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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

Auditing - 201864 articles out of 64.

Auditing - 201739 articles out of 39.

Auditing - 201640 articles out of 40.

Auditing - 201535 articles out of 35.

Auditing - 201432 articles out of 32.

2013 Auditing
2013-12-18 Comments on the announced agreement on European audit reform: ACCA, FEE, FRC
2013-12-18 European Council: Agreement on the reform of the audit market
2013-12-17 Commissioner Barnier welcomes provisional agreement in trilogue on the reform of the audit sector
2013-12-17 Bloomberg: Banks face 24-year auditor limit as EU seals rotation deal
2013-12-13 FRC calls for rapid improvement in quality of bank audits, publishes report on auditor’s materiality judgements
2013-12-13 IAESB proposes revised standard on professional competence of the audit engagement partner
2013-12-12 FRC calls for rapid improvement in quality of bank audits
2013-12-12 CFO: Robust auditor reports lure investors - PCAOB Audit Chief
2013-12-11 FRC: European audit regulators intensify their cooperation
2013-12-11 FEE commented on the auditor reporting prepared under the PCAOB standards
2013-12-04 Reuters: Talks on EU law forcing companies to switch auditors put on hold
2013-12-02 Comments on IAASB proposals to improve auditor reporting: ACCA, ESMA
2013-11-21 Responses to IAASB consultation on standards for auditor reporting: ACCA, EBA, EuropeanIssuers
2013-11-18 IIA/Chambers: The transparency debate - How does it affect internal audit?
2013-11-11 FRC publishes new Auditor Regulatory Sanctions Procedure and Guidance
2013-10-30 IIA/Chambers: Independence and objectivity of an internal auditor
2013-10-24 CIIA: Financial services code
2013-10-23 FEE's paper on the auditor selection process
2013-10-15 UK Competition Commission finalises measures to open up audit market
2013-09-30 ECIIA: Banks need independent internal audit
2013-09-25 IIA: Auditing for compliance
2013-09-23 IIA/Chambers: Should internal auditors participate in the evaluation of external auditors?
2013-09-13 FEE: Factsheet on cross-border audit oversight
2013-09-09 IIA: The compliance audit phenomenon - It's all about being risk-centric
2013-08-22 FRC: UK and US regulators agree to continue arrangements for cooperation on cross-border supervision of audit firms
2013-08-16 Fitch Ratings: Audit report proposal likely helpful for investors
2013-08-12 FRC: Response to Competition Commission's provisional decision on remedies
2013-08-08 FEE: Audit policy under the Lithuanian Presidency
2013-08-01 FRC welcomes IAASB's proposals to transform auditor's reports
2013-07-29 EuropeanIssuers' position paper on the reform of statutory audit in the EU
2013-07-25 FRC updates guidance for the audit of financial instruments
2013-07-22 BDO LLP response to UK Competition Commission's proposed remedies
2013-07-22 UK Competition Commission: Measures to promote a more competitive audit market
2013-07-22 FT: Audit remedies fail to please Big Four's critics
2013-07-22 FRC response to Competition Commission's proposed remedies
2013-07-22 Jonathan Guthrie: Watchdog bottles out of auditing challenge
2013-07-19 IAASB reports on findings from post-implementation review of the clarified ISAs
2013-07-17 IFAC signs strategic agreement with the IIA
2013-07-14 IFAC: Interview with IESBA Chair Jörgen Holmquist
2013-07-12 FCA publishes Code of Practice for the relationship between the external auditor and the supervisor
2013-07-09 FRC: Advice on conducting effective audit tenders
2013-07-09 FT: US lawmakers block "auditor rotation"
2013-07-08 PRA and FCA welcome Internal Audit guidance
2013-07-01 Audit&Risk: The IIA's code of guidance – A great leap for internal audit
2013-06-25 ECIIA: Draft comment on EBA consultation recovery plan
2013-06-25 FEE comments on PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No 038 - Proposed Auditing Standard on Related Parties
2013-06-21 FEE comments on external audits of banks
2013-06-19 FRC: Prohibition of direct assistance by internal audit staff on the external audit team
2013-06-18 FT: Auditors let down shareholders
2013-06-12 ECA and EU Member State Audit Institutions: GEMU and enhanced economic governance need strong audit
2013-06-12 FRC: Consultation paper on sanctions guidance
2013-06-07 IAASB releases 2012 Annual Report—Responding to the Needs of an Interconnected World
2013-06-04 FRC: Revised auditing standard on making auditors' work more transparent to investors
2013-05-30 FEE: Council split on EC's Proposals on audit policy
2013-05-29 FT: FRC warns on decline of UK audits
2013-05-29 FRC: Audit Quality Inspections Annual Report 2012/13
2013-05-22 ACCA: PCAOB – There is safety in numbers
2013-05-15 ACCA: Audit quality – It's not (only) about the auditor
2013-05-15 EBA: A Framework for Audit Quality
2013-05-08 ECA's role of external auditor of the EU is more important than ever in its 35-year history
2013-05-02 ACCA welcomes proposed FRC move to give shareholders more information about the audit
2013-05-02 IFAC: IAASB's April meeting highlights and decisions
2013-04-25 JURI Committee: Reforming EU audit services to win back investors' confidence
2013-04-25 ACCA welcomes the balanced approach on the audit package adopted by the JURI Committee
2013-04-22 IFAC: Recent Developments in Auditing - The Importance of Audit Quality and Auditor Reporting
2013-04-21 FT: PCAOB urges end to auditor anonymity
2013-04-16 FEE comments on the role of the audit committee in external auditor oversight
2013-04-11 FT: Banks lobby against auditor rotation
2013-04-11 EBF: Joint statement in view of the EP JURI vote on the draft report on the proposed regulation on audit
2013-03-28 SIFMA: Industry recommendations for the creation of a consolidated audit trail
2013-03-19 FRC responds to Competition Commission's preliminary report on the statutory audit services market
2013-03-19 IFAC: IAASB further strengthens standard on using work of internal auditors
2013-03-15 ACCA: Proposed ISA will boost the quality of corporate reporting
2013-03-08 IFAC: IAASB seeks input on strategic review
2013-03-06 FT: KPMG at risk of losing HSBC audit
2013-02-27 EBF & AFME: Mandatory audit firm rotation requirement under the European Statutory Audit Directive
2013-02-26 IFAC: IAASB February 2013 meeting highlights
2013-02-22 ACCA: Provisional findings for the future of audit services in the UK
2013-02-22 IMA calls for mandatory tendering requirement for audit firms
2013-02-22 FT: Auditors' cosiness with clients under threat
2013-02-22 Competition Commission: Audit market not serving shareholders in the UK
2013-02-21 EuropeanIssuers' position paper on the amendments in the Legal Affairs Committee
2013-02-11 BoE & FSA welcome publication of draft guidance for effective internal audit in financial services sector
2013-02-05 Telegraph: Audits may need to flag risks and disagreements
2013-02-04 FRC consults on proposals to improve the auditor's report
2013-01-31 FEE publishes paper on auditor independence provisions
2013-01-25 ECA: Work programme 2013 - 2017
2013-01-16 ACCA welcomes committee's call for rethink of public sector audit plans
2013-01-15 IAASB consults on audit quality framework

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