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Auditing - 201934 articles out of 34.

2018 Auditing
2018-12-22 ECIIA: Boards face greater risks
2018-12-21 ECA´s report on Single Resolution Board’s, European Commission’s and Council’s contingent liabilities
2018-12-19 ECA Journal "International cooperation in audit"
2018-12-18 ACCA responds to reviews of the audit market
2018-12-13 FRC issues revised auditing standard and consults on guidance for quality bank audits
2018-12-11 FRC: Withdrawal of Practice Notes 25 and 27
2018-12-06 FRC consults on client assets standard
2018-12-06 FRC: Auditors must improve their work on the ‘front end’ of company reports
2018-12-06 Accountancy Europe: GDPR - implications for auditors
2018-12-04 ICAEW: How to audit the cloud
2018-12-04 Audit&Risk: Self-service audit analytics
2018-12-03 ACCA responds to concerns on auditing standards for smaller and less-complex entities
2018-11-26 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules
2018-11-22 ECA: EU Anti-fraud proposals not going far enough
2018-11-20 FRC´s review of 2016 audit standards
2018-11-19 ACCA´s research reveals 48% of public believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’
2018-11-15 FRC announces 2019/20 audit thematic reviews, priority sectors and audit areas of focus
2018-11-15 ECA: EU insurance supervision taking shape, but significant challenges remain
2018-11-15 IAASB seeks public comment on Exposure Draft on agreed-upon procedures
2018-11-14 ECA: Audit gaps in EU banking supervision must be closed
2018-11-02 Accountancy Europe: IAASB’s ED ISA 315 (revised) on identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement
2018-10-25 POLITICO: Don’t restrict accounting firms to audits only
2018-10-25 IFAC: Professional skepticism lies at the heart of a quality audit
2018-10-14 Financial Times: To raise audit standards, you must change accounting standards
2018-10-10 CMA: UK announces further review of audit market competitiveness
2018-10-08 FRC sets out new strategic focus to ensure audit serves the public interest
2018-10-04 IFAC: IAASB modernizes auditing of accounting estimates in support of audit quality
2018-10-01 ECA publishes opinion on proposed financial rules for European Development Fund
2018-09-28 ECIIA: EBA’s draft regulations on outsourcing need tighter focus
2018-09-25 ECA: Putting EU law into practice effectively is essential for delivering results
2018-09-13 EC’s and Member States’ actions in the last years of the 2007-2013 programmes tackled low absorption but had insufficient focus on results
2018-09-03 ECIIA: Risk in Focus 2019 - hot topics for internal auditors
2018-08-09 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules (August ’18 update)
2018-07-17 IFAC: Updated practical support and guidance for small business audits
2018-07-16 Accountancy Europe comments on good practices for audit committees in supporting audit quality
2018-07-16 IAASB´s global consultation on identifying and assessing the risks of material misstatement
2018-07-11 FT: Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to examine auditors’ ‘going concern’ reporting
2018-06-19 FRC: Big Four Audit Quality Review results decline
2018-06-12 ECA: Need for better interinstitutional cooperation on reviewing laws
2018-05-24 ECA: EU auditors to examine public participation in law-making
2018-05-24 IIA: CBOK stakeholder report “Auditing Strategic Risks: Practical Insights from Internal Audit Leaders”
2018-05-24 IFAC: Envisioning the future—survey on the IAASB’s future strategy
2018-05-21 Financial Times: A Big Four upheaval could endanger audit quality
2018-05-10 FRC: High quality audit enhanced by stronger culture
2018-04-26 Accountancy Europe: Member States’ implementation of new EU audit rules
2018-04-12 Accountancy Europe: Simplifying auditing standards for small or non-complex entities
2018-04-12 ECA: EU support for productive investments in business needs greater focus on durability
2018-04-10 FRC: Consultation on the Third Country Auditors (Fees) Instrument 2018
2018-04-10 FRC to enhance monitoring of audit firms
2018-03-22 FRC: Staff Guidance Note on bank lending and bond funded syndicates
2018-03-22 ECIIA: Suite of best practice papers for European banks
2018-03-19 Accountancy Europe: Organisation of the Public Oversight of the Audit Profession in Europe
2018-03-13 IIA releases new model risk management guidance
2018-03-13 ACCA: Introduction of key audit matters leads to improved governance, audit quality and corporate reporting
2018-03-11 Financial Times: Accounting watchdogs find ‘serious problems’ at 40% of audits
2018-03-09 FRC compendium of Ethical and Auditing Standards 2018
2018-03-06 EFRAG’s influence confirmed by European financial reporting community
2018-02-19 Accountancy Europe: FAQ on the auditor’s role in tackling financial crime
2018-02-15 ECA: Auditors call for greater accountability in EU finances
2018-02-15 ACCA calls for open and honest debate about quality of audit
2018-02-09 Accountancy Europe: Rediscovering the value of SME audit
2018-02-01 Accountancy Europe response to IOSCO’s Monitoring Group consultation
2018-01-26 ECIIA: Open access to data vital to role of internal audit
2018-01-03 IIA releases new practice guide on liquidity risk

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