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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2019 Auditing
2019-07-01 ACCA: Audit and AI – tentative first steps to improve audit quality and efficiency
2019-06-24 ECIIA: Internal audit in the insurance industry guidance
2019-06-10 ACCA responds to Brydon’s Independent Review into the quality and effectiveness of audit
2019-05-28 ECA inspects EU trade defence instruments
2019-05-24 ECA Journal 2/2019 – Fraud and Corruption/Ethics and Integrity
2019-05-23 FRC´s transition pathway
2019-05-16 ECA: Member States should step up efforts to tackle fraud in EU cohesion spending
2019-05-16 Financial Times: KPMG to reform UK governance in response to audit market review
2019-05-10 ACCA's research reveals 55% of public worldwide believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’
2019-05-09 IFAC: IESBA staff release updated FAQs on long association
2019-05-03 Audit&Risk: Innovation the transformation imperative
2019-05-02 ECA's 2018 activity report
2019-04-30 Accountancy Europe: Study on EU statutory audit reform
2019-04-29 IFAC: Audits of less complex entities
2019-04-23 ACCA responds to CMA report on the future of the audit market
2019-04-16 Accountancy Europe: Digitalisation - auditing more than financial data
2019-04-10 Accountancy Europe: Evolution of SME audit in Europe from the perspective of the legislation and auditing standards
2019-04-04 ACCA: BEIS Committee’s report on the future of audit
2019-04-01 Audit&Risk: AI growth adds to audit skills
2019-03-27 ECA examines EU oversight of state aid to banks
2019-03-12 IIA: New report weighs internal audit responsibilities
2019-03-07 ECGI: Why do auditors fail? What might work? What won't?
2019-03-05 FRC consults on stronger Going Concern standard for auditors
2019-03-05 FRC issues Position Paper on development of Ethical and Auditing Standards
2019-02-25 Accountancy Europe: Auditors, bitcoin and the need for mutual trust
2019-02-21 Accountancy Europe: Audit exemption thresholds in Europe
2019-02-08 IFAC: Global consultation on quality management for firms and engagements
2019-02-07 ECGI: Do managers successfully shop for compliant auditors? Evidence from accounting estimates
2019-02-03 Financial Times: Auditors have a duty to follow the scent of fraud
2019-01-30 ECA: EFSI’s effectiveness must be better substantiated
2019-01-24 The Economist: Efforts to fix the market in auditing rumble on
2019-01-14 ECA: ECB must allow full scrutiny of banking supervision
2019-01-10 FRC: Consultation on changes to Third Country Auditors (Fees) Instrument
2019-01-10 ECA: Anti-fraud policy needs to be reformed to improve the fight against fraud affecting the EU budget

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