Audit reporting rules could see 'duel' accounting
2012-07-20 IFAC: IESBA proposes change to Code of Ethics definition of those charged with governance
2012-07-18 FRC: Report on Independent Oversight of Regulation of the Audit, Accountancy and Actuarial Professions
2012-07-13 FEE's four Policy Statements on Audit Policy
2012-07-10 Council Conclusion on Commission’s success in case of deficiencies identified in the Member States' management and control systems
2012-06-28 IFAC's new guidance to help organisations improve internal control
2012-06-26 The future direction of improved auditor reporting – investors' voices need to be heard, says ACCA
2012-06-25 FRC: Key facts and trends in the accountancy profession
2012-06-22 IFAC: IAASB indicates future direction of improved auditor reporting
2012-06-19 ECIIA: Current status in the EU on corporate governance codes on internal audit
2012-06-15 FRC: Audit inspection reports on Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC
2012-06-15 FEE recommends improvements to the functioning of audit committees
2012-06-13 FRC: Audit Quality Inspections annual report 2011/12
2012-06-05 IAASB sets auditor reporting as top priority and highlights other relevant audit and assurance initiatives
2012-06-03 EGIAN: Rebalancing of proposals for much-needed reform of the European audit market
2012-06-01 EUobserver: Call to scrap yearly statement on EU budget
2012-05-30 FRC: APB's consultation paper on revisions to auditing standards addressing the use of internal audit
2012-05-24 FEE's comment letter to the IESBA on proposed change to the definition of “Engagement Team”
2012-05-23 FEE's comment letter on the EC proposal for the Accounting Directive dealing with audit related matters
2012-05-15 FEE commented on the PCAOB proposed auditing standard on related parties
2012-05-02 ECIIA: IIA's Response to the Basel Committee on the internal audit function in banks
2012-04-30 IFAC: IAASB's 2011 Annual Report - Foundations for the Future
2012-04-20 FT: FRC weakens audit tendering reform
2012-04-20 FRC: Proposed revisions to the UK Corporate Governance Code, Stewardship Code and Auditing Standards
2012-04-18 FEE commented to the Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on its consultation to EU Audit Proposals
2012-04-18 IFAC: Spanish translation of the Handbook of International Standards on Auditing and Quality Control
2012-04-15 FT: EU looks to Dutch audit change for reform
2012-03-30 FEE: Improving the quality of audit
2012-03-28 IOSCO Public consultation Monitoring Group governance review: Public interest oversight board work programme
2012-03-28 IMA: Audit reforms are needed but there should be a measured approach
2012-03-27 FEE/Johnson: How best to improve the quality of audit
2012-03-23 IFAC: Revised IAASB's standard dealing with the work of internal auditors
2012-03-23 IFAC: IAASB strengthens standard on using the work of internal auditors
2012-03-21 FRC: The scope of the Audit Inspection Unit's work for 2012/13
2012-03-13 FEE commented to COSO on internal control
2012-03-13 FEE commented on the Consultation by the Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation on EU Audit Proposals
2012-03-07 FRC's consultation document: Monitoring the work of third country auditors
2012-03-07 IFAC revised Policy Position Paper 2, promoting a single set of auditing standards for all
2012-02-29 IFAC: IAASB issued Q&A document on professional scepticism
2012-02-29 ICGN commented to the PCAOB on the Re-proposed Auditing Standard related to communications with audit committees
2012-02-28 IFAC: IESBA's proposal for changes to Code of Ethics definition of engagement team
2012-02-23 FRC: APB publishes exposure draft of revisions to its reporting ISAs (UK and Ireland)
2012-02-21 Barnier welcomed final agreement to simplify accounting for Europe's smallest companies
2012-02-15 FEE commented on the PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No 030 on Proposed Auditing Standard related to Communications with Audit Committees
2012-02-02 GO USA: Comment letter on the PCAOB concept release on “Auditor independence and audit firm rotation”
2012-01-31 BUSINESSEUROPE: Alternative approaches to enhance the audit of financial statements and accompanying measures
2012-01-05 ECIIA's special edition on European Governance

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Auditing - 201158 articles out of 58.

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